22 Feb 2019

Julie at Lewisham Speakers "connects with the audience"

Level 2 in E Humor asks for "Connect to the Audience" and suggest, as we do know the audience of our club, tell them about something they do not know. What? I take them inside the first Comedy Workshop I did.

So much to tell! But times goes so fast. I told just a bit of all.

Notice that I did not show anything when at least three times at expected laugh, I got nothing. When they did laugh, I paused till it passed, let the waive go down. And learned, after my speech, at the feedback, that there was still one who did not understand what "Pardon my French" means. Use with care expressions! I was so proud: I learned it myself recently...

And I was told "if you tell your audience you'll speak French, you should." Aie! And you, do you know what that expression means? A new comedy bit I can do around that, or use it in the Cultural Diversity Project from another path.

21 Feb 2019

Connect with the audience!

I did connect with the audience today, and in plus, they laughed and laughed. I did take them where only one in the audience ever was, to a Standup Comedy Workshop. The first, I was in winter 2011.

Only had time to tell half what I had but even like that it was enough, and they could not know all that I did not tell. So much more to tell. Material for other times, other projects. 
Now I have only the most interesting, the new project to deliver : Know your sense of humor
I told things I did not expect, to link all together and be on the theme of the meeting, witch was Challenge. Majority of those present, Toastmasters and Guests loved it. And I had strong long laughter. Feels good, again to make people erupt in laughing.
Of course, I put away everything
between me and the audience

What I found that one expression, I learned lately but loved it "Pardon my French" was misunderstood: my evaluator expected me to speak a bit in French after that. And not to use two four letter words instead, also he did like how I used them. But he enjoyed, even if he was expecting me to speak French. He was not of English origin, as I am not either. True, even I had to google what "pardon my French" means last week! (Excuse the crude language that will follow.) 

And I did bring my audience to a place they seldom went and only a few of them. So that part was also a success. 

Know your sense of Humor is also written already, I even rehearsed it telling a few times to people who come : they laughed, liked. Will have to find now a proper club to tell.

20 Feb 2019

Naked backside, as last memory of my workshop "pals"

Here is the link to an old speech, my first Communication Stye true story told at Witty Birds in May 2017. This is the story I want to tell again: does it need to be told again? How would I do it?  So many memories from that first workshop!

It was very difficult for me as the young boys, who did think they were men, behaved like misbehaving boys around me, got so many wrong ideas what is a woman and specially an old one! To the end, we had difficult communication. Even, after I begun to use, from time to time, their language.

It was them. And me. Here, I am taking the picture
My last memory of them is our showcase: I was the only one not very scared. In the middle we went out and made some pictures. 

With my small camera, I made of them and then went between them and one of the "man" took a picture with me between the others. 

What was my surprise when I got home to look at the picture! 

Guess which one shows his naked backside in the original photo
One of the boys showed in it his naked bum. Naked backside in the group photo the other one had taken! 

The one all in right with his black coat.

What to do? I had to cut it in half in vertical, cut out all of us from middle down. But I did it! Finished the 8 week afternoon workshop and learned.


What a memory indeed! I got my certificate and looking back, I realize how much I learned. Not only communicating with a Standup Audience but with anyone different then me. Between all of them, only the one near me went to continue Standup and once he was competing when I was too. As I was more authentic, the public choose me as the winner. 

Let me finish with my best teacher giving me the certificate at the end of our showcase.
Yes, I was tired but so satisfied. I survived. I gigged and all the audience did laugh. My first showcase was a success. More: I learned from it! Even learned that some last minute improvisations added work very well. Suddenly I am transported at Pirate Castle, hear the noise the laughter, see the public. It was wonderful.

19 Feb 2019

Roadblocks Video, take 1

I am not sure if it is better or worse, but I try to tell what I wrote and showed yesterday.

Of course, before all, we have to stop the Popup Blocker as all projects do open up in a popup. And before telling the Basecamp "I finished" we have to go through all the tasks and give the speech too.
If I do this day after day, I may get better and better, more fluent on telling, explaining all. Perhaps even better of taking some of my old posts and making a video, and in some case, a podcast from them.

