20 May 2019

For whom was Pathways designed, intended?

The last Region was rolled out the 15th May a years ago. We celebrated! A day after, I got a letter from TMI to begin in my online club. And a day after, I was Toastmaster at Firebirds Collective: we invited Pat Johnson to tell us about its creation. One TM asked her:
Pathways designed for whom? She answered bellow personas.
5. Toastmaster for whom English is not first language.
4. The senior retired who wants to continue learning.
                               --- those are me ---
and also
3. Professional speaker needing a feedback from club
2. Mid manager to practice and learn skills.
1. Student, new professional needing to learn skills

To whom was it intended? <<<----

Click above to read. Or see the image. Or go to the title, date. I wrote that blogpost a year ago to tell what I learned from her. I feel it is still important to remember.

While Pat was no more present, when the user interface was decided, she was from 2010 all the way, till then. She explained in her Q&A many of decisions made of the beginning. Hope, somewhere I did publish that video, or Firebirds did. Today, just wanted to get back at the important: for whom is Pathways?

19 May 2019

When you think, you know all...

I like Zoom, and used it now, for more then a year often. Alas, never think "I understand how it works": there is always something more to learn. 

We got together with Zariya Lufu, as you can see from yesterdays video. You could also see, we were not on it. Here is us, laughing, but at times, we were preoccupied too.
Instead of getting the usual video, I got two separate one. One with us, and speaking. Other with the screen she shared and speaking : without us. 

After I realized, too late to get differently, I got to look why, got a representative of Zoom, then a technical one, and she understood finally and showed me WHERE I did configure, myself, as I did not understand well, like this. And how to change it.
It was not this one as I believed, but another at My Meeting then Recording. Somewhere in the Advanced features, and again, settings. Or was it this one? Record video during screen sharing? Place video next to shared screen in recording? Yes, where is it?

I can learn - at any age - but sometimes, too much is too much. At least, Zoom got a wonderful help, when when it was too technical for one, he passed me to another.

For me, the most important part was to see how well she did handle her PC, instead of my Tabs with Windows.
Zariya could make them popup, whenever she needed, and go to the window she wanted as I go to my Tabs. Open, close or change them, as needed.

I had also realized how she knew how to refresh a window with a click: better then me! 

We all "know something" - different. After zooming with her, and zooming with my President, recording both, I understand how each needs different advices. 

Best of course would be for the USER Interface to change fast, ADD a MARK THIS PROJECT FINISHED. There is a button Mark this level Finished, why should not be also for all projects? 

And why the grey that cover most of a page, does not disappear when we click anywhere, why should we click just on the button that toggles it? And why do not open at click in Burgundi and have to go under and click on a grey thing with same name? Why do we have to wait so long for some small important changes? 

Soon, it will be a year that all got pathways!

18 May 2019

Close a Project, close a Level, Find a fillable Evaluation, voice Zaryia & Julie

So many small fine details to be learned. Here are our voices, not our faces, instead the screen is shown. Not all is told or shown but a lot! She has and manipulates the Projects on her PC differently as me usually on my Mac laptop. Screen shown: 40 minutes well spend. 

A lot of small details to tell, we did not have time to speak about all but many of them, yesterday afternoon. 

Use this, after looking, listening, as needed. Perhaps go over it twice even for details. Zaryia has finished all her Level 1 projects but did not record, before our meeting any of them, not having read the Project description, that was not in the PDFs I have send her a few month ago. 

She is President of her club, so you can see also how a Base Camp Manager approves a Level. We have to logout from Access Base camp as Member, and login as BCM instead. Approve, then logout again and login as member. Then, approved we can Print our certificate, and also move at next level.

What I did not have time to tell is, that after the Project was approved, Evaluate appears instead of Launch on the button. TMI asking you, for 10 days if you do not answer immediately  to tell how you felt about that project. We even get a letter about it (even if we answered them). Once answered, the Evaluate on the Project button becomes again Launch. We can open again, read, print, etc. even after finished it. 

17 May 2019

Adopting Change

There are many theories and curves to show how CHANGE is adopted, here is one of them.
Each of us is on one of the colours and places, in general, but even depending, what changes we are about to have. I did take up this one as I loved its names. 

