Monday, 20 August 2018

8th Elective Project from Level 3 MS delivered

I decided to study and deliver a speech from all the Level 3 electives of Motivational Strategy. As one is part of Level 2, there are 12 (minimum 2 necessary to get through it). Delivered Make Connections through networking, 5 to 7 minutes. Two stories of my last networking events, one of them online that lead to a great meal, learned from an Italian Toastmaster and adapted. As I adapt also my project speeches. This time, I added sweet potatoes to the mix. It was a great meal learned at a Networking event !
Michelle Alba-Lim about Volunteering
Volunteering was the theme of the meeting, and Michelle, volunteer 13rd time at the Toastmaster Convention offered us a wonderful presentation. Here, shown through Zoom slide sharing. I love to slide the two parts so they become equal. On my full screen I can see then well the presenter but also read the slide's text.

We can make connection and it serves different reasons, not all professional. But of course, then I told also my professional gain from the last Club Officer meeting I assisted and different ways I made connection with different people of varied clubs. Some hoping to invite me to their meeting or ask me to talk about Pathways. Others, to come and assist to my club new online meeting, once a month between brick and mortar meeting. And thirdly, how just listening and not speaking too much to others helped me a week later. Networking can lead to many different connections! And yes, even to a great lunch recipe.

Sunday, 19 August 2018

My road toward the Pathways DTM

Here is how it is explained by TMI
Club Leadership: a year that can be also twice 6 month. I have been Secretary in one club and VP Education in another, for all along my Pathways Journey, more then a year in all.

Club Sponsor, I was from last year in July, we chartered the club in September. Got the Sponsor recognized. I was last year and still am the club's SgArm.

District Leadership. Pathways Ambassador for D91 recognized but I did not yet get it from TMI. I already been told, I got it from our district Chief Pathways Ambassador, and even a gift with it. In plus, as Pathways Guide to the Undistricted clubs, in September, will get another leadership recognized. Also inside the Pathways time.

Club Coach: for Royal Road Toastmaster. I got 2 days ago a beautiful award or recognition for it from TMI as the club got more then Distinguished and gained more then 5 members, with it's committee effort and Brian Dodds, and a little help from me, sending them members and giving advices, as much as I could. Perhaps, the first time, a Club Coach acted from remote access, but most of it's member met online anyway, and we had the accord of the District Leadership for it, from the beginning.

Education : 2 path finished required, and I will be able to choose which, from the 4 path already done.

The only task before me yet is the Distinguished Toastmaster Project. I am on it.

Looking back, all are "inside" Pathways time, even if I did not do it express. Getting a Pathways D.T.M. will be a special joy for me as I am one of the "oldest" but very strong enthusiast of Pathways Educational Program. As it is, as it will become, and as it can already be used.

Saturday, 18 August 2018

Pathways Education Badges

First, you get one when you have chosen a path and activated it in the Base Camp. See my Team Collaboration Activated.  Last, you get the name of the path and it's symbol, as here for my Visionary Communication, Presentation Mastery second, Leadership Development and last for now, Effective Coaching, all five levels finished.

Between them, we get one more number at the levels. I did achieve Level 1 and Level 2 six times. Level 3 and Level 4 five times. Instead of Level 5, we get the Proficient with the Path name.

Here are only my educational badges, I also got two others, gifts from other Toastmasters. Unlike the Documents in your e-portofolio, the Badges can be seen by others.

Friday, 17 August 2018

Members of multiple clubs transcripts and awards

You do need to change your home club prior to submitting a level completion request on Base Camp. Not for submitting it to Club Central.

Members of multiple clubs will need to communicate regularly with their VPEs about level completions and how those completions should be awarded on Club Central for the Distinguished Club Program. No VPE or Committee member should submit a Level Completion without the Toastmaster accord.

Once a Pathways level has been completed, members will need to tell VPEs of every club to which they belong about the completion and communicate which club should submit the award to Club Central for credit.

Base Camp managers are able to view an individual member’s transcript and progress by searching their name. If a Base Camp manager would like to view the progress of all members in the club who are "in" as base club members, they can do so from the member learning reports. 

To access these reports, log in to Base Camp as a Base Camp manager and select the Member Progress tile. As a member or Base Camp manager, you can retrieve a list of everyone in your club by typing your club number or club name in the search box and then pressing enter. You will see the names of each member in your club. Select a name to view that member’s profile.

If you are a club officer and log in to Base Camp as a Base Camp manager, selecting the Pathways icon or selecting Home from the upper left navigation bar will take you to the Base Camp manager home page. This is the expected functionality. 

(From QA Master log for Guides)

Thursday, 16 August 2018

L3 Understanding Voice Variety, a different Evaluation form!

Almost all forms are identical, only a few points at end differ, from Project to project's Evaluation form. I found one who is very different, in page two from the other ones.

Today, I delivered a speech, of course a personal story, or stories, for the Project Understanding voice variety, Level 3 Elective. The 7th elective from Motivational Strategy, where the minimum is 2 but there is maximum is all the 12. With the title "It hurts!" I did deliver a similar but not so well told story already for another project, online. This was in my brick-and-mortar club and it went really well.

The first page is the same as all others, "You Excelled, You may work on and Challenge yourself" the second page is called Speech Profile.

There are 18 criteria to give points under 6 categories : Loudness of Volume, Pitch, Voice Quality, Articulation, Rate, and at the end again, Vocal Variety (emotion, genial, natural) or (exaggerated, unfriendly, strained). I will have to scan to show all, as for example, only inside Rate, there are 10 variations to choose from. My pitch got 3 (middle from 1 to 5) but all the other between 4 and 5.

Most important, was how my evaluator explained in his feedback, that even if the project was Understanding Voice Variety, I told an interesting, captivating personal story where the voice went with the story without being strained or exaggerated.

I loved to discover the new Evaluation Form! I remember that I have given this project a year ago, and did not remember it had a specialized feedback form. I hope, with time, they will do the same with other forms and make them more appropriate to the Projects.