18 Feb 2019

Newcomers roadblocks

Now what? Even when clicking on the Beginning of the Project, he did not see how to go farther. No navigating seen in the small rectangle that opened!
One has to stretch the small rectangle not opened enough, in vertical and horizontal, or click to open it whole window, till the arrows right and left appear, and the go to selection on the bottom. 

All the pictures and explications from this post, are there already in my blog, but in different posts and indeed, I have many posts now. Even if the search box is there, not easy to find. 

Yesterday, I had to half hour zoom meetings with two wonderful people, toastmasters who are presidents of their club and want to help to introduce Pathways "more", but themselves, even after a year of "on pathways" had too many things not clear to them. So it did become clear to me, I have to write this post, and list what I observed to our interactions. Sincerely, in the 22 month of using it and finding ways to solve them, I forgot how many roadblock there are on the way who begins. How many things one have yet to change on the user interface to make it easier to use.

I do tell often, that the Tutorial and Resources has many videos explaining different, sometimes strange features but how to access it? Even when the grey title appears, it is Not Clear or Apparent, that we have to choose the GREY TITLE to arrive there, instead of click on the Title bar.

For any explication do not hesitate to go UNDER the Tutorials and Resources clicking on the gray. So many Tutorials as videos or as texts and Fillable Evaluations there!

See bellow how the project window should look when you open a project in order to navigate easy through it and where and how it has to be stretched.

I did tell my browser to open the windows that popup in a new tab and whole window, so all this trouble is behind me. He at some time, clicked near the small window and it disappeared behind the other one showing his levels. Happy, he knew how to bring it back, see all the open windows. Not everyone knew! And in plus, finally understanding, he opened up with a click on the upper right corner rectangle the project big. 

As the speech was given, all tasks accomplished, we have to go back to the Assess Your Skills After (or even why not the before first if we did not yet answer it before). We can also use the Go to Selection, jumping to the self assessment after, which is the last in every project.

And  then, there is a grey more or less transparent rectangle, that hides the Assess your Skills-After (and the same for before). Now What? We have to click on that grey rectangle to make it disappear. Why? Why should the questions and self-assessment points be covered with grey? 

Then, it is not clear why suddenly, instead of the arrow right to progress, we have to progress with NEXT to answer the "next question". Nor it is clear that if we miss to answer one of the questions, but not clicking on one of the numbers 1 to 5, we will not have done all to close a project! 

It did happen yesterday! My President missed one answer as he wanted to go fast and the SUBMIT did not appear! How could he knew (other then I was there to tell him) that unless the Submit appears and the comparaison, the Base Camp will not understand that the project was done.

This time, I learned something else. He missed not the last question but the one before it. I looked very careful, and proposed to click on BACK, and answer that question before it. What happened? The SUBMIT appeared there, not at the last question. 

We got the small X that the project was closed. Now, we did the same with the last project from the level 1 which was also done but not declared closed. It went faster, and better as now become clearer what has to be done. 

Now that all projects from the level where declared "done", he answered even to the Evaluate the project to tell his opinion about to Toastmasters, and the projects transformed again to Launch, but with the small x near them. 

And now? Yes, then it is only then we can access the last item, which is not a Project, just in order to tell, again! that the LEVEL IS DONE. That also has to be first Activated, then Launched. Then a page appears as a popup again, why? and after reading we do what? just close it! It took me some time to realize that I have to close that page, get rid of it, before I arrive back, and finally, one can click on the button that now shows, Mark the Level finished. Only then, the message is send to the Base Camp and Base camp Managers to approve the Level. 

At this point, we changed the Show Screen in Zoom, and I did show him, how I entered as Base Camp Manager, opened the Approve where his his finished Level was now waiting for approval. As Secretary, I had the right, and clicked on the green v (alas very near the red x) and did approve. I even showed him how did I exit, through the small wheel, and got to TMI Leadership/Club Central/Club Name/Education Awards, and added the award that he wanted to see between his other Awards from now on.