I was never an Innovator, even if I dreamed sometimes to be able to do it, but I was usually, an Early Adopter. Ambassador. For the Pathways Education Program, for sure. And went toward the change, used the new program sometimes, at beginning, in very difficult conditions. But did not think for an instant, even when hating a feature, or a condition a club offered, to stop. To go farther. 

With the Pathways, now I believe we have many in the Supporters part, and some, neutral. Of course, the problem in some clubs and district pose are the Adversaries: so high voice, so angry, so clever even at times. Sometimes, their voices are most heard by the "Late majority" and they fear to go farther, dip their toes and try for themselves. 

In the books about Change, is explained first that our reaction to change depends a lot of what we experienced in our childhood. I did not like some changes happening to me, but fast I understood that they saved my life, when I was ten, and many times after, when it depended on me, and I hesitated too long. 

But how we feel about something new, is not only how we are able to leave, end. Nor how long we are lost in the middle, nowhere land, before we adapt new. I did adapt fast the new education system, but I was very reluctant to try a smart phone for example. Only when I finally got my first, second hand iPhone, did I fall in love with it. Still, only three years later got a new one and I do close it between using it, not like my grandson who has it always ready even in his pocket.

Where do you feel are on that scale? What to do to attract all but the two last minority groups? The books say "do not worry about them, do not spend time to try to change them." Alas, when they are from Leaders, they can keep off many clubs, for one more year, and poison the mood around them. Those who do not begin, but do not oppose it, may help still, but really remain leaders who lead by example. Not only staying behind the rang. 

That is how I feel at least. I suggest, even if not going in deep, try at least The Navigator. The one that is in the menu, not inside Base Camp. Why are they different things with the same name? Logged in, chose Pathways then The Navigator from the menu. Not the rectangle. And it can be viewed from any device this YEAR, 2019 ! 

So much for new members, so much info for those who want to help others before even choosing a path or accessing it through Base Camp. 

Here is how the new Navigator looks like. I loved it from the start!

From time to time, go back and play with it, discover some of its new features.

And not only his last section, about Pathways. 

Recommended: play with it!

Yes, it takes some time, but no one has to read all what is in it at once. 

There are so many corners to discover.

About our clubs, texts and animations, too. 

And In plus I did not hear anyone - yet - telling they do not like its user interface! 

16 May 2019

Make connections through networking

Created slides to show during my speech, but did not have a projector. The TM who did have ours, got ill, was in hospital.

I think, my story was better and more interesting, and I got to speak more about Pathways and how I like to help, instead of waisting time with images.

Still, would like to show some here at least from those I prepared.

One is from the Division Conference, when I not only got my Triple Crown, good surprise, but make or warmed up again connections. Networked. 
Here three moments together. The Mystery speaker, the District member giving the triples, and the Division Governor with us in the room.

We make connections and may Network also through a remote access meeting, all the way from London to Oregon, USA.

Or meet a 18 years old Chinese girl, just out of high school, the first time in a Toastmaster meeting, through an online meeting. Tiger and Michelle, from Oregon, Zaldy from Manila, Carole and Graham from Australia, Federico from Holland and Svetlana from Uzbekistan. 

I met someone from London, last week, by surprise and made a great contact that gave me other contacts as we continued to be in touch with each other after the meeting. Today, will meet a President of a nearby club needing Pathways advices to its members. That IS real Networking. Not just a "project" we speak about.

The Project make me only more aware of it. 
and advances me with one more project. This is a Required Level 3 in my path, but still 1 Elective, to finish the Level.

15 May 2019

Tutorials for... Committee members

New committee are formed all over Toastmasters clubs. Pathways had tutorials for different things, but the tutorials on "how to" for the new committees are not about pathways, but so much inspired by Pathways, that I got to speak about them.

I did first logged in, to Pathways, and did chose Leadership Central, like here. Then went down, all the way to the CLUB OFFICER TOOLS, here in blue to show you I selected them.

A click of course, then opens them, and they are many "club officer tools".

Here is the long list. 

