20 Jan 2019

Humor Path arriving soon

Every path has three to four specific Project. I wonder what can be in the new path that will be arriving, it seems the 5 February, for the Chinese New Year. 

I decided to study Humor, Comedy, Standup end 2010 and spend almost all my year 2011 for learning more. 

My first Comedy Workshop took 6 Sunday afternoons at the Comedy School, finishing with "graduation performance" before 120 at the Pirate Castle. With 9 boys beside me, who called themselves man, but misbehaved like adolescents, I did finally well, because I learned with Toastmasters 2 years by then and with Spark London Storytellers podium and audience presence. 

And read lots of books. Here are just a few of them. 
Judy Carter wrote the first Stand-up Comedy book, and later, I went to Las Vegas to her joint Standup comedy workshop held with Darren Lacroix. It was the gift I offered myself for stepping into my 80 year, at my 79 birthday. 

Be a Great Stand-up, decided me to go to Logan Murray workshop, in London, my second workshop, also 6 weeks 4 hours each time. I learned from him how to held a great workshop where all work together and to look around the world with Comedian's eyes. 

My third workshop, with a great toastmaster, David Jones, propelled me finally out towards 20 comedy performances, we promised him. Of course, after 20 I could not stop. Some others stopped after one or two, not enough. 6x4 hours.

I begun to learn about humor and standup when I was 76 year old, till then I was convinced I can not. Before, if people laughed, it was by chance mostly, after, it was a lot of work, writing writing, trying out in 77 plus comedy clubs. Succeeding to make them laugh a few times in 5 minutes, and sometimes 36 times toward the middle. Longer, stronger, towards the end. 
`Both the DTM plaque in 2013, and the 2012 Silver Comedy Best Newcomer 2012 winner gave me the same joy, for one of them I worked from 2009 January, four and half year, for the other, "only a year" but a very busy one. How can be that we are expected to learn a skill with a Project or three, and a few speeches? I am very curious, what the new path reserves us. 

Of course, I will buy it as soon as it comes out! Never too late to learn more.

19 Jan 2019

Matthew’s blog, umeryouknow.com a must

You need information about Pathways? Mentoring? How to go fast to your Path? What are the specific level 2 projects? What is the one most important thing to know? Go to umeryouknow.com of Matthew Kleinosky - my mentor from Toronto. Short, clear great advices, to be found with great titles and screens too. And so many different answers!

If you learn only one thing, is after you finished your project and speech, go back to your project Auto Assessment- After, and answer to ALL the questions! That is how to got to know each other, when he come from Toronto and showed me on my London computer how to do it.
Today, I went and read 3 from many pages, and was enchanted how clear and well his umeryouknow.com answers to very different questions posed about Pathways.

18 Jan 2019

Two images with having, perhaps even publishing again

This was already published, and then another toastmaster shown it “cleaner” nicer looking, but I think not enough of you had seen. Those are the four paths I recomend as First path.

17 Jan 2019

Team Collaboration 4 reached by both of us

Yesterday afternoon, I met through Zoom, a Polish Toastmaster, Base Camp Manager and preparing an Area QA Project, from the Team Collaboration's Level 4 Electives, to help his fellow officers to understand better and begin Pathways. 

This above is my Level 4 of Team Collaboration, still "virgin": I did not yet do any of its projects, but I did open and read the Motivating Others Required Project, yet again another small team to create, motivate and go through a common goal, a common project. 

From the Elective Projects, he choose "Questions and Answers" and will have 30 minutes (only!) to speak to his fellow officers about Pathways. I choose "Create a Social Media Presence". 
At least, this one I could do alone, all by myself! In plus, there are so much to learn, to do on "social media"!

Reflecting, I had many options. 

1) was to make better know my Blog, this one, and blow the horn in many places about it. Or adding better keywords to posts.

2) was to improve and care about the relatively new Pathways Storyswatch Facebook Page. 

3) Infusing new life to an old Facebook group, that I almost forgot, that we created in 2012 for our Storytelling Workshop. It is called Story Telling. 

Was it not that a Toastmaster posted a video in it, I would have forgotten it! I decided, for now to do this third option, for this project. Of course, so many uses and possibilities! 

Other difference, between us is the knowledge of the Tutorials and Resources inside Base Camp. Because the grey fantom like button, my Polish Toastmaster did not click on it, did not even know it existed, till I had seen him hovering then told him, he can find there answers to two of his different questions, topics about he wished to speak. Dare to click on the Grey : it is THE button!