Once the Level Completion was approved, not only it gets also a small x but also we may view and print or save the certificate.

As to me, I finished Level 1 of EC, the 12 February, here is my certificate.
And begun the Level 2 with the third Project, the one I knew what to tell. The others two projects I work still on. As you know, we can do them inside the Level in any order.
Probably, there are more Roadblocks on the way of working with Pathways, but I believe those are the most annoying if we do not know what to do and how to do it. 

What Path to choose if you do not have yet or as your next one? Choose Engaging Humor! And you can do in almost same time as another we do not have to wait till we finish all five Levels of what we already have!

17 Feb 2019

Prepared for online meetings

If you enter my living room, at first you can be surprised. 

I am so used to it that I do not even see it any more. Most of one of my wall is occupied by a green tissue.

Do you know what it is for?

To be the backdrop where the pictures I want to project behind me when I am online in zoom to be projected. 

On a round table, I have my laptop on three big books so the video is right at my eye distance, that make me look as if I looked straight to my audience, wherever they are. A small overturned basked it there too. When I want to stand, I put my laptop on the top of it. Sitting always in the armchair otherwise, at some distance from the wall.

Daytime, the light comes from my window on my left side, evenings from the special "daylight lamp" that is 45 degree at my right and turned away from my eyes. The one you see in profile at the right end of this picture.

Most of the time, nowadays, I put my blue tee-shirt on myself, my "online tee-shirt" and a dark blue background so all one can see, is my hair, face and arms. At the beginning, I tried out different backgrounds that I use still from time to time, when I do not tell anything important. When I do, I do not want the audience eyes distracted. I have borrowed this one from the French president, Macron speaking a day. Took out from it the two flags and have a few different darker and lighter versions of it to use. 

When I want to show off, of course, other backgrounds come up suddenly behind me.

Here is one of the possible backgrounds, but as I am photographer, I have a lots I tried out already. 

This one is a borrowed one. That one can use, is it from book Johnathan Livingston the Seagull. Who loves to learn, to exercise new skills, not only work for eating like many of his family and group does.

It was at my first ever visit to America, that my landlord, hosting me for two weeks gifted me with the book, telling me "you are like him, always ready to learn more". So many things I learned since I begun online clubs and even more through Pathways. 

The last three books on design and user interface I begun to study. They can be applied to many things, also to a blog and arrangement inside a post. 

Some toastmasters in the Pathways Discussion Forum complain that the new program makes them use too much of their time online. I wonder, if they read at all? I read nowadays mostly online and when I do not, I listen. To audiobooks. But if instead, they spend their time with family, wonderful. I hope, not with the television. 

We do not have to spend a lot of time online to use pathways! All projects can be downloaded, read through computer or printed and taken far away from it. We have more work to do with our projects then before the manuals? Yes. We also learn a lot more! How much and what, mostly depend on us. We are all different, can apply task different ways.

16 Feb 2019

Standing up, first laughs and preparing Humor project

Humor path, humor projects? 

The first special Humor project speaks of Telling and Collecting Personal Stories. 

"As possible, some stories and anecdotes, longer or one liners, where there is a message, an attitude we have, and could make laugh."
It seems, I had a good beginning at Witty Birds online. I tried again, after two years, to stand up (my computer put on a basket farther) in an online meeting. And as you see, I did caught my audience laughing. 

I cut from this picture the last row where they were only names, TM not showing faces.

Behind me the blue is projected on my green screen, I just put blue so my hair, face and arms stand up clear and the added background does not disturb the audience. Of course, in "Gallery view" you see here, I am small. For me the important was to see not myself, but the audience reactions. They did enjoy what I said at the moment. And this above was not even yet my first required Humor Project, just my story as Protégée.

Now, preparing my first Humor Project, after having begun to collect my stories, humorous or less humorous. A sad personal story well told can also make laugh. 