Between those, some strangely did now work for me. The roles were supposed to be short videos, and did not open.

All the others worked.

Some offering online manuals, as they are no more send. As president of a club, I downloaded some and send it to my committee and will to the future committee members to.

Most fascinating for me, were the Club Officer Tutorials: animations with voice!

Begins like this and see all that can be done within Club Central as a Committee member:
So, indeed : let us begin! 

First you have to make a choice between Membership or Administration of the Club. New things available and old things explained: SHOWN with speech at same time.
For example, for the Club Membership, I was curious what is said and shown about the Club Roster.
I discovered, that beside the thing I already knew, as on old hand, to sort, to save or print, it is from there that any member's data can be Edited.
Till then, let me confess, I did not even see Edit at the right of each. 

The animation goes on to show also how to edit and what a committee member can or not. 

I hope, I vetted enough your appetite: go and try! Play with it, have joy listening, before even needed. Of course, alas, I think it is mostly for those who have some role (or will) in the club's leadership. 

There are similar animations, were for long time, for the Base Camp Managers, VPE, President, Secretary, inside base camp, when we login like BCM instead of members. That is, for another day.

14 May 2019

A different view: from Level 2 to Level 3 on

I just realized that looking from Level 1 or Level 2, going to Level 3 is a special experience! 

Once I login, at Toastmasters.org through Welcome Julie for me, I can go in the Base Camp's Educational Transcript directly, either through Go to your transcript or Enrolled 1 path (or 3 or 11) and from there. Then, Launch my path or can change the path when we have more then one.

At Level 1 we all have the same Projects. All "Required" and most have many tasks. No  picture given here. Once the Icebreaker done, we can take on Project 2 or 3 in any order.

At Level 2 all Projects Required, some differ from path to path, but not all. Here is how it looks Level 2 of Effective Coaching for example: all Projects are Required in any order.
Of course, it looks like this because I did already completed the level (and the path).

Then arrives Level 3 and suddenly the landscape changes. 

At Level 3 come 13 Electives that made me feel like in a bonbon store in childhood. In Level 3, beside 1 Required Project, which is specific to the path we are on, we got lots of Projects called Electives, from which we can choose from. The Electives, are the same for all path, missing one only if it was already put in level 2. 
This is from Strategic Relationship, where I am not on Level 3. 

One Main screen, the Specific project for the path, in blue, as I have already Activated and from then on Launch remains visible, till we finish the project, then for ten days Evaluate (tell TMI what we felt about it) but as soon as we do Evaluate, it comes back to Launch. I did not finish the Make Connection through Networking, but it is programmed already for tomorrow evening.

Under it a "folder" a blue square, we can see the all Elective Projects: click View Details. All Elective projects appear, can be Activated, Launched, Read, Saved, Printed. At minimum two are necessary to do, in order to go further, but we may do any we want, or open all and save or print. 

All 12 or 13 Electives Projects on our fingertips! I felt, like drunk of joy when I arrived here. So much to read, and to choose from.
Only the beginning of them come with screenshot, there are a lot under this four. You can see, that I  completed Connect with Storytelling, and also Use Presentation software that can not be seen in this image.

What I did not realize, till yesterday, that it can be also a problem to go back to the main screen of the Level 3 (or 4 or 5 that is the same way), to the main project, the specific for the path are only different. Toggle easy with one clic from Required to the Electives folder, with View Detail, and back with a click on Level 3 on the left.

What is good, that it is always same for each and once we got it we do not think any more about. Alas, that makes sometime difficult to understand the problems others who were not yet there face. 

Here you can see from the Toastmasters Navigator, not the basecamp, ALL Electives in E.Humor path, the last I took on as soon as it appeared in February.
There are similar, in the Navigator for every path, so we do know what to expect. 

13 May 2019

Leading... three different projects

I listened, yesterday, to a presentation: Leading in difficult situation. I was very intrigued, that it does not ask, as the others, six month of leading a team.
Here is how the project is described, as found in the Tutorials and Resources.

Then, to compare, I looked at the ones I prepare now. Leading your Volunteer Organization, bellow, does ask for at least six month.
and there is another project that does ask the same 6 month min. Called Lead in Any Situation.
So, it is normal that I asked "no six month requirement?" the titles are so similar! But no, each project, even with similar titles, have different requirements.

