Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Video from my Presentation en Français, text in English

A compelling blog? Write for a month, at least 8 posts, then speak about for 2-3 minutes.

My presentation, in French, and interventions from Dunstanette and Dieneba, also in French and observations from toastmasters from different islands in Caribbean Islands was about 50 minutes including discussions - I show bellow only about 8 minutes of it, yes, in French. 

All was interesting, even if more informal then my usual presentations. I loved the open reaction of all present! I publish just a bit from my stories, as this is an English blog.

Listening, looking at the whole meeting again, I realized the experience was a lot more then half full! It was almost like a conference in itself. 
At the beginning, the part I did not record, we presented each other, told each our experience or inexperience to Pathways. 

In the end, we hold almost a conference, lead by Dunstanette "now what"? 

Each from my team, not only came and was present, and helped for the two days, once in English and once in French, but also spoke and with passion. Contributed very positive to our meeting. Of course, not did I fulfill with it my "prepare a special meeting" but all of us, some project goals we where just on, even if the real goal was to help and not get a point.

Monday, 10 December 2018

Lessons Learned and Focus on Positive

Focus on Positive and Lessons Learned: two very useful Pathways Projects. 

First, I arrived to Focus on Positive a year ago:

I did need it just two weeks after I finished it! I was so sure, I will be named Pathways Guide in December 2017, as I was almost the only with experience, and the most advanced for sure. Instead, I was given more clubs as Pathways Ambassador, and named Chief Pathways Guide, a position only honorific. 

I needed so much to convince myself, a year ago, that the cup is half full! 

Of course, after the time passed, now I realize, I got both experience, only Ambassador, and later, in March was named in another district (undistricted) Pathways Guide and Ambassador, so I got the two sides. The Pathways Ambassador work used for my Pathways DTM, arrived earlier then the second award.

3 pics from our French Presentaion of Pathways
Focus on Positive, now?

Lessons Learned? What went well, and mostly what went less well and how to do next time? 

I just learned not to say "YES !" too fast when I am asked to do something new. Yes, I was happy to offer a Pathways workshop in French. Yes, I was able to gather fast a team of French speaking Toastmasters, and have them participate. We did it.

But I did not negotiate the conditions.

What happened? If all would have gone smooth there were nothing to tell. Only a video to show, or cut in pieces and show those different parts. 

First, I was told "Sunday": it was very fast, but we decided we could do it. Prepared French slides, French stories, with French speaking Toastmasters. Then, I was told, "Saturday" and a flyer appeared with Saturday. Nice flyer. But with wrong text. We changed the text that become more appropriate.

Saturday, we arrived. All participants spoke only English. I used my last English Presentation, and my team spoke, of course also English. Almost no one showed their faces. But there were many present through their names. "The real French presentation is Sunday!" we were told. Oh? Well, we will come back, a day later. I got a new nice flyer. Sunday was written on it. No zoom number. I was send one "only for me", could not put it on Facebook or invite other French speaking Toastmasters. 

When I arrived, as usual early, I was put in a Waiting Room. I went back later, again to the waiting room, but at least all who waited spoke French, and most of them showed their faces instead of hiding behind a name only as the day before. 

Then I learned, we have to wait till the hour, till the meetings before finish. We waited. Then only were we told that there are parallel meetings, and we will be in one of the Breaking Rooms, Zoom provides. Not in the main room. It was the first time, for me. I was named Co-Host and given the right to record. Usually I can choose "record to cloud (zoom) or record to computer" I was not given the choice so believed it will be recorded as Speaker to the cloud. Only after the meeting stopped, I realize suddenly, it was recorded to my computer. Aie! To the computer, it records as you look, in my case it was mostly Gallery view, as I like to see the audience reaction whenever possible. 

Usually, I ask the audience if they are ready to be recorded, and also if the recording may be public. I did believe, this will be the case. But as we finished, I saved then uploaded the recording, one of the main players wrote "please do not make it public".

Lessons Learned? Negotiate with all details, before jumping heads down into it deep. 