Here are three images that I may or not show, that resume the three short stories I intend to tell for that project. Not yet determined a place, a club to tell it, I have to find the best audience to react and the best club to record it for me. When I am the one that tell, always forget to record...
(1) Hammering on my window, is a true personal story, picture by myself. (2) The fancy car stuck on a dirty village road, is a story my father liked to tell, it also has a small hummer in it, that has to be put in the mind as I did not find a proper image for it. (3) The last story found and adapted from internet, is happening in modern times, one I told again and again as Pathways Ambassador to make Toastmasters Relax: it worked. 

Are you curious, how they link together? 

Should I show this picture or each one after other? Should I begin with the oldest, my father story first? Finally, it is not the chronology what is most important, but in which way the surprise will be more effective. Does the last picture kill or help the whole? How can dust show when the car is stuck? That will be my next speech.

It is a wonderful process when a story is cooking, parts can be moved around, words changed, decisions made. I told the story, without the middle one, the car stuck, many times as I was going around as Pathways Ambassador from club to club. Showing only the repairman with his small hammer at my window, that was in fact my misdirection, without any words attached to it. I did succeed to make laugh and by that also lower the tension. 

15 Feb 2019

Valentine? Went out with... my iPhone. What I learned

First, I added an old picture, taken when I went back first time after 50 years in my hometown. I was looking from the bridge to my old house and apartment windows a bit sad. Then I suddenly see this two pigeons kissing and kissing. 

The daffodils were taken yesterday afternoon, when I finally went out in the garden between the buildings. When I had seen they are already out and blooming, I could not resist. Dressed, put on my shoes, went down the 3 floor steps and behind my building, on the uneven grass, slowly. Took about 30 photos, at the end, some of myself, very happy to be out. Arrived back, without falling down.

In my different pictures taken, some where to show that we could look at different things. It depends on us! Here is an example of the pictures I have taken after the many flowers taken through different angles.
Instead of the beautiful flowers taken before, I show that I could have concentrated on the trees that are still bare. Also not all are as you see in the second picture. Or the bench I did not sit down, or those daffodils that were not, yet blooming. But I did not! Tried to look at what was enchanting me, and was happy, I succeeded to go out.
First I went from flowers to flowers, some bigger, some tiny blue. Then I sit down in a chair, near the table you can see and tried to take the profile of some flowers. I have to admit, that I had difficulty to get out and up from that armchair. But it was worth.

Do you see any analogy of those complaining about Pathways? They see all bare and bad. I would say, refuse to look to anything else, to enjoy what they could if just looked around. 

Even my not yet opened tiny daffodils, near the back entrance looked different, when taken from another angle. There is so much to enjoy in the pathways projects! Why stop and complain and complain about it as alas some do in the Pathways discussion forum, again and again. 

Something good come about it, this morning. 

I got Toastmaster from Malaysia who invited me to hold a web meeting with those who need encouragement around her. And another, who needed encouragement from Philippines. And a wonderful email from Taipei. Another from the President of a chartering club in a village, in North England. 

We advance all together. 

As for me, so much joy with my new E. Humor path! Got now my first "humorous speech" written down, first version of course so far. Title, "A small hummer". Psst!

14 Feb 2019

Julie Standing "The Nose" (protégée)

Visit at Witty Birds, Tuesday early morning. Beginning to answer two minutes Table Topics, then obeying Carole suggestion, standing up online perhaps the first time.

Still not as confident standing, but I will get there. And I have to put my baskets where I added my computer farther. Did I need to show more of me? Will try different ways. But the sound goes well without special mic. At least, when I speak. It was recorded Gallery view with all around me. 

13 Feb 2019

Julie First Eval/Feedback story delivered at Global Trainers Online

This was supposed to be an Instructive tale, not a Funny story. Next time, I will have to make it clear before I begin. It is good to make the audience laugh (they did laugh at the end when I told that I am alas obliged to stop), but the project Know your sense of Humor, tells that first we have to establish the contact with the audience. 

