3 Sep 2018

Pathways Digital Experience Team

Welcome, welcome to the TMI new team, called Pathways Digital Experience team! A team that we needed and hoped for from more then a year now. Positive thinking: We GOT IT! 

From January 2017, now more then 1 ½ year, we were dancing in the rain. We loved dancing and even that Can Can that she is dancing here in a photo I took about her in France while the rain arrived and all around her took out their umbrella.

Rain, did not stopped her dancing!

She put her head up, smiled and proud continued to dance. A whole group danced and did not stop, even as the rain got stronger. 

Somehow, it was and still is the same with the Pathways Education Program. We love the Paths and the Projects and the Educational material, so we continued despite the rain, the User Interface (Digital Experience) problems we got on our way.

We become stronger because we persisted.

Having got through a hurdle, we were ready to help others through it. We stayed in teams or paired and got through whatever come from the user (digital) interface, and got through it.

This night, I woke up, looking at my Iphone for the time, I got, again, lost in Facebook notifications. One of them was of utmost importance. At my question "what interesting happened in Chicago during the Pathways Party", Mark Snow the first Pathways D.T.M answered: We were told that Pathways Digital Experience Team was formed.

At my question, about them, he answered what is here (as an image): The Pathways Digital Experience team is a dedicated group of staff tasked with reviewing and improving Pathways - now that the rollout are complete, WHQ is now directing its attention to making Pathways better and more user-friendly.

Recognizing, finally that the rain is falling on us, that there is a user experience problem, is a great step. And beginning to address it. Let us be positive! Telling "why not before" will not advance them or us a single step. Thinking ahead and seeing in our mind's eyes an improved user interface, will help us continuing to dance in the rain, till it stops. Helping others not to slip. Showing them how it can be done, as it is now, and helping the team realize all they could do. 

It will not happen overnight or in a minute as the rain can stop outside, but it will happen. Looking back, we will be proud of ourselves : "I even danced way back in the rain!"


Unknown said...

I think this team may be misplaced. It is not so much the user interface which is the problem, we can get used to that and many issues may be beyond TMI but lie with CSOD, who is responsible for the LMS.
It is the content within Pathways which is lacking, which is surprising because Pathways gives us more options. Those options, though, appear much more geared to corporate usage rather than general public speaking. It is great that TMI appears to be introducing a humor speaking path; we need more of these 'social speaking' options.
At least that is my feeling and is the feeling of myself as someone who remains positive about Pathways

MThompson said...

Good NEWS! I look forward to learning how we can provide input to this new team.