18 Jul 2019

Level 5: path finished!

Yes, I have finished six paths, but this from May 2019 is the one I got a medal for.

One I can wear around my neck.

In my district, 91, five of us finished a level 2018/2019 Toastmaster year. 

What was the path I finished in May? Team collaboration was the last path I finished.

In my online clubs, we do not get awards, there is no one to send us. Even when we would have money in the club. Perhaps, it would be a good idea to introduce it!

Will propose it to my clubs. 

Also, for my London club to have the goal of getting all Level 1 and those who finished already, one more Level, before of the end of year. It is doable, even if it means work. 

Meanwhile, happy to have gotten this from our new District Director, Florian.

16 Jul 2019

Preparing her first Icebreaker: Coaching

It is and it is not Pathways. I gave her advice about her story. She wrote one better.
Alas, she read it, not sure she will remember. It was a great story, well read. 

15 Jul 2019

15 Seconds to explain login: to members or Base Camp Managers

Matthew Kleinosky published in the Pathways Discussion Forum, and I agree! It does not take long to explain how the new login works, for members, and in the image bellow for the new Base Camp Managers. 

Of course, more can or must be said! 

One important thing would be for the new President, Secretary and Vice President of Education, the BC Managers, that after entering as BCM, we have to login and enter as Member, whenever we want to reach our paths, levels, projects.

Second, how to reach our Profile. From Welcome, Julie on computer, to the three lines inside which is Profile. 

Third, it has to be first a login, with our name or email, to the Toastmasters.org, then we login the to Base camp where Paths reside. And we have to got at least one path, in order to reach to them. 

And, the place they are is called Transcript (but other place also called same), and the paths are called Curriculum. And we have to Active once before Launching. etc etc 

So basically, it is useful to show, not tell a few other things.

How to tell basecamp we finished a project!
How to find where is the place from which we can print and save.
What else?

I would also add something about the new feature: projects going directly in tabs, use then close when finished or navigate between tabs meanwhile. 

How little and how much to explain, depends on many variable. Thanks for this great pic!

14 Jul 2019

New Icebreaker: humorously

OK. Till now I was decided, no PI for me. Yet I did choose this morning, without going through assessment. Near it, two other paths I could not take. SR ok, I am on Level 4 only.

But PM? In fact, the Manual based PM I begun, Archived, never finished. Indeed. Finished a web based one. OK. I did buy 10 path, got 2 free. Finished six.

Today, got the one that before I told “me? Never!” And used it to deliver a funny Icebreaker.

Do not judge by the cover. I will use it to create funny stories, and teach about humor, as already begun. Pathways let’s you do it. Deliver speeches in any style, add our flavor.