Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Transcript, Curriculum and Details?

What can a Base Camp manager (VPM, President or Secretary) view if logged in as BCM ? What can we view, more then we do usually?

First, I logged in through "Welcome Julie!" to Go to my Transcript. Where all I work on resides.
In real, I do access a lot of paths, but not so many as it seems here. I stopped the Printed Presentation Mastery, and got a Web based one, but they still are considered 2 different. I begun a French Leadership Development, after I finished an English one, they are considered separate too.

The top of my Educational Transcript, explains how to use it. Some are "Launch" but as you see the small triangle down, there is another action you can got from there, and others "open curriculum".  Curriculum are named my paths. Here I looked at all of the types, there are also Classes, etc, depending what else I opened lately and did not mark "completed". I can look also instead of Active as here, to the Archived and the Completed Page. So what is other then Launch? I did not look there often.
One can look at what is called "Training Details!" I could see how much time I spend  with a Project, and also when I did open first time, and so on. My "Training Progress". This is from Dynamic Leadership, where I went back often and completed after looking through it in all for 2 hours.
Not only the total hours, this is the Negotiating The best Outcome Project, but when I requested and I completed it! I did not look a lot at that history, and it seems strange, as I know that I opened it more then at one time.

Now I logged out as Member and logged in as Base Camp Manager. 

Instead of Approving, I went to the Progress Reports, and choose Individual Progress. As you see, in the right upper corner I found Options, and Refresh : it has to be refreshed each time even if it takes time to do it.

I got all the paths that our 10 from 22 members have selected and how many on the same paths.
And that Option was outside the box. If we hover at top right inside the box, another menu pops up with option to ask for details.

Can see many interesting details of the Team! And one by one too. 

Another option to go to Global Search, and look to an individual member's Transcript. That is how I found one of them. 
From there, as Base Camp Manager, I could access at his Projects and see what they are and how far he got. Indeed, for the moment, finished the Icebreaker. I could also see the other Tutorials he opened.
For example, he looked at Complete my Assignments Overview and The Navigator, and so on. Well done!

Going farther, I discovered I can even ask for Team: see all the members on Pathways in that club!
 My club Team is bigger, as 10 from 22 already "on pathways", and from that list, I can access any of them. When I went to my online club, I got a problem, for some reason could not access the Team. Have to look up, why this happens, probably as I know we are 85% on pathways, but most of us have multiple clubs and probably not logged in at this time. 

It is the first time I had discovered to be able to see my club's Pathways Team! Even the roles of Committee members can be seen there! Another way, a Base Camp manager could see then also one by one. If only we had so much time. 

Monday, 13 August 2018

Opportunity to Present speeches we want

Regardless of the project, the goal of Toastmasters is to give members the opportunity to compose speeches and present them to their club. The beauty of the Level 1 projects is that the topic and content of each speech is completely at the discretion of the speaker. Once a member has completed a project, they may repeat the project at any time. Repeating projects in a Level 1 will not affect your ability to access projects in Level 2.  

On level 3, one has to complete a minimum of 2 Elective Projects beside the Required one, in any order, but one can complete any number without additional points for it.
Members may repeat projects and levels as many times as they wish. However, members will receive recognition once for each level in their path, regardless of how many times they repeat the level. And speech, Project completed on one Path can not be transferred to another path.

You may access projects and resources in Levels you have already completed at any time. Repeat them if you so desire, no one else can ask you to repeat them. Working in Level 2 of a path will not prevent you from accessing resources in Level 1 of the path. Similarly, returning to a previous level in your path will not impact your progress in the path or any awards earned. To be tried!

A speaker may choose to repeat a project or speech at any time. Because Pathways learning is self-directed, it is at the member’s discretion to decide whether they would like to reattempt a speech 

Once a member has opened Level 3, 4, or 5, they can complete the projects in any order. This would also include opting to complete an elective (or many electives) before completing the required project(s) for that level. 

