Thursday, 15 November 2018

Looking at what is half full!

It is easy to say, sometimes, it is not so easy to do. Usually, I am a half full kind of person, but lately I looked to much of what I thought it went not well, or as well as I hoped. 

I could look out of my window, and the fall is here, almost all leaves are now fallen. Some very stubbornly on the top or the bottom of the trees.

This is a picture I have taken yesterday, showing from farther, with the blue sky and the clouds, the garages that have stuff in them not cars, and all the fallen leaves.

Do I regret the leaves, the years that passed? The energy that sometimes seems down? Or do I admire the sky and the trembling leaves and try to catch some that just falling down?

I did also some other pictures, where we can see only a part of the whole. So different! 

If I look at the whole, I did a great job lately. If I look at the whole, I did what I hoped and more. Just not have to spend too much time, about what did not go as I hoped or all the things still to be done. 

Another view, more "impressionist" and for me almost showing the leaves and even the clouds moving. 

Yet another, that I will not add to this blog, only to my flickr images account, is all grey, sad. Even images, photographs are not objective! 

Of course, our lives are even less.

Today, this morning, I had Team meeting, and it gave me a lot of confidence. In my team we have Toastmasters with different experience. I just had to realize how to address each, how to ask their contribution. They know and do many things so much better then I do! And that was a great pleasure for me to realize. 

Toastmasters, Pathways, Working with a Team. I learned so much this past year, and today! My energy is going up again. And hear is a surprise for me, a video I did not know that was taken from my Pathways Presentation in the Division, Saturday morning.
Later, I stood up, and told stories forgetting my leg. It did not manifest itself, till later. 

A great Storyteller wrote "I am happy when one in the audience is touched by what I tell". After my hour, stories and presenting and workshop, at least five come to speak to me and  in different ways, told or showed they were touched. New contacts and members of audience who did need what I was telling. Each, different part. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

We can open Completed Paths any time

Going to Educational Transcript and choosing first Completed then Curriculum we get only the completed paths that we can open any time. Here is how mine looks now. 
Why are they called "Curriculum" instead of Path? I always wonder why would be difficult to change names. Or, if they really wanted to use "curriculum" why they did not say it instead of "path". You can see my five completed path with their dates, plus the Pathways Guide Tasks that is also considered "curriculum" and that I also finished. They are here in order I completed them, Visionary communication at the bottom, finished first, and Dynamic Leadership, a few weeks ago: today I got finally the Certificate of Proficiency from USA. I am not sure why, but it has no date on it like the others. 

As you had seen yesterday, I have three others "en route" but only two of them new. When I go through Motivational Strategies, one project at a time, and through Team Collaboration, it still remains 3 that I did not touch. Perhaps the Strategic Relationship will be the one that will follow, I feeling as passing the other two, finishing with HPL. Even if some love that project: I do not specially. That is my opinion now, but who know, later. 

End of year? I feel tired and my energy down. Have to distance myself a little, to refill my energy. Of course, always energy and time for my blog post! If not in the morning as usual, sometime, through the day. And always something to say! 

My last news? I begin to learn to delegate! And I feel my Team is there in need!

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Next three Project's Tasks

Beside preparing the Pathways DTM with my team and my last speech, I got three open path at the moment, each with different tasks and at different Levels.

1. Team Collaboration Level 2 : introduction to mentoring. speech: my story as mentee 5'

I read it through again. The most important "new development" in it is the Virtual Mentor. Before, we could mentor only directly, and usually for shorter time. This project, read again opened up even more for me new vistas, but... still difficult. I was asked so many times to become Mentor, and have been not enough been Mentee inside Toastmasters.

2. Leadership Development Level3 Required : Planning and Implementing. 2' or 5' describing it

This is a task of planning then implementing a small event. Either home, a birthday party or in the club, like a anniversary or Christmas meeting. Alone or together with others. I do not want to tell "done that" as I feel that I have to do it again. Fast now, deciding if it will be a 10 year anniversary of Lewisham Toastmasters, or a funny Christmas memory line storytelling event for my Online club. I love organizing events!

3. Motivation Strategy Level 3 Required : Motivating others 

This required project with a team of 3 is very similar to the one "planning and implementing an event" but it does focus on motivating the team members so no, it can not be done alone. It also proposes some team building games: are they needed? The project itself explains very clear our different motivations. Of course, in real life, each of us are motivated by complex needs. 

Belonging - I think it is always part of it. That is why I felt so good last 10 years in TM
Appreciation - Sometimes, it bothers me, I feel it too much, but even I need it 
Recognition - and Awards are less motivating but not zero at all, a measure of growing

My problem is how to make apart this project and the project I am doing with my DTM project team. Perhaps, reading this project again and again, will help me with it, as the DTM project does suggest. 

As much as they seem very different projects, in fact they are all related! 

Monday, 12 November 2018

Surprises as Pathways Topic Answers

Brian, messaged me "will you come to our meeting?" I answered "yes". Not knowing what will happen at the Royal Roads toastmasters meeting. I have been visiting them from London all the way to Victoria Islands Canada, for long. 
What could you do? I was asked at the very beginning. "May I be the Table Topics Master?" I answered. I would like to ask Pathways Topics today!


A little later, one of the speakers told us "I am not ready" and then I volunteered to give a speech: "my leadership style" from the Team Collaboration path's Level 2. I was ready!

I also asked when my time come to be recorded, and the table topics was recorded also.

The others, you did not see here were at work and did not open their video, assisted in silence, writing in the chat only to contribute. As I had two roles, I will not count the TTM role today, only my speech, which will be evaluated by Sri. 

Most interesting in today's meeting? A very unexpected answer from Brian, the VPE ! At my question, which path or project he liked most, he answered "High Performance Leadership, both times. Because it is not set in stone, I can do what project I prefer." Then he told us what he did last year for the HPL and finished, as to my second path, I will tell about my HPL another time. 

The same project, I try the most to avoid, is the one he likes the most!

Two others, even if they have leadership positions, did not yet begin Pathways, "soon" but Kannan did finish as many path as me! Would you believe? The same five path finished as I did! That shows me once we begin... he prefers all the projects helping him to improve his vocal variety and storytelling skills. We had an interesting meeting, happy I decided to participate online from afar to it.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Login / Logout Plus: read small texts and then ask to Login : if the first time, tell "I have forgotten my password" and you are send one to your email, that you can then change. After Login, a new Welcome Julie appears (well with your name) that you can open and from there, go direct to the Transcript, inside your Basecamp. That is what I usually do: fastest way.

Once you logged in you arrive at that page or if you login differently, when you click on the Education Transcript blue Tile. Lots of things are there! And I show here where we find the logout as for very long, I did not find it myself. After log out from Base Camp, we still have to logout from TMI, or linger and discover what is there (a lot) too.

In small letters, on top of your Paths titles, it suggest us to Open Curriculum to access our project, and only on the bottom it is written on normal and not bold letters "ensure your pop-up blocker is turned off" before launching projects. 

Too long, too many of us, do not read small letter advices that are on the top of a page. We go straight to the Path, Project, Level, etc where we are working. Also we do not prepare our computer, Safari or Opera or IE Web Browser to open all that pops up in a TAB and a great window! That advice not seen anywhere, for me changed my life with Projects. And others, got hours of frustrations with disappearing windows, or windows that did not open up big enough to see the arrows to progress inside Projects. A little knowledge in plus, a little more preparation may spare us a lot of frustration.