In fact, in the video Mistaken identity, one can see that I have waited 2 minutes and half, before taking out my tee-shirt, and the audience begun to laugh from then on. Later, I learned to go for laugh a lot faster. But this storytelling even was not a Standup, it was made me go and learn about "how to make laugh when I WANT It, where I want it". 

I have to learn how to present, we all have. I believed they gave a total 15 minutes I requested in the agenda, they did not understood the same. A lot more communication is always required. 

Why do I go back to that event of 8 years ago? That was the decisive moment for me! For the first time after 70 years believing myself unfunny, I begin to believe "perhaps?" It is the beginning of my story with Humour or Humor? My Comedy journey begins there. 

Level 2 will tell about the discovery of Standup Comedy by me, I took one after other many workshops, till went alone out to gig. 

12 Feb 2019

Story Collection begins at Engaging Humor L2

I arrived this morning to the "real" first project in the Engaging Humor path and with it comes another gift, I did not see in the level 3 electives of the same project. But from then on, as it is aside from any path, can be used any time. It is also linked to all projects in the Engaging Humor path!
Here it is, opened but not yet added to it. After reading about it, I had to leave the Project of level 2 and open my Collection. 

There can be more collections with different titles each, and containing more then one topics

We add our emails, and once it has a title, a synopsis, we can begin writing. Then, send to our email, print, and of course, do not forget, Save it.
In the Project Discover your Comedy Style, we have to write at least the first story in it. Done! I did it! I did it! Very happy to have a new and elegant tool, easy to use.

Let’s hope, it will work as it should. It does have some growing problems, yet. I could open and add to it or change. Did not yet to print or email. But could be my problem here. My printer complains about ink, and some how my email seems not connected to BC

Be aware! When the Story Collection link is selected, the Project closes. But... the Story Collection is present and can be used during any time. 

In plus, at the beginning, there are screens explaining how to use, not sure needed, as it is clear and easy. Here is one of the screens, they come a bit fast for my taste.
And yes, here is the Assignment for the Project. Screen taken before I got to my Story Collection, gave title to three first stories, and wrote one in whole. Printed, saved, send through email too. Hurrah! A new tool and a new discovery.
It was so worth finish the first Level and arrive here to have great surprises! This morning begun with me STANDING to deliver a rather humorous story about me as mentee at the Witty Birds with great audiences and a great feedback. Then, Base camp was "on" again, and I could get into it, and read with attention the first new great Project. 

I am sure, it will help all, and even me, used to humor to learn to practice, to reflect.

Books about Humor, research and present

There are so many books about Humor, Comedy writing and using! But I had to choose some to tell about in my Research and Presenting Project. This one I showed on screen.

Why is the Obstacle is the way between them? Obstacles make up the bones and meat of stories and comedy too, providing the problems and the humor of them also. 

The Comedy Writing Secrets is one of newest, the Comic Toolbox one of the most popular. 

Get Started in Stand-Up Comedy, from Logan Murray is the first I read as well the comedian / workshop leader with whom I studied the summer of 2011. In fact, I have taken with him, after his 6 x 4 hour workshop and showcase, a Comedy writing workshop, shorter this time, later, when I found myself out of inspiration and to add to my set.

Yesterday evening, I went online to Royal Road toastmasters and told about the books, and some of the things I learned. I also showed some slides with citation from one of the books. Krishn who gave me feedback, told me great, lots to learn, but too much. 

Use one learning for each speech. So which learning should I add here? 

Sometimes, no need for a joke: just tell the truth. Of course, we can exaggerate it too.

And here is the short video of Krishn evaluating my presentation, which, alas was not recorded. Next time, will I or will I not speak when there is no possibility to record it? Perhaps, I could have but when I speak, I am preoccupied by other things then recording.

11 Feb 2019

Julie E. Humor Path Icebreaker

Finally, we were only three present when I delivered my Icebreaker, the 11th Pathways Icebreaker, from the E. Humor path. My aim was to explain my path towards the Humor. 