When we dare, we discover a whole new world of Tutorials, Videos, Resources, Evaluation forms, Project description and so on. Understanding what is there is important, so we can use them when needed and suggest to others when they need it.
It is so rewarding helping someone else understand all that they can do and all that IS available!

And I hope, in some near future, that Fantom Button many do not dare to use will be replaced and we will be able to use the Name in the red background, just click on it. 

16 Jan 2019

New Tutorials with videos! New tools for Club Leaders

Yesterday, many new things discovered, yet spend the day to recuperate. My hand wound is healing, my leg soaked then massaged. I did not write a blog post! 

This is for yesterday, even if I write it now, I will put it as if it had been done a few hours before. Not only we have new Club Officer Tools, but even new Club Central Tutorials. 

Those new tutorial videos, are so similar to those found in the Base Camp Tutorials! Gifts we got, tutorials we got, in my opinion because the Pathways Education System begins to permeate all the other aspects of Toastmasters advices and help. 

There are new tools and they are new tutorials for all the Toastmasters who are club officers. I did not discovered or used yet all, just a few, and both me and my Toastmasters pal who is VPE where looking at it yesterday morning, excited. 

All those new (I think many are new) tools for club Administration to discover and use! Explained each of them by a sort video animation, demonstration with voice behind. I will have to go through them, one by one. Bellow, is a video moment frozen.

In fact, it does not say much in this one just how the hand moves, other window popped up before and that this video is almost at its end. From time to time we see all the screen, other times, like here it gets bigger so we can see details.

How are the new tutorials related to Pathways? Of course, one of the requirements towards Pathways DTM is a year in a Club's committee. 

As for now, I am in the committee of all the three clubs I am recently member of, in two of them even Base Camp Manager, as Secretary in one and President of the other club. In plus, with the new year's Officer Training, it is a good idea to discover all this material and show them to others.

15 Jan 2019

Let them Popups or not ?

There was a recent discussion on the Pathways Discussion Forum of Facebook, which has now near 8000 members.

Some new members come up with very interesting questions, others merely to object about some feature, or even only to pester about the new program.

I appreciate all when they are specific. I ressent most when they argue for “our aged members” not themselves.

We are never telling, nowadays at least or open “women can not...” or other stereotypes. Why it is not forbidden to tell something happens because age? Anyone can be afraid of learning new, depending what their parents told him or her when young.

Back to the popup.

 “One of my aged club members, does not want to disable the popup blocker” so not want web Pathways.” Here is a great image, popup out of a children’s book, they all love it! And then a comment, explaining that the fear of popups finished a decade ago. No more problem NOW.

My own experience is in the last 21 month I disabled the Popup Blockers, on all my devices, I did not have a problem with them. Sometimes when I change systems, I have to tell again my browser “yes, let them pop up”. I do tell.

The only popup that bothered me lately was a blister on my hand. I had to get special treatment when it did pop up, opened. I was looking how to look at it with comedian eyes, here it is.

When you search my blog for “popup” some different posts come up, - pop up - then when you search for “popups” ! Both are interesting, try. Indeed, this is not my first post on the subject or, incorporating the subject.

14 Jan 2019

Nik: "Your Communication Style?"

The first time I see also the words translated to letter, sentences ! 

remember, in speaker view from Global Training Online, 
but in the video it is in view where all are on, and Nik is seen smaller only
Still a really interesting to look at as it is. I really liked this speech and it's delivery
I am sure, you will too. See how important, the expression can be!

13 Jan 2019

Interview about my journey, a storytelling toastmaster

Answering to an interview to my District PR, I realized that all my journey lead to what I did for the Pathways DTM Project, the Pathways Story Swap.

When I have told a very personal story for Icebreaker, as Mystery Speaker in Croydon, and fall in love with the audience. Audience, who throughout the years did reciprocate. Not longtime after, I read an article in the Toastmasters Magazine "you can tell personal stories all through the Competent Communicator manual projects". So I did.

From Photography to Screen-dump also normal step
The only time I did not, Project 4, because I was intimidated, "how to speak with short sentences? short words?" I was asked after "what this was about?" Photography and meeting people, but I did not succeed, because I worried too much instead of going into a moment and telling a story.

As I got to Inspiration, nr 10, I opened a blog called CompetentCommunicator, stunned, that this name was not yet taken. That was my Nth blog, dedicated to Toastmasters, Comedy and Storytelling, with lots of examples. Mine's and others.
Nik found a way to connect with his son

At the same time, in 2010, I begun to tell stories with Spark London, first at Canal Café Theatre, then wherever they went, even in Edinburg a year, Manchester Town-hall another. From there, it was normal to create Storytelling workshop, first in my club, then my Area, later an Online club specialized in Storytelling. 