Happy, all are listed in the Tutorials and Resources and can be easy found in the Basecamp.

Reading a poem, take one.

My daughter send me this poem by Stephanie Butler, and I tried to read and tell is. For the moment, or again, blogger does not allow podcasts, so I had to add some pictures, create a video of it.

Will have to read it again. Add only one or two pictures. So much work for 2 minutes!

12 May 2019

Two steps forward, one step back

Last month, I wrote "hurrah" now even the Evaluation forms inside the Projects are Fillable. And even marked with FFF ! Well, alas, there are no more.

I wonder : why? I had seen, they can be! Why are they no more? What does TMI think, do?

So happy, I am NOT writing a book about Pathways! As soon as I write a chapter, some infos can be no more actual!

Just told a story about my mother and me, it was appropriate today.

Evaluation? where is the message? There was one, but not clear enough. "Do not give up if at first you do not succeed". Yes, I should have told it at the beginning, and again at the end. Instead of "everything has consequences" which was also a message.

Next speech / presentation, will be near me, about Making connections through networking. Wednesday evening. Speech and slides prepared. And, perhaps, but not sure, I could even speak Monday evening in an other club, remote access. There is a place for a speech in the club. Should I repeat a speech already done?

11 May 2019

Reflections on my path

This was indeed, more a reflection on my path in Pathways, then the "last".

My 6th path that I just finished is Team Collaboration, not an easy path. Or specifically, not a path to remember with any special joy. 

Visionary Communication, was my first finished, and I not only have great memories of it, but also feel that I am still continuing the vision I begun then. 

Presentation Mastery I remember specifically for all the roadblocks I had, as I initially alas asked for a Manual Path, waited a lot, then at Level 3 decided to switch at web path. 

Leadership Development, was a path filled with joy, collaboration and preparing a storytelling festival. The first path where I realized how much one personalize a path, giving it a specific, personally chosen theme. In this case, for me "Importance of personal storytelling".

Effective Coaching, did teach me three specific things. 1 - it is not easy to coach online. 2 - not to chose a book by its cover, a path by its title. 3 - look at the last required project! I did not realize, when I begun, it finished with a High Performance Leadership project. 

Dynamic Leadership, was an error in judgment, but still, it helped me. I have taken it for Negotiation project, and it did help me when I had to negotiate with VPE to give us time to speak, about Pathways, before its launching.

After the Team Collaboration, I did begun other paths, one of them in fact before TC.
Motivational Strategies, begun earlier, will take long to finish, as I decided to do all the Projects in it. Doing that takes time but it is a wonderful challenge for me. In plus, its theme is "photography" and I do try to show an important image each time I speak.

Embracing Humor, is the path I could not resist to take on, as soon as it was available. Finished Level 3 so far. I do love its content and approach on what IS important. Of course, dedicated to Humor. 

As the feedback today was "not enough on Team Collaboration Path" even if I consider it finished, I will try to give another speech in which I will try to give more details about that path. 

What was your preferred path? Less liked? Why?

10 May 2019

Tiny improvement? Just learned it!

There is no such thing as 'Tiny improvement" ! All are welcome. Tiny is only the small sign in the corner when you open a path, when you are inside a path.
I added an OVAL there so you can see where it is. If we click on it, the tiny sign takes us "Home" the same as the grey button that appears when we hover over Home and go under it takes us. To our paths. So, if we have, we can choose another path.

It tells me, perhaps soon, we could access the Tutorials and Compatibility check same way, and we will be getting rid of the "click on the grey under the button". I am an optimist.

Meanwhile, I suggest you try that button yourself, when you are on any level of your path.

Oups! Went back to that place, Level 4 for me, but there above any level, and discovered, there is more, not only the tiny HOME button.

Each of that leads to another place.
The tiny button leads HOME outside Educational Transcript. A click on my name leads to My Profile. The Education Transcript leads inside it. And the Engage Humor, in my case to the page where I can access the path from the beginning.

Try them out, one by one!

