20 May 2019

For whom was Pathways designed, intended?

The last Region was rolled out the 15th May a years ago. We celebrated! A day after, I got a letter from TMI to begin in my online club. And a day after, I was Toastmaster at Firebirds Collective: we invited Pat Johnson to tell us about its creation. One TM asked her:
Pathways designed for whom? She answered bellow personas.
5. Toastmaster for whom English is not first language.
4. The senior retired who wants to continue learning.
                               --- those are me ---
and also
3. Professional speaker needing a feedback from club
2. Mid manager to practice and learn skills.
1. Student, new professional needing to learn skills

To whom was it intended? <<<----

Click above to read. Or see the image. Or go to the title, date. I wrote that blogpost a year ago to tell what I learned from her. I feel it is still important to remember.

While Pat was no more present, when the user interface was decided, she was from 2010 all the way, till then. She explained in her Q&A many of decisions made of the beginning. Hope, somewhere I did publish that video, or Firebirds did. Today, just wanted to get back at the important: for whom is Pathways?

19 May 2019

When you think, you know all...

I like Zoom, and used it now, for more then a year often. Alas, never think "I understand how it works": there is always something more to learn. 

We got together with Zariya Lufu, as you can see from yesterdays video. You could also see, we were not on it. Here is us, laughing, but at times, we were preoccupied too.
Instead of getting the usual video, I got two separate one. One with us, and speaking. Other with the screen she shared and speaking : without us. 

After I realized, too late to get differently, I got to look why, got a representative of Zoom, then a technical one, and she understood finally and showed me WHERE I did configure, myself, as I did not understand well, like this. And how to change it.
It was not this one as I believed, but another at My Meeting then Recording. Somewhere in the Advanced features, and again, settings. Or was it this one? Record video during screen sharing? Place video next to shared screen in recording? Yes, where is it?

I can learn - at any age - but sometimes, too much is too much. At least, Zoom got a wonderful help, when when it was too technical for one, he passed me to another.

For me, the most important part was to see how well she did handle her PC, instead of my Tabs with Windows.
Zariya could make them popup, whenever she needed, and go to the window she wanted as I go to my Tabs. Open, close or change them, as needed.

I had also realized how she knew how to refresh a window with a click: better then me! 

We all "know something" - different. After zooming with her, and zooming with my President, recording both, I understand how each needs different advices. 

Best of course would be for the USER Interface to change fast, ADD a MARK THIS PROJECT FINISHED. There is a button Mark this level Finished, why should not be also for all projects? 

And why the grey that cover most of a page, does not disappear when we click anywhere, why should we click just on the button that toggles it? And why do not open at click in Burgundi and have to go under and click on a grey thing with same name? Why do we have to wait so long for some small important changes? 

Soon, it will be a year that all got pathways!

18 May 2019

Close a Project, close a Level, Find a fillable Evaluation, voice Zaryia & Julie

So many small fine details to be learned. Here are our voices, not our faces, instead the screen is shown. Not all is told or shown but a lot! She has and manipulates the Projects on her PC differently as me usually on my Mac laptop. Screen shown: 40 minutes well spend. 

A lot of small details to tell, we did not have time to speak about all but many of them, yesterday afternoon. 

Use this, after looking, listening, as needed. Perhaps go over it twice even for details. Zaryia has finished all her Level 1 projects but did not record, before our meeting any of them, not having read the Project description, that was not in the PDFs I have send her a few month ago. 

She is President of her club, so you can see also how a Base Camp Manager approves a Level. We have to logout from Access Base camp as Member, and login as BCM instead. Approve, then logout again and login as member. Then, approved we can Print our certificate, and also move at next level.

What I did not have time to tell is, that after the Project was approved, Evaluate appears instead of Launch on the button. TMI asking you, for 10 days if you do not answer immediately  to tell how you felt about that project. We even get a letter about it (even if we answered them). Once answered, the Evaluate on the Project button becomes again Launch. We can open again, read, print, etc. even after finished it. 

17 May 2019

Adopting Change

There are many theories and curves to show how CHANGE is adopted, here is one of them.
Each of us is on one of the colours and places, in general, but even depending, what changes we are about to have. I did take up this one as I loved its names. 

I was never an Innovator, even if I dreamed sometimes to be able to do it, but I was usually, an Early Adopter. Ambassador. For the Pathways Education Program, for sure. And went toward the change, used the new program sometimes, at beginning, in very difficult conditions. But did not think for an instant, even when hating a feature, or a condition a club offered, to stop. To go farther. 

With the Pathways, now I believe we have many in the Supporters part, and some, neutral. Of course, the problem in some clubs and district pose are the Adversaries: so high voice, so angry, so clever even at times. Sometimes, their voices are most heard by the "Late majority" and they fear to go farther, dip their toes and try for themselves. 

In the books about Change, is explained first that our reaction to change depends a lot of what we experienced in our childhood. I did not like some changes happening to me, but fast I understood that they saved my life, when I was ten, and many times after, when it depended on me, and I hesitated too long. 

But how we feel about something new, is not only how we are able to leave, end. Nor how long we are lost in the middle, nowhere land, before we adapt new. I did adapt fast the new education system, but I was very reluctant to try a smart phone for example. Only when I finally got my first, second hand iPhone, did I fall in love with it. Still, only three years later got a new one and I do close it between using it, not like my grandson who has it always ready even in his pocket.

Where do you feel are on that scale? What to do to attract all but the two last minority groups? The books say "do not worry about them, do not spend time to try to change them." Alas, when they are from Leaders, they can keep off many clubs, for one more year, and poison the mood around them. Those who do not begin, but do not oppose it, may help still, but really remain leaders who lead by example. Not only staying behind the rang. 

That is how I feel at least. I suggest, even if not going in deep, try at least The Navigator. The one that is in the menu, not inside Base Camp. Why are they different things with the same name? Logged in, chose Pathways then The Navigator from the menu. Not the rectangle. And it can be viewed from any device this YEAR, 2019 ! 

So much for new members, so much info for those who want to help others before even choosing a path or accessing it through Base Camp. 

Here is how the new Navigator looks like. I loved it from the start!

From time to time, go back and play with it, discover some of its new features.

And not only his last section, about Pathways. 

Recommended: play with it!

Yes, it takes some time, but no one has to read all what is in it at once. 

There are so many corners to discover.

About our clubs, texts and animations, too. 

And In plus I did not hear anyone - yet - telling they do not like its user interface! 

16 May 2019

Make connections through networking

Created slides to show during my speech, but did not have a projector. The TM who did have ours, got ill, was in hospital.

I think, my story was better and more interesting, and I got to speak more about Pathways and how I like to help, instead of waisting time with images.

Still, would like to show some here at least from those I prepared.

One is from the Division Conference, when I not only got my Triple Crown, good surprise, but make or warmed up again connections. Networked. 
Here three moments together. The Mystery speaker, the District member giving the triples, and the Division Governor with us in the room.

We make connections and may Network also through a remote access meeting, all the way from London to Oregon, USA.

Or meet a 18 years old Chinese girl, just out of high school, the first time in a Toastmaster meeting, through an online meeting. Tiger and Michelle, from Oregon, Zaldy from Manila, Carole and Graham from Australia, Federico from Holland and Svetlana from Uzbekistan. 

I met someone from London, last week, by surprise and made a great contact that gave me other contacts as we continued to be in touch with each other after the meeting. Today, will meet a President of a nearby club needing Pathways advices to its members. That IS real Networking. Not just a "project" we speak about.

The Project make me only more aware of it. 
and advances me with one more project. This is a Required Level 3 in my path, but still 1 Elective, to finish the Level.