12 Aug 2019

Forget what was

All the path you can choose but alas presented in alphabetical order, but they have the signs and I love the colors. They also have a sort description. From George Marshal.

He puts the paths in four groups. I wound add the 1 to 2 and put them together. Leave the 3 and 4 each on its own.

What I do not really believe it can be grouped after how much leadership is in them. That would bring us back to old way of thinking "speech or leadership" which is not as Pathways operates. In my opinion, those two are strongly interrelated, and could not be separated.

And forget the CL manual and all is written in it. No similar "roles" are a Project, even if we do Listen, and do roles, they do not give us any project for it. We do not get "points" for any of them. They are just normal roles advancing the meeting. Offering possibility for new and old toastmasters to speak. To help the club.

11 Aug 2019

Tutorials from iphone

Alas, one still have to enter clicking on the goast, the grey under the title.

But after, one can use all there is in Tutorials and resources. Project descriptions, vodeos, Evaluations.

And also see

10 Aug 2019

Iphone can not (yet) go into Projects, but a lot can be done

To find your profile, from TMI through an iPhone (or other mobile device) go to the Three lines first. Then Profile.

This is how it Looks.

And this blog, can also be read through iphone.

9 Aug 2019

Finished a Level? A path?

We finish a Level in any Path. We ask in Base Camp to be approved. Wait.

Well, I never wait. Usually, I email the VPE. Then if no answer any other Base camp manager, usually the President. 

And, if still no answer, as I am Secretary in three clubs, I choose one of those clubs and approve my own Level. It can be done. That means, I can now open and see the next Level, begin to work on next Level.

It means, I also can print my Level Certificate, or usually take just a screenshot of it. Or wait. Here is my first Path finished, almost two years ago, September 2017.

Level approved in Base Camp, does not mean yet Award approved at Club for Toastmasters or for your own awards. It is a two step approval or submission. 

When you are only in one club, no problem, any one of the Committee Members can approve it very easy. I already wrote a post how, as last year President did not know, and he understood and approved it for me the next day, after reading the blogpost. 

After login, going to Leadership Central -> Club Central -> Awards -> Name and after, looking for the next award to approve. For a legacy system, you had to add all dates and titles for all projects. For Pathways it is only to choose the Path and the next Level appears, to declare it done.

After that, we get a letter from the TM Board President, congratulating, and the Award appears between our awards. 

It happened to me this morning!

Finally, my award was declared to the Club I have chosen. As I am in five clubs just now, I have the right to decide, which needs most, which would profit most for each award. I did offer my Level 4 of Strategic Relationship to Witty Storytellers Online, but the last one, Level 5 (and Proficiency) of Strategic Relationship to Lewisham Speakers, in D91.

We can print our own certificate then but also will get a nicely printed on from TMI. The one I have put in this post is the last I got in post already.

Attention! As soon as we have the Level 5 of any path approved in BaseCamp, the path disappears from our Active Paths, in the Educational Transcript. We can find it between Completed Path, open, go to the Level 5 and we find there Print Certificate.
The date on it is not the one we finished in Base Camp, but the one it was declared in Club Central and awarded. Soon, I will receive one like this in the post also. 

If a VPE wants to make a ceremony, offering the award (this or for any Level) in the meeting, he or she can to to BaseCamp, look at the member transcript, and Print it.

8 Aug 2019

No to Printed Manuals!

Most important, we do not get any project to elect, they are "pre-elected" for us, and do not get either to read save print the others projects. In plus, as far I have seen, the text was not even edited for "printed" and inside, you are told "go see this or that" when it is not possible.