More and more, all my Pathways Projects also resulted in a story, a personal story. And normally, my Pathways DTM Project also was Pathways STORY Swap. 

Here are two pictures from the video I did not get yet, the wonderful story speech from Level 2, "your communication style" that again showed me how many different ways we can use, not only a path, but each Project. 

12 Jan 2019

My Relation to Humor, recorded

Witty Storytellers Online Humor Workshop, this come after all the others told us, one by one, their "relation" to Humor. I wanted, as always with this convince that anyone can learn, me learning comedy at 76 (I already told 77 then till I was 80) was prove that never too late. And also prove, that we do have to work to learn, understand and exercise. 

I also took it out to ask for written Evaluation, for it. I did have some, telling me "already heard" and asking me "you have not new material?" but most of those present, did hear it first time, and no, I do not really have for now "new material". This is a Gallery view recording, the advantage is one can see the reaction of the audience (called Gallery) in it. 

Disregard the few seconds mess at the beginning, where my desktop can be seen. This is a Re-recording of part of the longer initial recording. While initially it was done with Zoom, during the meeting, I recorded out from it only my part, with Replay Video Capture program. 

Today, I heard three interesting, good and very different Pathways Project Level 2 and Level 3 speeches online, and decided (and got permission) to show one of them which I found excellent. Waiting to get the initial recording, and sorry I did not recorded it in the first place. I hope, it will available tomorrow. "Your Communication Style" : communicating with the son.

10 Jan 2019

Humor? learn and exercise your funny bones!

We do not have to wait to get a Humor path, even if I would enjoy to have one, in order to exercise our "funny bones".

Humor is NOT an "talent" it does not have to be something you are born into. I learned how to make others laugh, when I want it, at age of 77. 

Then, after many workshops of Standup Comedy, went on to more then 77 clubs and made audiences laugh.

Today, in the Witty Storytellers Online club, with our club members, returning guests, and even a few new guests from various parts of the globe, from India, China, Sri Lanka, all the way to Oregon, I held a two hours 101 Humor workshop, where everyone participated.

Using some tricks and tips from the different workshops I attended, and few lines from my own comedy (see my Competent Communication blog), we get all try and we did all get also to laugh, and realize that we can learn, but we have to work on it!

Zoom video meeting lets see each other, in Gallery mode, and record. Perhaps, another day, I will take out some small parts of the meeting and show. One warmup that worked well was to look at your neighbor and find something you LIKE about her and tell her. Then, when the circle is closed, continue, use the SAME thing you liked, and tell something nasty, or something you do NOT like : about the same thing. It did make all laugh! Reversal, made us understand, we can turn things around. 

"X I love your fresh cut hair!" --- "X I miss your big Santa bird"
"Y I love your background" --- "Y your background looks like horns"
"Z I love your smile" --- "Z You smiling all time seems fake to me"

Of course, all depends on the context. At the same time, we learn each other names and really LOOK at each other. And get into a humor mode. And it also teaches us not to take a feedback or an observation too seriously. 

We also learned not to do, as I did at 22, begun retelling a joke I liked with the punchline, and plus laughing even before! I believed then I will never will be able to tell a joke. 3 Standup comedy workshops and 77 standup appearances at divers clubs later, I learned that we can learn at any age. 

8 Jan 2019

Level 1 Project Evaluation and Feedback, again

Each time I get stuck in long projects, I get a new path and begin the basics. It helps! It also helps me to see what had changed from last time. I did publish an image explaining Level 1 but now, as I got into Level 1 again, I have the impression: it is not needed. Whoever finished the Icebreaker, and get a checkbox on it, and clicked on Activate and Launch the second project, is showed, told, explained MANY TIMES about the tasks.

After, again, a page explaining how to navigate, I got the above page, linked now to Your Assignment, is the Tutorial "Printing your Project". Hip hip hurrah!

But already the Assignment is clear that there is a First speech and a Second speech followed by an Evaluation, different times.
When I clicked View Printing a Project and Resources, I got two pages with 4 screens. I do love that the Base Camp Tutorial Quick Reference Guide is LINKED to the project page! I wrote about it, dreamed about this almost 20 month ago! 

then explains the dropdown menu and how to go to the Evaluation page (section)

Also shows and explains how to download a pdf resource
Back to the Your Assignment page, and the Overview, is the Project Checklist. 

As I opened on my iPad Pro the Project Checklist, it also explains what different tasks this projects ask us to do. This is the beginning: see ? First Speech. Second Speech. 
Continuation of the Project Checklist... and so on.
And it is clear from the end, that we are asked AFTER having completed ALL COMPONENTS of the assignment, to login again and only then, complete the Assess Your Skills - After. In order to tell "the project is completed."