That is where HOME leads.

and that is where Education Transcript above the Level that I showed leads.
So click try experiment, with time it we learn and it is all there for us, depending what place we want to jump!

9 May 2019

April Stats from Toastmasters International & all Electives in BC

Have you seen this already?

Pathways introduced in 143 countries: 3 out of 5 members are enrolled already. 
2 out of 5 has yet to enroll of course. The project, say almost all, apply to the life outside toastmasters. In all Toastmasters begun 247,939 paths ! alas, only 147,006 are "active" members in at least level 1. 

Only 0,55 % of all members did chose a manual path, 99,45 did choose base camp to work on it online, and get access to all videos, and of course, all elective projects, instead to use only the 4 preselected for them.
Above, all the elective projects we have access to from when we get to the level, and from then on. To choose, to read, to download, to print. To enjoy and try them on.

8 May 2019

Prepared, prepared, had great panelists and guests but

Indeed, preparing, enjoying the diversity of panelists, listening to our guests also very diverse and from all over the world, and then crashed too tired to look at the recording I got.

Only 24 hours later, I got to look at it: all recorded on the "cloud" for me, without "screen" showing. I intended to cut in parts as 1 hour is too long, but without "showing what we have seen" is so strange.

The panel happened. I will be able to add bits here and there, not today! I am still too upset.

We can show separate the slides, or showing in direct basecamp, and separate us and listening of what we did tell.

Not together!

Indeed, anything can happen in direct or online, but... online went great.

The recording did not. Without text spoken or written this image does not make enough sense.

I will just add that NOW I understand why the project 2 has three different tasks and they are all one project, which yes, confuses at the beginning. Because in any level, inside any level, one can do projects in any order. It is only inside a Project, that one can give tasks to do in order.

In level one, we also learn, to differentiate between a Speech and a Project. A project may have many tasks to do, in order or in case of project 3 in any order, and only then give a speech about it in the way, or some of the way it is asked.

It was not a catastrophe as the Panel itself even if a bit confusing when well, was useful, and I still hope that my co-host recording went well too.

PS I found a version well recorded to a computer and then uploaded to the youtube. One whole hour, that I can not cut, or do not yet know how, as it was not recorded by me. Should I publish 1h?

7 May 2019

2 year anniversary of Level 1 Completion

For the flyer, I wanted to use TMI colors. I found an announcement, and taken out the old words first.

Then took the picture of my Pathways pin, to make sure all understand it is about Pathways and Toastmasters, not the baby's first steps.

First, I used my picture of steps to come up towards my apartment, then I googled I got something I liked better. Changed its colors.

Decided what text to add to it. Wanted the words First steps bigger, but did not get it and got tired of modifying it further. At the end changed the steps color and put the details of meeting under the pathways logo.

This morning I got a special gift from blogger, I discovered I got my first LEVEL 1 Certificate exactly two years ago. Then, someone on Facebook explained me how to find and print it too.
I got it printed as gift from my family, a week later. At the time, I did not have yet a printer.

What I do remember very well is the great joy I had : I did it! I did it! I got it! Never after was the joy so strong, not even when I finished the path or even not when I got my Pathways DTM.

I begun my pathways journey the 25 March and finished Level 1 and got it approved the 7 May, 2017

6 May 2019

Most visited posts

There is not only one Most Read Post in the blogger Stats. It depends. 

There are the ten for whole time, since the blogging begun.
There are ten for a year.
Ten for a month.

Even ten for the last week. That one I do not look or show.  Here how it looks when I look which post has the most page view, counting all the posts. 5 posts go beyond 1000 and the post I wrote 2 years ago "My main leadership style" obtained 1747 who looked. Hopefully, read it. 
That is how it can be seen for the last year on my blog, for the last year. 

There are some additional posts that many visited. Here some of the posts most visited remain the some, others are added. 

How many projects in a path?

How to get a certificate of Recognition - for pathways ambassador.

Most important, between them, in my point of view, are the Path rearranged as they belong together, from last year. Even if the Humor path was not yet out, it would get into the first category most recommended. 

Some advices for newcomers to Pathways, that is relatively new.