Elizabeth offered me a feedback for it. See bellow. 

Friday with Zaldy Co listening and Toastmaster of the meeting

Elizabeth came also next day to listen to my second speech!

10 Feb 2019

MY CAREER, delivered at Firebirds Collective

At age of sixty... 
The theme was "Careers"
in Firebirds Collective online meeting this morning

Here is my second speech of the Feedback and Evaluation
with applied feedback from yesterday

This is the speech that Coach Carole evaluated and I published her feedback today earlier.
I realize now, that next time I should show a full screen not on a page.
We never stop to learn...

The video of the storytelling even in Canal Café Theatre, before 60 audience,
has been seen till now more then 600 times, it is called Mistaken Identity.

Coach Carole Feedback at Firebirds to me

Today, I was Guest Speaker at Firebirds Collective and delivered my second speech from the new Humor path Level 1, Project Evaluation and Feedback. 

My Icebreaker was Friday, at Emperor's online meeting, and I will add it here another day.
 and also my first Evaluation and Feedback speech, delivered Saturday with Global Trainers Online. Now, I will have to find a place to evaluate someone, and also deliver my Research and Presenting, which will be about Comedy Books I found and learned from.

Bellow, is the wonderful feedback from today, by Coach Carole. I did succeed to take into the consideration two suggestions. The Toastmaster of the meeting was the one who asked all to unmute their mic so we can hear them not only see, and not me asking that at the beginning of the meeting. Secondly, I succeeded to incorporate only 2 minutes I have chosen from the Mistaken Identity video, that was shown to illustrate what propelled me to begin study Standup Comedy, 8 years ago. 

And now, I will have to learn, Carole is right, how to Stand up while I am presenting in an online meeting! Learning never stops. 

I begun to study also the Level 2 Know your Sense of Humor, but that Project will take longer, we have tasks to do before delivering. I do have it, as it is also part now of the Level 3 Electives of other paths where I could find it, print it. Begin to study it.

Very excited about the new path, but after this rush, will go slower. Work deeper. The new path gives me more energy. Also, I will have each time to make clear, which speech style is "humor" and which is "informative" or "persuasive". A lot of Toastmasters decided to get the new path! 

9 Feb 2019

New Level 3 Elective from L2 Engaging Humor path !

Always worth, visiting Pathways Discussion Forum and its discussions. Thus is how I discovered: 

"Know Your Sense of Humor", Level 2 Project from our new Engaging Humor path is present from now on as Level 3 Elective Projects in every other path!

So, if you are already progressed so far in any path, you can go and as I did read, it study it!
As I decided to go through all the Elective Projects in the MS path, I had to go there, but just to be sure, I opened other paths too, it is the last project present in all L3 electives.

It does say, what I always believed: best to tell a story from your life. Explaining also why.
It validates my not opening my last two speeches with a joke. Telling it, eventually later. If or when we already connected with the audience, then why not? otherwise, first connect in whatever way you already know how. Even by a pause and looking at them.
Short or long, we remember better stories then "jokes", and more is personal, more easy is to commit them to our memory and play the emotion. 

Of course, we can exaggerate, use more playful body language, but still I think not forgetting passing our message. I will open now a new notebook with new (and old) stories that got potential, that could be incorporated, used, re-wrote, shortened, made sharper.

Another emphasis on personal storytelling! 

I feel more and more our online club reason: Witty Storytellers Online meetings are an ongoing workshop to learn and exercise at least twice a month, storytelling and as possible our wit. I fell all energized yet again.

8 Feb 2019

Find your way with pathways by Mark Snow DTM - Webinar recording

Title of our article Designed to Deliver, Unpacking Pathways, is on the cover of the February Toastmaster Magazine, here with my breakfast fruits.
See bellow Webinar by Mark Snow, first and youngest Pathways DTM, who did finish already 10 Path, and worked with restlessness to introduce it in His Australian District by different means. Also to help it in the district U. I was also present at this one hour webinar.