Here is the Assess your skills-before explained

I did answer to all questions, went NEXT and answered. Always, the last question is, as you know, "I recognize how this project applies to my life outside of Toastmasters" in fact for me many times it could also be a lower number as I do not have a lot of life "outside". Still, sometimes, I do. And anywhere I spoke as Storyteller or Standup, I could use what I learn from this wonderful Project. I show here how I did click on the Submit, so save my answers.

In plus, I have to admit, that even after having read this page lots of times, accepting feedback is not my forte. I try. I do also incorporate. But... well, may I say, I still have a way to go to accept sometimes a feedback, even if on long I try to incorporate. And tell them they were (also) right...

And of course, when we arrive or jump to the section or page called YOUR EVALUATION, we can see again, we have THREE Tasks, before we finish. And when we ask Print my Project, we can go to the file of the manual displayed and instead of Printing and using ink, SAVE AS... giving a place and name or just save PDF: it does save the same project file in both cases.

I put again here the "instagram" I already showed, that explain in short that this project does have three tasks in three different occasions. If anyone would not have understood as going and reading through the Project.

By the way, in my opinion, this should not be called Project 2 because after the Icebreaker, we could choose which project to take on first, the Research or Presenting or this one. It seems it is a shorter project, but even if it does have only one Presenting, speech in it, there are also more then one tasks asked from us. 

For me, this "third project" was the most important between any I did, or almost, all I did and still do now, after 20 month begun from the Research I begun with my first path. More about that in a next post. 

Should I confess? This time it is not easy to give my First Speech! Any speech, any style! So many memories comes to my mind, so many chased away the one for another! 

7 Jan 2019

Oups! Wrong Compatibility check, why?

It had been now past twenty month that I used my iPad to access Pathways Base Camp, Tutorials and Projects, and it continues to go as well I usual. I checked this morning! yet...

After I tried out the new Navigator, in many ways, and yes! it works well in other Mobile Telephones not only the iPhone, I continued to see : how it goes on my iPad?

No problem, as usual and beautiful. 

Suddenly, I try the Configuration, and it is not as usual. It does say, Pathways does NOT support my operating system, "only Windows and Mac" ! 

What happened? Introducing something new, another part broke down? No! Pathways works as well as usual with my tablet, and I opened early morning a few of my Project to verify it and reassure myself. Then why this alert?

I went to look at the pathways FAQ - frequently asked questions, what they say: nothing changed.

Is it coming from my new system version? A new Safari version? It is working, yet it does says it is not. I do not check the compatibility often.

 I did it at the beginning only, then installed the Java Script they asked me and disabled the popup blocker. Here it is how it looks on my Macintosh, why not on my iPad? It even complains now about its Resolution!
I thought first, I should ask, signal it to the new Pathways User Interface team, but I do not have their address. If anyone of you know, where to sent this inquiry let me know. Not that it bothers me, I can, work very well on my iPad Pro, even if it says "operating system not supported". One day, the OS or the Basecamp check will catch up.

6 Jan 2019

4 Electives or All of them: depends on us

How many slices we take from the Galette des Rois au frangipan, depends on us. And of course, how many of us there are.

Today, instead of 1 it was possible to choose 2 slices. I think, my grandson will have 3 of them, as some remained.

We have "required projects" from which 3 or 4 are SPECIFIC to the path we have chosen, and the others few common to all.

As for the others, we HAVE to choose 4 total of the Elective projects, but can do more as I have done in my Level 3 of Motivation strategy path. The important to understand is that there are there for us to read, study, save or and print, to do or put aside for another time. And there are there always, not like a slice of cake. We do not have to share them, even if we do share speaking time.
We could see this before also, but it was not part of the new navigator. Now we can see those at left here on top, and open or not the electives to see all. Here is when you can see for a path, Visionary Communication, the Required projects on the top, the Electives, as I asked and opened them for Levels 3 then 4 then 5.
10 required Project then 4 four more minimum at our choosing, but all the other available to us as we want and what we want. For the path DC (negotiations) at level 4 the required is a very good project called Manage Change. In plus, 1 of the following Electives.

I am at LEVEL 4 of Motivation Strategy. Already finished three electives : Manage Online Meetings, Questions and Answer Session and Write a Compelling blog in December. Now, on to the Building a Social Media Presence, better then before, then will come the funny project Managing a Difficult Audience with interruptions during my speech or presentation. 

