21 Jun 2022

11 May 2022

New level 1


New level 1 in a few paths, soon to be implemented in more. 

I opened it on my Safari.

16 Jul 2021

Remember : 4 screens.

 For those new to pathways and Basecamp here some screens to remember. 

Navigations, different.

Alas, in any case, we can accede to the last page, Congratulations even if not yet deserved. Ignore it. Pathways still has wrinkles, to be corrected some time. Also has lots of good material, projects and paths.

Before and after self-assessment: one have to answer to all questions. 

The last question is always, in all projects the same, indicating that all we learn is to be used (also) outside toastmasters. When you answered this last - and all other questions before - then you can submit, and your project is considered done. Of course, do it only when all tasks of the project were completed. Not when signalling you read.