And if I look at the stats for the last month, it shows also something different. 

Ask our leader...

Generic Evaluation form

There are of course, also constant, number reading I never achieved again.
I even do not remember, what did I write about my leadership style and why it remains in the top. 

But "we were not told of meeting roles" really? is new, I did not write it so long ago, so I relatively happy it got to the top in last month.

I go rarely to look at my stats, nor to the total number of visits, now that I arrived to over 100,000. It will take long, long to get the 200,000 and of course, only if I find enough new material to write.

Not only new, but interesting enough too.

As to my "English", well it is mine, and it does not really bother many of you. Lately, I asked a post to be corrected, and after correcting the grammar of one paragraph, and the spelling of two words, I was told "the rest is just you", leave it as it is, we got used to it.

Ah! I even have at the bottom now, why are these post the "most seen". Let me go fast There, and verify it is different then this one! No, it has most then a year, January last year, and it was different

5 May 2019

Serendipity : make the first steps, help will arrive

When I begun to work on Moderating a Panel, first, I choose the general theme, then all my wonderful Panelists.

After that, we discussed the format and more or less what will be asked of them. Each had different problems and solutions. Great!

Now, I had to decide on a time, all or most may come. The day but most important the hour.

It is like this, then all seemed to me. Most live in different time zones and have different commitments.
Then help and help and help begin to come. So, now on it looks most like this! Old Toastmaster pal, corrected a paragraph from yesterday.

Panelists jumped in proposing great titles, I did not find. I think FIRST STEPS is excellent and a lot better then Level 1 or...

Other Toastmaster who can not come as it is too late for her, come to my help, after I designed from three different images the flyer, reminding me, to add a time converter, now also included on yesterday post. So on: Serendipity!

Time Zone Conversion:

Yet another, begun to publish it, with the zoom link together, in different pages she is administrator. And yes, also new toastmaster club president, wrote me now "I will share it with all my club".

4 May 2019

First steps on your path

Toastmaster: new or seasoned.
  • Let us suppose, you have decided your first path.
  • Let us suppose, you learned there are 5 Levels in each.
  • Let us suppose, you know  Level 1 is same in each path.
Now what?

Many of us who were there, had some problems and lots of discoveries and joys. But we got it! Now, we want tell you about our experiences, each in our way. Explain what we learned, and how we help, now others.

Panelists, moderated by me, will be meeting Tuesday, 7th May Online, 4pm London UK time, to let your first steps be easier, surer, more of joys and less of the worries. Each panelist had their own misunderstandings and now, helps those around them.

We will meet through Zoom, and yes, you may also participate, and even pose your questions, through me in direct to the panelists. We will also record it, publish the Panel discussion. 

Time Zone Conversion:

3 May 2019

We don't read we scan, most of the time

At the very beginning of this book, about which I already wrote a post, Don't Make me Think by Steve Krug, is a chapter that speaks of us, not really reading but scanning. The book is one of the "bibles of usability", my son ergonomic specialist, did buy a new copy of it to me. Ergonomy is the science, technic of usability.

Yesterday, I had to recognize again, how true it was what he wrote, and how many of us, me included, did not really look and read all that was there for us.

Someone published a DCP page, showing us that under all Pathways Awards, is written - true in smaller letters - "before the awards are given in Club Central, they has to be recognized in Base Camp too". I believed, as some others, that is new. I went back in time to prove those were "new" but what I found it already there in December! I stopped then looking farther back. 

Each time I looked at DCP points, first I look at the number of goals met, here 5. Then I searched the awards which are partially met, and how many more award needed to be completed.
Thinking already who in the club could finish them. 

Who does read the small print under the Pathways awards? I did not. Till now.

All Pathways education awards must be submitted in both Base Camp and Club Central. 

I know that, and I did it, but never seen that it is specified here too. 

Let us go farther. 

Some Toastmasters complained in discussion Forum "I need to know what comes next, what I can expect: till I am on the level, I can't know and plan for them". 

I did not have an idea even, that all Projects have under them a short description of what they are about. I am only on Level 4 now, just got in it. Here what I can read about Level 5 that I can not yet access.