The other projects Create a Podcast and Manage Projects Successfully, never done before, it will take more time to master them. Indeed, 2019 will be busy. Lots to do, beside writing this blog and caring for my health, offering workshops and answering to some interviews. Even if I do not make plans or decisions, that is new special new year ones. 

26 Electives instead of 4 is a lot. But from them, 12 plus 3 already done even if the higher level projects take a lot more time. I'll have what to do till the new path arrives. And of course, also go through the lower levels of my new path.

5 Jan 2019

Table Topics "when things go wrong" the story begins

I am waiting to know, what was announced!

What went wrong, not only makes good stories, 
it is also a good base for funny lines or sets.

Begin to listen at 2 minutes to our Table Topics Session

4 Jan 2019

New Navigator : some discoveries

The January 2019 CLUB News Leader Letter arrived, at the bottom a reminder: WE HAVE A NEW NAVIGATOR. I was in bed just after midnight, and decided to try it out through my Iphone, as it said "through any device". 

Clean design, and many sections, each leading to yet others. It does not begin with "learn how to navigate the navigator" as it did before.

I could not open Navigator, till I first logged in to TMI. So, this one is for all Toastmasters but not the guests. I think.

I did not look over the three first parts, considering they are more for new toastmasters, but I will go there to, later. When later arrived I can say, those are also a lot improved and can be looked up from many devices. 

The new team does great job!

I went first directly to the Pathways Learning Experience! There is so much from there anyway, so much yet to discover, even if already discovered a lot.

The pathways learning experience, after introducing and explaining what it is, goes to explain about the Paths, one by one. 

Here is the beginning as it does explain the Leadership Development Path, "culminating in the planning and execution of an event that will allow you to apply everything you learned."

Then gives the SPECIFIC REQUIRED projects:

Managing Time
Lead your Team
Manage Successful Events

And when we ask to View the path details, then the Electives of each level are separately shown.

You do remember, those Electives are in fact the same for all path, not specific for one.

I could look at my iPhone horizontal and see the Level 3 and Level 4 Electives side by side
And of course, here are the level 5 Elective Projects (chose one minimum)

I could also access my base camp and login as Base Camp Manager of my club(s), and through it tried out the Tutorials. No problem. Lately, I was asked "how a BCM prints a member Level Certificate, and I Could also do that. 

Also access written or video tutorials through my iPhone as member. 

I went and tried one or two for the moment, but they work on my iPhone.

I could open, then launch to video, and look at it well. 

For now, it was only when I tried to open a Project (path worked well and opened) alas, it does not yet work, even if I can go page to page some part of the text at right is not "inside", we will have to wait till it will be also available.

Now I am confident, that it will be!

As for now, we can also choose a path, enter Base Camp, and so on. Have fun and go to discovery at this beginning of year.

How to Print Certificates? I was asked.

There is an intro when I open the Printing Certificates for members, then a launch video and a video showing each step.

Alas the video seems too fast and to print a certificate for someone else in the club seems complicated to me.

As for now, I will continue to ask them print it and bring it to me in the club, or make a screen dump and send me an image that I can print.

Anyway, for those of you who really want to go by how it is described, you can. At the same time, you can get a view of his paths and advancements too.
Should we "spend time" with all that? Well, I am convinced, that we will "gain time" when we do.

Most important, that I begin to understand, feel it, that there will be a separation of the Electives, same for all paths, with the Required Specifics, and the Levels which we all use in any Path. That will make the Projects more clear, more easy to share some and leave others only for those who did buy a specific Path. Would be a great development!

3 Jan 2019

New years gift ! Story Telling group, founded 2012

In 2012 I created a Storytelling workshop from fall to May, in the Area I directed, and asked Simone, then City Criers President and active member of my workshop, to create on Facebook a group for all wanting to learn better about telling stories. Then she married and went in Barcelona and let me Administer alone the group. I did for a while. Then forget of it.

This morning I got an announcement, we had a live video, a story in the group! After looking through it from 2012 to today, I was happy to see it has many interesting material in it. Decided to make it relive again. It also gets me review my older activities.

Here is the Story Telling group as it looks with the last posting. 
The Retelling page is from a short but well written kindle book I discovered yesterday, Storytelling Tips and Techniques. Any of you is invited to participate to the group, I will not let anyone out, even if it is a "closed" group. It is about any kind of personal stories, not only Pathways Stories. Why not use it also to tell each other our Pathways Path and Project stories? As long as there are Stories. We can also tell more about what makes a good story and a good online presence!

That is also what my club, Witty Storytellers Online toastmasters club is all about. Continuing, what I started, in fact in 2011 a year before we started the Facebook group.