Monday, 19 November 2018

Triple crown? How many Awards in a year?

Me? Triple Crown? I even did not dream it!

Three awards in a Toastmasters Year? That was for others, never for me.

In the 7 years before Pathways Education Program, I got DTM and then again ACG, in all about 14 awards, manuals finished. But slowly. Never three in the same year. In only first three month, from 25 March to 29 June 2017, I got my first three levels! My first ever triple crow! At least, in theory it was there, and would have gotten it if I could go to D27.

From July 2017 to June 2018, I got a Triple Crown from District 7 and if it would have counted, at least three, but at least one from District 27, West Virginia. And 2 awards only for undistricted.

I am happy to have a crown at least as a picture, perhaps I will get on from each district, if they decide it it is worth sending it to me.

I would like at least to see how it does look.

The names nearby are by alphabetical order of names, I could not dump the rest but it goes on and on. Pathways does offer many of us many awards.

Instead of waiting till 10 projects are finished, in fact we get one every three: that is one of the advantages of Levels.

Some complain, why are those Levels there and closed, but the make their own universe, each. And at the end of each there is an award.

Of course, a huge joy at first one, then, we become slowly biased. At the end, the Projects and the people we met through working with the Paths and through Projects are a lot more important. We do realize, that once we got over the strange user interface, we get so much from it. Just do not give up.

Sunday, 18 November 2018


From Matthew Kleinosky who published it to the Pathways Discussion Forum.

I really like how clear it puts it in our mind.

"When it comes to Pathways Projects

One can DO or Not Do

There is no "UNDO"

Some Toastmaster Presenter showed how to close a Project, when in fact, the speech was not yet given, the project not finished. But once he clicked on the last part of the Self assessment - after, and saved it to show how it is done, it was no "undo". As me, he had to wait many weeks till the project was really completed, all the way knowing that Base Camp does see it as done.

I described it a while ago, when it happened to me with a Panel discussion: it was not easy and it took time to find a panel and make the project happen. It was not a great feeling. I learned my lesson, not to think that the Self Assessment before not done has any importance. So, we all learn.

It is not SOOO important: the earth will not move. We are not punished. We have to wait to DO, is all. What the Base Camp believes and what we know may be different. They are our projects! It is up to us to DO what we know it is still not done. Most important:

Yesterday, I learned how important an image can be to fix something in mind.

Friday, 16 November 2018

How much body, hands or backgrounds - online?

I have given one hour presentation, part my story and part pathways slides and discussions. At the beginning, I was sitting, then when the need arose I stood up. That is easy and normal on stage, in a room. Online, it is more a problem. 

We can still show "body language" depending how far we stay. 

Here I captured Derick speaking not only with his expression and voice but also his hands and fingers even. 

When you bring them so near, before your face, you have to be careful how it looks. Here is just great. A bit nearer to the screen, and the hands would seem giants relative to the head. 

And if you point - no, do not do it!

Here is another example, Samir arms and hand remain almost same place as his head so they do not seem bigger. 

Of course, it helped that his entire face was illuminated at the same time, as a spontaneous answer to a question I posed.

Taking screen shots as I did in this two case, at the "exact moment" to show the movement, is not easy. But possible. Usually, I take only faces from online meetings, and very seldom anything else. When we go farther, we can be seen from afar and from time to time even stand up.
From a video taken Saturday, here I am showing the little difference, between a printed manual and one that I printed and assembled home, with the screen waiting (should have been closed while I spoke.) In TV videos, there is sometime just a little screen in the left upper corner when you see images, the rest occupied by the speaker.

My 'usual' when I go online is blue on blue. And whatever someone said about is what not true. In this kind of setting, only what it is important shows : my face. And ok, also my white hair. It is near enough to see my smile and usually my eyes also.

When I want to use more my hands, I push my computer a bit farther. And nowadays, very rare put a special colourful background, as I realized that it may not add to what I am saying but distract from it. When I need to say, I am in London, instead of showing the beautiful red London Phone boxes, I change my name and put Julie - London, even if in some kind of recording the name is not shown. Those participating in the meeting do see, without taking their minds from my message, my story. I learned this in a photography class, that days was about Portraits. 

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Looking at what is half full!

It is easy to say, sometimes, it is not so easy to do. Usually, I am a half full kind of person, but lately I looked to much of what I thought it went not well, or as well as I hoped. 

I could look out of my window, and the fall is here, almost all leaves are now fallen. Some very stubbornly on the top or the bottom of the trees.

This is a picture I have taken yesterday, showing from farther, with the blue sky and the clouds, the garages that have stuff in them not cars, and all the fallen leaves.

Do I regret the leaves, the years that passed? The energy that sometimes seems down? Or do I admire the sky and the trembling leaves and try to catch some that just falling down?

I did also some other pictures, where we can see only a part of the whole. So different! 

If I look at the whole, I did a great job lately. If I look at the whole, I did what I hoped and more. Just not have to spend too much time, about what did not go as I hoped or all the things still to be done. 

Another view, more "impressionist" and for me almost showing the leaves and even the clouds moving. 

Yet another, that I will not add to this blog, only to my flickr images account, is all grey, sad. Even images, photographs are not objective! 

Of course, our lives are even less.

Today, this morning, I had Team meeting, and it gave me a lot of confidence. In my team we have Toastmasters with different experience. I just had to realize how to address each, how to ask their contribution. They know and do many things so much better then I do! And that was a great pleasure for me to realize. 

Toastmasters, Pathways, Working with a Team. I learned so much this past year, and today! My energy is going up again. And hear is a surprise for me, a video I did not know that was taken from my Pathways Presentation in the Division, Saturday morning.
Later, I stood up, and told stories forgetting my leg. It did not manifest itself, till later. 

A great Storyteller wrote "I am happy when one in the audience is touched by what I tell". After my hour, stories and presenting and workshop, at least five come to speak to me and  in different ways, told or showed they were touched. New contacts and members of audience who did need what I was telling. Each, different part. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

We can open Completed Paths any time

Going to Educational Transcript and choosing first Completed then Curriculum we get only the completed paths that we can open any time. Here is how mine looks now. 
Why are they called "Curriculum" instead of Path? I always wonder why would be difficult to change names. Or, if they really wanted to use "curriculum" why they did not say it instead of "path". You can see my five completed path with their dates, plus the Pathways Guide Tasks that is also considered "curriculum" and that I also finished. They are here in order I completed them, Visionary communication at the bottom, finished first, and Dynamic Leadership, a few weeks ago: today I got finally the Certificate of Proficiency from USA. I am not sure why, but it has no date on it like the others. 

As you had seen yesterday, I have three others "en route" but only two of them new. When I go through Motivational Strategies, one project at a time, and through Team Collaboration, it still remains 3 that I did not touch. Perhaps the Strategic Relationship will be the one that will follow, I feeling as passing the other two, finishing with HPL. Even if some love that project: I do not specially. That is my opinion now, but who know, later. 

End of year? I feel tired and my energy down. Have to distance myself a little, to refill my energy. Of course, always energy and time for my blog post! If not in the morning as usual, sometime, through the day. And always something to say! 

My last news? I begin to learn to delegate! And I feel my Team is there in need!