5 Aug 2020

Alone Zoom 5.2 new features?

I do not see real difference, even if the way to show myself can be altered. But a lot more study necessary to understand how to use what is new. I did put "automatic" best sound.

And working on zoom with someone from afar, is not so easy! As also installing zoom. I did click on "close and install" but for long it did not understand I am ready to close and did not install the new version. After 5 times, I did something ok and it worked.

Zoom boom, from TMI magazine

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Trial : so many new things lately!

Every application, almost, ask me nowadays new prove it is me. Many do not work as before. Sometimes open or close without me asking it. Or write something I did not write.

Yes, I am an early adapter but did not ask for so many things to change at the same time! And where is the  Insert Picture icon? 

Found it! In ... at the end under three points. Why they hid it?
Me with different backgrounds. And bellow, my Toastmasters clubs. 

Body language and culture

Looking in your eyes?
Laughing to your jokes? 
Moving near you?
Head movements?
Auto depreciation ?

So many things we take as grounded are different from culture to culture. 

First, we have to understand the difference then be genuine, tell them that is how we do. Perhaps even a short story why. Make them understand the context and also listen to what they say and be genuinely interested in their way and what they say. 

Online, Gallery View in Zoom, your face, eyes, found so much! They are always seen, looked at by some of the participants. We get to know each other even more intimate then in a room, even when we can not touch or smell.