31 Jan 2021

To everyone in Waiting Room, new from zoom

 It may seem a little improvement, but as the choice is now Password (I try to avoid) or Waiting Room for all, this seems important to me.

To Everyone, normal chat; or to Everyone in the waiting room. I just discovered this today, as I was named Co-Host in our Witty Storytelling Online meeting. 

I was told, blue with small clouds is better, so that will be for now. I delivered a part that I will cut and make know, about Humor / Making laugh / Never too late to learn how to.

25 Jan 2021

Preparing Pathways High Performance Leadership


Got a committee, have to meet them together. A vision and even a plan. 

And so far, two team members agreed. Wrote down some personal stories related, found some videos. 

So much work still waiting!

16 Jan 2021

Creating new zoom account?

 Lewisham speakers from London, decided to get its own pro zoom account, instead of using mine. 

So much to do and learn !

First, our president created a new email, gmail, for the club.

Then, treasurers did buy a Zoom pro for a year. Got a password to access it. 

Then, try it out, learn to configure, to use different features: that took more then once coaching, and of course, along even I learned observed new things. Happily I love learning and teaching, coaching.

What color we use to look through is so important!

15 Jan 2021

New discoveries: had to diminish my window in basecamp 3 times

 I could not advance, in my project opened. Really unhappy about it.

Opened a new window, then finally I realized : it was too big. And could change the View, to less, and less and less. After 3 times, finally the arrow for advancing was there and for seeing the sections, had to make the window longer. 

With this (done three times in fact) I could get my Path finished, Visionary Communication finally between the Completed paths and the Path Proficiency certificate there. Curiously, I had to diminish that also three time, in order that all is there.

And miracle! it has the good date on it even!

23 Dec 2020

3 old 1 new path on my board now

 "On my board" I mean still open paths in my basecamp. 

Dynamic Leadership is the last path, the free path I have chosen. I will not begin Level 2 projects.

In Dynamic Leadership, the three "old projects of Level 2": Introduction to Toastmaster Mentoring, that is in every path, plus the Understanding Your Leadership and Understanding your Communication.

Leadership style did not change, in three years, still "Innovative" also in fact all but the bureaucratic, in fact, it depends. A good leader changes styles depending of situation. Same with my communication style, in three years the answer did not change. Still "initiating" is on top, whatever it means.

In VC path I just have to give 10 - 12 minutes of Reflect on your path, I am not in rush and it is so important for me, all I want to say about it. It is the second time this path: it was the first finished in 2017.

In IP path alas, I have also to create a new HPL as the old is no more actual. 

And still have to remember, what I did and what not for the printed path, PM (first chosen in 2017 and still not finished, but it was archived - was I right to bring it back?