Deliver your message with humor : This project focuses on creating a keynote-length speech that effectively delivers a message and humor to an audience. 

Reflect on Your Path, the end of all paths: This project is designed to give you an opportunity to share your experience at the end of your path.

Two others, this time at level 4 in a path I am at level 3 only and have to plan which one I want to ask the VPE to program me and to prepare. 

Manage Online Meeting: This project addresses how to effectively conduct online meetings and webinars, prepare and organize necessary visual aids and lead with...

Question-and-Answer Session: This project addresses how to prepare to answer questions and provide information clearly, concisely and with confidence. This is my next Project! More interesting for me, as I did manage endless online meetings already.

Of course, these are short descriptions. Needing more? 

Tutorial and Resources has Project Descriptions with a bit more details, and also we can find some more in the Evaluation Forms. 

Here it is for my next project.
Prepare and deliver a speech on a topic you are particularly knowledgable, followed by a question-and-answer session. Together it must be 15 to 20 minutes, etc etc etc. 

Of course, for this path where I am just arrived at Level 3, after looking at the title AND reading the short project description, I an Activate it, the Launch, then read all. 

Perhaps, this time, as at my very first path, I will go to Understanding Vocal Variety, which I remember how much I liked. It will help me to prepare better Podcast, for another path, and also use better variety when I show slides or simple tell a story. Reading all project again, trying out the different things suggested, will help me do better.

I will try, not to scan only, read all what we have given and accomplish all tasks. Never too late...

2 May 2019

Evaluations in many languages in Tutorial and Resources

Learning, getting used to go to Tutorials and Resources is useful for many purposes. Again, just click on the grey title UNDER the name.

Today, I went there to look for an Evaluation Form (called Resources) and before finding it, after Clicking on English, I was amazed at different languages we can find them. In alphabetic order:

Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese

Of course, I am aware, more languages are needed, and in translation if not all translated to. Waiting verifications and conformation, their number will grow.

Just hope, the Embracing Humor path will also translated soon! I feel that is also on the way, and we will get it, or something else in the next weekend: again stopping because "house keeping" as beginning months, each time this year. Each time, something new appeared. Would be best we were told what.

As for finding the right Evaluation to be able to send to the speaker, if he or she does not send us, we have to know the exact NAME of the Project, as the Level is not attached to the form. Even after I opened the one I thought, no level number, just the name of the project. Finally for me, looking for Required Humorous Keynote, I knew I have the good one seeing, it is a 20 minute keynote.

Another problem I had, aie aie aie! After having completed the form online, pluf! a bad movement from me : it disappeared. When I took it back: it was EMPTY ! All my wisdom filled text lost.  I had to begin all again. Aie! Did I fill it better, the second time around or not, I do not remember.

For sure, this time, I gave it another name, made sure it is on my computer desktop, and saved it after each part was filled. Then only, saved again at the end, and send it in an email to the Toastmaster I evaluated. Evaluating a Level 5 Required Keynote from E Humor was not easy, as I just finished L3 of the path, but it was challenging and I learned a lot from listening, and thinking how I will have to do to make a good Humorous Keynote that carries a main message not stated, using personal stories.

1 May 2019

Video of "Comedian Eyes", EH3

Delivered in Firebirds Collective Sunday morning meeting, the was theme of the meeting was "key messages". My title was "Comedian's Eyes" E. Humor Level 3

Sunday, I delivered Required EH. My evaluator gave me a positive feedback, but at the end, added, he missed the classical joke structure in my stories. True, most of my humor, even in my Standup Comedy routine are  not "classic jokes". 

The most important of this project was the Message, stories around the message, with some humor in them. Did I succeed that? Let me know please.

The General Evaluator said he was left with a sad after feeling : too many bad things happened to me. I can try the same stories, leaving out some of "sad" and also changing pace and delivery. 

The President loved it as did most of my audience...

Did you get the message from it? Did it make you smile?
Here are the instructions I got reading the Project. Did I misunderstood, or did my evaluators ? Anyway, I read again the first text I added to this post, and tell myself "next time, I will explain better at the beginning what I intend to do, but also make sure, all leave with a smile on their faces."