Remember also to read this February article, Designed to Deliver, in which both of us and Sue Stanley, TMI Senior Instructional Designer speak about Pathways. 

Click on the arrow toward the bottom to see the recorded video. One hour.

7 Feb 2019

How can I make them laugh, when I want?

As I approached 77, in the middle of the recession, I decided many, looking for new work, needs this. Performed at Canal Cafe Theatre with Spark London the theme was "Mistaken Identity". A true story that spokes about a time my life changed.

This performance bellow changed my life, again.

As I took out my shirt, a tip from Adolfo Tunon's Humorous speech at Citi Criers, a banker who become jogger before our eyes! My audience begun to laugh also from then on. 
It felt so good! 

Suddenly I become more playful, they laughed more, even at parts that surprised me.

Video curtesy of Annelise Lepage

"How to make them laugh when I want?" 

That question made me read about Humor, Comedy, Laugher and then go to Standup workshops, and even one Comedy Writing workshop when I was stuck. Test out in standup comedy clubs what I learned and learn more. All begun with this evening, this storytelling event. After many gigs in many different gigs, I improved. Humor is a practiced skill.

I was able then, to understand better and incorporate back what I learned in my storytelling again. In a Dublin bank I performed 1h ½ telling my stories and making laugh. 

6 Feb 2019

It arrived! It really did... got the Engaging Humor path

Engaging Humor, the 11th path arrived exactly as promised: the Chinese New Year 2019. 

The year of the Pig begins. For me the together, here is the Laughing Pig. 

The New Year arrived earlier, in East of the Globe, we had to wait till morning in Colorado to have glimpses of the new path.

In the Pathways Discussion Forum, Michelle was the first to write us: "I have it!" 

I tried then, even if one hour before, I have decided to wait till morning. No more waiting. Finally I arrived to click click click, no path arrived for me. What to do? I went to the Call Us, well from Europe, it would cost a lot. I wrote a letter. Answer? We will go back to you. 

Then, suddenly, a Chat box appears: want to chat? What is your problem? Without wait time, I had my chat, described my problem, got it solved and had my path between others in my basecamp. 

Wonderful! Well, it was then that I realized that there is a way till I make all laugh after reading my Required, path specific Projects. Remember?
To obtain this, you could have seen also yesterday, I had to login, go Pathways / The Navigator / Pathways / Which Path ? / Then open the More information from this Path. 

Do you want images? I took screen dumps of the steps we have to go through after login.
As I already wrote, Pathways --> The Navigator --> Almost all the way down again --> Pathways and from there Which Path. As for now it says "choose between this 10" but then the third path IS the 11th one! All eleven are there. It takes time to change everything!

Yesterday, I did publish two of the four new projects descriptions, but then we got this in the Pathways discussion forum. All four beautifully added in a google document. 
It is worth visiting the Pathways Discussion Forum to appreciate all who help fast and well! Those projects are also described beautifully in the Leader Letter. 

This morning, I got the Leaders Letter from the TMI by email.

It begins, announcing the 11th path arrival and this image. I have never seen anyone at workplace laugh like this in bright light. I hope it happens, other then when arranged. 

Of course, I also got some other images of people laughing, not many, because I learned that we laugh a lot more, longer, stronger when we are in dark, and even nearer each other. But whatever. It is announced! In the same letter, link to "my" February toastmaster Magazine article. Ours, of course, not mine only. And other goodies, about other news too.
Now, I have between my paths the Engaging Humor, but have to wait till arrive to Level 2 for the first Path Specific Project. Do I really? No way!

Of course, we will transform all the path and give it a theme: comedy, laugh, humor. From the Icebreaker on. I already wrote the first draft of it and from the four required project in Level 1 already booked two or three for very soon. Now, I am very busy, very preoccupied to rewrite my Icebreaker and to imagine, my "any speech comedy style" that follows. The Research already begun, it will be about comedy books I found and presenting it. Lots of work awaiting me at the same time as some projects from other paths I am on. Most important, the Podcast : now I have my theme for it. And learned how to publish too. Even the Projects that seem most difficult, with time open up. Seem possible even for me.

