29 Nov 2020

WSO TableTopics Contest: 6 or us

Witty Storytellers Online club Table Topic Contest with 6 contestants

--- Handicapped, I was surprised to win the 3rd price ---

The contest won by Wendy Smiley, Contestant nr 1 : 
her choice was to participate to the contest!
--- and so well told ---

The Table Topic question for all was "The Choice"
Great Contest Chair, our President, Graham Cairn

24 Nov 2020

Changing places in Gallery view (or speaker view)

Speaker, with Gallery on the left

Speaker with gallery on the top

Another change of places - depending the speaker and the evaluator : one can just slide a video up and down, left and right (of all are allowed, not just those with video on).


17 Nov 2020

Zoom : Move people in Gallery view

 I discovered, through a video, and then, experimenting, that In zoom gallery view, I can place each, one by one, higher or lower, even change place in a row. 

But after deciding I want to see only those with their video on, I got this message:

With non-video participants hidden, an option in the Videos, I was not allowed any more to move them. 

14 Nov 2020

Use blue!


Blue background is used by many who know, and also good for those with white hair, and white letters on blue are read easier.

It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It slows human metabolism and produces a calming effect. Blue is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness.

this is my new background found as I looked for "blue" on Google

And another example of blue, as the "Risk of a second fracture" caught my eyes. White bones on blue. Alas I did got a second fracture on my left feet after I broke left bones and feet, about 2 y later.

Different blue backgrounds different occasions, many shades of blue.

So do use blue, it does works! It also works with blue tea-shirt used, as I do. Or, at least, a blue mask and background with blue sky behind me. 

12 Nov 2020

The next step

A path has about 15 projects, at minimum; a lot more if you add to them more "elective" projects then the minimum required.

That is a lot. Depending our time, availability and interest plus the number of clubs we are member, we can go through them slowly or faster. 

Don't think about it all at once.

Take one Level, one Project and one task at a time.

I love to be able to begin a new path, be again at Level 1, have the same required tasks, do them differently then before. I may begin and try to think again with a beginners mind, but in fact I am no more at the level I was end March 2017 as I first begun, or even last year.

I changed. My knowledge changed, the path opened too, access to path changed.

Each time we got questions in the Pathways Discussion Forum, I measure how much I learned, and as I read answers to them, how well some are able to express themselves to answer.