Focus on Positive? Two presentations instead of one. French audience reactive and great. My team told good stories or gave important speeches and come twice. Was invited to a next potential meeting in French. But for sure, as much as I am happy, I will negotiate this time all the details.

Other lesson learned? The Pathways Projects are there to help us! And they do even, a year later. Also, perhaps, I will repeat them again soon.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

Surprise! Non expected! Need to be flexible.

What IS the surprise? Well I prepared for a few days for presenting pathways in French to a French audience. We formed a team of French speaking Toastmasters. What we found tonight, at 9 pm is suddenly other then me and my team, no one know French!

Flexible, finally I presented in English and three others, "team" swapped also Pathways memories in English! I was ready for many things, not that the date was mixed up and those from French clubs arrive... Tomorrow.
This is what I explained, plus why chose and how path. I used my last English presentation. But of course, if I knew... I could have tweaked that one too. Alas, no one asked any question and most come, were there but not opened their video. 

We do what we can. What I CAN do is not expect anything going well tonight, then, perhaps, something will go well. We'll see.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Soon, one hour Pathways Stories in French

In the same cycle of events, the District 81 from the Caribbean Islands, who has many of its members in French speaking clubs, asked me to organize an similar one hour event in French.

It is never too late! 

Remain Connected, remain informed. The event will begin at 4 pm EST meaning at 9 PM London time. in a few hours. I succeeded to gather a team, all French speaking, great toastmasters, and we will do it together.

I hope, after I will be able to tell about the Successful Collaboration between us! Even if, speaking of my blog, this morning, I told: when something goes well I can write about it, when there is a problem, too. The real story is ongoing, once up once down, and we can learn from both. Just as Mark said, learn the lessons. Improve. Apply new skills. 

From this morning, I was just reminded of a rule I learned ten years ago: do not change the beginning and end, well prepared, even if a "wonderful new idea pops up in last minute". Not only I went too long, but I even forgot my story punch line! It does not happen often with me. One subject is enough, not mix three. And so on. 

I prepared French slides, not I have to rehearse again. And remain with the intended beginning! Not change it last minute. Two wonderful French speaking toastmasters will help and do their part, I hope, beside some facts about Pathways we will able to demo also pathways storyswap! 

Friday, 7 December 2018

First and youngest Pathways DTM

Presenting to District 81 Toastmasters through Zoom, Mark Snow, the first Pathways DTM offered a wonderful presentation.

We heard how he begun in January 2017, with the first Pilot District, because of his impatience. And that at some time, like me, he was in seven more more clubs at the same time. 

His first path, Visionary Communication, his preferred project from it the Level 1 Evaluation and feedback: learning to offer a speech again, and give specific feedback. He also explained the reasons he found for Level 2 speeches and not only the joy to choose between the Level 3 electives but how much Speaking about Change helped him also in his professional life. 

We heard many times, how much his professional life, outside toastmasters was improved, since he begun the different Projects of pathways. Many details and many related to what he does, too. Not only is Mark Snow the youngest but also the first recognized finally as Pathways DTM. And I asked him at the end (even if I suspected the answer) how many path did he finish so far? I finished ten path, he answered. Still, it is the Visionary Communication, about change management, vision in my life, that is my preferred.

 Mark created many pages and the great pdf called Pathways Companion. This page is one of them, the road to DTM. What I did not observe till he remarked, that some leadership roles are "Club extension" others are "club support". Also, I did not know, that for fulfill the Club Officer, we can even be officer for 6 month at same time of two different clubs! A different role in each club. In all of course, it has to add up to 12 month.

It does seem, I am not sure if it is still true, that we have for the moment 12 Pathways DTM - am I the 12th? As he is the youngest, I am the oldest. So far. 

From his presentation, it was clear he was a impatient, gourmand as me of pathways, now went down to less clubs and become gourmet. As me. Savoring the projects. Mark understood that Pathways not only offers us new modern skills that we can learn and apply, but in general a lot of Learning by doing, by reflecting, getting feedback, applying.