"Me humor? Me comedy? Never!" do not say it. Well I did, till I arrived at age 77.

5 Feb 2019

Details about the Engaging with Humor path

While I am still waiting to get the path, the details on the 11th path are already available, and the path "in its place". Now, I got it! 

Here are the titles of the new Required Projects.
You wonder about the Project descriptions? They are surprising! I found them in the Tutorials and Resources. As it is "material"
After looking at the nice cover, I had to launch the "material" and got the answer. 

This one is from Level 5 and ask us to deliver a 18 to 22 Keynote like message with humor in it. 

The Level 4 as all about adding impromptu humor, giving two different Table Topics answer with Humor.

As much as the "humor" Required Projects begin only at level 2 "Know your sense of humor" and "Connect with your Audience" a very improved Level 2 in my opinion, we can begin at level 2 to think about our connection with Humor in our lives and our speeches. But from the break the ice we can try to remember!

I found The Project Descriptions through Tutorials and Resources! 

Here is the one from Level 4: The power of Humor in Impromptu speech. 
But we will begin to discover Our Sense of Humor from Level 2 on!
Only the Introduction to Mentoring remains in Level 2 the two others are replaced. Yuppy! 

I realize now, that the new Summit team is listening, and we got better and better Levels and Projects. 

Level 2 was my less loved till now, no more! It is changing.

Happy evening, interesting informations, now let us see what we do with it, how we use the new path. 

Humor path : Icebreaker

Level 1 is the same for all the path. It should not be used the same way, we can personalize any Project! What would I say, break the ice, in my next path? 

I could begin by presenting my humorous alter-egos. Show the picture bellow, I use in my Standup comedy. Of course, it would be like giving the punch line away, never do it! without all that leads to it. Should I ? 

In my Icebreaker I should rather tell how I arrived to humor? Why I had to wait 70 years, from 7 to 77 to learn making laugh others?

Or play part of my standup routine. Nowadays, it is in the middle. It begins with the biggest low in my life: finding out that my husband (first ex) cheated on me. Then, how when I, finally reciprocated, he did not find it out for a whole year... because women do not shave. 

That is, I add here, till 50. 

Tell, all the ways I tried to get read of my facial hair. Till at 77 birthday, my son offers me a bottle... of shaving cream. "Did you ever seen a woman with shaving cream on her face? Want to see?"

usually get for this picture, printed like a poster, a standing ovation.

Alas, with this text, I killed my routine as I did not wrote like I play it. Instead of showing, I told. No! It is not so much what you say, even if self depreciating stories work for me, or telling things that a 77+ is not supposed to tell, it is mostly how we tell it.

So, what should I do in my icebreaker? 

Just give my middle routine, as in a Standup or tell my audience how I arrived to begin Standup comedy at 77 ? Four to six minutes goes away fast. I will have to decide.

Why I did not try to make laugh from age 7 ?

My first ever telling a joke was to the wrong audience: my mother. In school, we loved the dirty joke, falling on the street in dirt... but my mother did not. 

"That is not funny!" 

I understood "You are not funny." 

Indeed, the audience is very important. We tell different jokes to different people, even if all understand and appreciate some parts. Audience matters. And it matters also they understand. We have to "setup", prepare each in different ways. Toastmasters differently than doctors, than children than men or women. And where they are?

Supply all the audience need in order to understand. And with time, we also learn how to try out a brand new audience at the beginning and find out how far we can go, what they love to laugh of.
"Begin with yourself" I was taught, the stereotype they see when you appear on the stage. Eventually I prove, it is not all true. Will I use 2 four letter words to prove it? Or telling them a truth as "I am single, ready to mingle?" 

Single white haired? that makes already makes smile or laugh. At 77+ " single"? Ready to mingle? Well, I wish. Hearing laughter is rewarding!