23 Jan 2019

Posters for our clubs

When you start on a path, it is important to know where it leads, here are the answers.

The same story about the different paths and where they lead, that I already published, but I think better, more clearly explained where they lead. I would have put the yellow ones at the beginning and the red at the end, but it does tell the same story.

Of course, the Paths in Yellow are the one's we should choose as one of the first one's, then, well it depends where you want to go and what you need. 

And the D27 send me this big poster, that could be in big size in all clubs, and if not, in your own desktop as an image perhaps.
So much important information in it! And it is valid, as it is... till 5 February or around, this year, when the 11th path will come out to us. Of course, it will not change all the rest about the ten first paths.

I like to read a lot, and still think the Pathways Companion pdf by Mark Snow offers more, but not at one glance like this one's. And yes, I cut the first image of this post from the second, in order to be able to see it better. 

From the "yellow" path, I am still working on the Motivational Strategies, as I am going through all electives in there, the others I finished. From the red one's, finished Effective Coaching, not attracted personally to the two others. From blue, finished Dynamic Leadership, on different levels on the two others. 

Perhaps, this weekend, I will be able to do the Difficult Audience Project, to be seen. It is such a fun project! Being interrupted (more or less staged interruptions) and handling it "professionally", it can happen to all of us!

22 Jan 2019

Level 2, the first small differences

Someone asked me in a comment, when I described my favorite paths, Levels and Projects “but you said nothing about Level 2” good observation.

I never really liked it, even if I may understand that it is good to stop and reflect on what and how we do. For me, the Level 2 projects, identical in my first two paths, had too much flavor of High Education slang and buzzwords, not enough for normal people like me, and, in plus, tried to put us in a box, stereotype me. 

I was so relieved when in other path, one of the three Projects was replaced by something arriving in fact from the Level 3 Electives, and even for one of my path so far, by a Project I enjoyed about Time, that should be also included in all electives Level 3. 

Why no one of us would choose a path because what is different at level 2, nevertheless it is interesting to have this list, that was NOT compiled by me. We do share with each other, and you all can borrow from any of my posts, or save a post in pdf and share it freely.

21 Jan 2019

Mentor, good and not so good

Graham Cairns goes back all the way to Greeks where the word Mentor come to us. Told us this story in an online meeting at Global Trainers Online, 9 days ago.

And here is the video.
Graham send me the video of his speech Level 2 Project “Intro to Mentoring”

20 Jan 2019

Humor Path arriving soon

Every path has three to four specific Project. I wonder what can be in the new path that will be arriving, it seems the 5 February, for the Chinese New Year. 

I decided to study Humor, Comedy, Standup end 2010 and spend almost all my year 2011 for learning more. 

My first Comedy Workshop took 6 Sunday afternoons at the Comedy School, finishing with "graduation performance" before 120 at the Pirate Castle. With 9 boys beside me, who called themselves man, but misbehaved like adolescents, I did finally well, because I learned with Toastmasters 2 years by then and with Spark London Storytellers podium and audience presence. 

And read lots of books. Here are just a few of them. 
Judy Carter wrote the first Stand-up Comedy book, and later, I went to Las Vegas to her joint Standup comedy workshop held with Darren Lacroix. It was the gift I offered myself for stepping into my 80 year, at my 79 birthday. 

Be a Great Stand-up, decided me to go to Logan Murray workshop, in London, my second workshop, also 6 weeks 4 hours each time. I learned from him how to held a great workshop where all work together and to look around the world with Comedian's eyes. 

My third workshop, with a great toastmaster, David Jones, propelled me finally out towards 20 comedy performances, we promised him. Of course, after 20 I could not stop. Some others stopped after one or two, not enough. 6x4 hours.

I begun to learn about humor and standup when I was 76 year old, till then I was convinced I can not. Before, if people laughed, it was by chance mostly, after, it was a lot of work, writing writing, trying out in 77 plus comedy clubs. Succeeding to make them laugh a few times in 5 minutes, and sometimes 36 times toward the middle. Longer, stronger, towards the end. 
`Both the DTM plaque in 2013, and the 2012 Silver Comedy Best Newcomer 2012 winner gave me the same joy, for one of them I worked from 2009 January, four and half year, for the other, "only a year" but a very busy one. How can be that we are expected to learn a skill with a Project or three, and a few speeches? I am very curious, what the new path reserves us. 

Of course, I will buy it as soon as it comes out! Never too late to learn more.

19 Jan 2019

Matthew’s blog, umeryouknow.com a must

You need information about Pathways? Mentoring? How to go fast to your Path? What are the specific level 2 projects? What is the one most important thing to know? Go to umeryouknow.com of Matthew Kleinosky - my mentor from Toronto. Short, clear great advices, to be found with great titles and screens too. And so many different answers!

If you learn only one thing, is after you finished your project and speech, go back to your project Auto Assessment- After, and answer to ALL the questions! That is how to got to know each other, when he come from Toronto and showed me on my London computer how to do it.
Today, I went and read 3 from many pages, and was enchanted how clear and well his umeryouknow.com answers to very different questions posed about Pathways.