When a member reaches levels 3, 4, or 5, they can view all electives at that level

While only 2 electives are required at Level 2 and one elective at Levels 4 and 5, members may complete as many electives as they like. Please keep in mind that there is no extra credit or recognition given for completing more than the required number of electives. 

As you remember, I choose to take on all the level 3 electives for the Motivational Strategy Path. Even if, will not receive additional, credit for completing projects and those electives do not carry over from one path to another. I am in no hurry as I have already completed 4 path and soon the 5th also. The Motivational strategy is my 6th path. I also have the Team Collaboration path, my 7th where I am all at the beginning, at Level 1. 

I finished "Using Presentation Software" (again) Saturday and at the same time I listened to a wonderful speech (from Research and Presenting Project) about Networking. So my next project will be about networking, as I got a lot of useful information about it and different ways to view Networking. 

"Creating Effective Visual Aids", is almost but not exactly like the Presentation Software project. Visual aids do not have to be presented on screen or use special software. I remember someone bringing in bear bottles. Other books. Other presenting how to massage the arm when in pain. All those are "visual". But of course, I will have to read those Projects then decide what I will speak about and create a story from them. The same for the Projects I did not yet take on.

Understand vocal variety was one of my preferred Projects that I already completed three times, but each time with a different text and different ways. My vocal variety is not so bad even if my pitch is often to high. 

The problem is when I present a Power Point slide, often it does not go with it. So I am sure, I will have to repeat it at least twice to get it well, and also I would like to read some poems I found.

Focus on positive, will need 2 weeks of journaling, and I did not yet finish journaling for the emotional intelligence project, the required on level 3 here. Last time, it was December I have finished and it helped me to Focus on Positive in my life.

Prepare for an Interview, I never opened yet, but as an exercise I could do it. Probably, it will be the last from my 12 projects of level 3 before I decide to go farther. 
In fact, I could even try to go to level 4 (when the required is done) to see if I can complete and get "marked complete" the Prepare to Interview, going "back" to a completed level. As we are at the beginning of the Toastmaster year, no club of mine is urging me to finish Levels, so I can go slow , at the same time learn and experiment to be able to speak about the different projects when needed.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

If the three path offered are not to your taste

After the assessment to choose a path, you have one "best" offer and two along. If none of them are the one you wanted, assuming you did study before which path leads where, you can go under them and there you find, (without the round rectangle I added) Additional Path, the other seven. You can then choose whichever you desire.

Do not forget to Save your choice. Then you are on. You got your path, and can go to Base camp or directly, from Welcome! your name... to Educational Transcript, where we find our paths. See this post.

Saturday, 11 August 2018

Where is Club Central? in one picture

Toastmasters International and login
choose Leadership Central then
choose Club Central

and the Club, go to Add Awards and the Name of person, then the award - it is very rewarding when we can do it on Zoom through screen sharing and help each other, see how it goes and rejoice it went well!

Remember: Accepting a Level in the Base Camp, does not puts it as Award yet, one has to declare it also in "club central".

Friday, 10 August 2018

Family reunion 2017 - my Icebreaker for Leadership Development

This is the image, my son had taken and below is the video of the story I just got to see.

My great grand-mother, Paula had 7 children, six survived to grow adults.
Her descendants live now in many countries, Canada, England, France, Israel, Romania, Hungary. 57 of them, counting spouses and children come to Paris and Normandy family reunion 1/3 September 2017. This one was taken in Normandy after lunch, the second day of our reunion.

I hope it remains but I am not sure. I could send it to this blog, but could not download it to my computer from unlisted youTube. Any suggestions how to achieve it? To make sure if the original is deleted the video remains?

I also tried to capture it with Replay Video Capture, will see what it gives transformed to Quicktime. And took some snapshots from the video. This is one of them.

I have told this story a few years back on stage at the Canal Café with Spark Storytellers, and I will also try to find that version. I found only a podcast of it in my other Blog, click on the "Blog" if you want to hear it.