31 Oct 2019

Daniel Rex 7' Changes to Pathways

I hope it shows and can be seen. The Pathways news begin around 2 min ½ (not that the others are not important also). Still waiting for the Basecamp home to change... end October.

I hope, the video can be stopped when the slides come on. Also, he tells us "it will look different". 

30 Oct 2019

Print certificates as BCM, short

Enter Base Camp like Basecamp Manager, through your profile, after choosing the club, if you have more then one, just by a click in the small box near Login as Basecamp manager.
First, Go To basecamp, then once there, Choose the third box:  Manager Tutorials, and then click on it, other options appear, Choose then Level Completion and the last option of it is Print certificates, a short video.
In the search box, lookup the name of the member for whom you want to print for. Then choose the level then Training Details.
In the Education Transcript choose View details. And Then Print Award at the bottom of each Level.

29 Oct 2019

Markup, may help to show slides that "speak"

These are the three paths I work currently "Active". 

The French Leadership Development, I took a while ago for its Icebreaker in French, alas did not find more then two of its other project to do in French. Waiting to create a 'special even' with a team.

The Motivational Strategy, dedicated not only to photography, but to try to go through every elective. I did succeed with the Level 3, and almost with Level 4 - but the podcast, also begun also that one, before deciding it is not for me. Level 5 there are many Electives I do not feel doing... or spending my time on them, again.

Innovative Planning, is the path I work currently. Just got the certificate for Level 3, and as I am on the blog that takes a month, begun my Level 5 HPL, that will take even longer. 

I got the idea of the red arrow from an online article, showing how to add to Google mail.
we do learn from each others! And I knew, if I go to the Pictures (on my macintosh) and ask Markup, I can get those arrows. Not so fancy as these, but they work.

28 Oct 2019

Basecamp approval and Club approval in TMI, separate

Finished the third Level of Innovative Planning, IP, a week ago, or more. Only today, the award got inside my Education awards. 
This time, I wanted it added fast, and forget about it, go farther. Some other Levels, mostly when I finished a 5th level and got "proficient" I put it aside for certain occasion. For example, when Pathways Launched in a given district. Or as I passed from June to July, to offer a good start to a certain club.

My level 4 will wait at least 20 days, as I am writing a blog, Compelling blog project ask for 30 days blogging. At least 8 posts. As usual, I try to write day by day. So much to write as a Diabetes2 beginner! 

My Level 5 will be even longer, as IP has an HPL at the finish. I begun, have my plan, but not yet my committee which, I should now find fast.

27 Oct 2019

Visionary Communication, my first path

Reprinted from July 2017 when I was on level 5 and reflecting on my path I begun Math.
Here is the path I have been on for more then three month now.

I almost stumbled on it by chance, but now, I am so happy of that!

With its five levels.

Mastering Fundamentals  comes from Ralph Smedey in my opinion and is the base. Each time we do it again, we can do it in different ways, telling different stories and researching something new.

Learning your style, also become aware of others style. And of importance of mentoring in all.

In Presentation Mastery, instead of Leadership style, is Body Language.

Increasing Knowledge L3  and Building skills L4 only one Required task, but more difficult.

Lots of very interesting and very modern Electives, chose 2 at Level 3, chose 1 at Level 4.

Asked yesterday in a comment to my post, "Why the level 5 will take lots of time, and how much?" yesterday, here it is the answer. Demonstrating expertise is a long process. Reflecting on my path is important. And for me, Develop my vision: for what and how? has to be done with care.

If you look at the electives, one is HPL project: how long it takes? Month.

I did chose Moderate Panel Discussion. Never did yet Moderate a Panel: have to learn it. I begun to read a good book I found on Amazon Kindle about the subject.

Yes, at level 1 I did learn, or remembered again, to do Research for any subject I am given, and has discovered great books I did buy and others confusing and not useful. But the ones I chose, let me go deeper into the subject. The Change Planning and Management, and Speaking about it. Transition, different kind of leadership and communication styles, too.

Not to mention how many electives I already "tasted" even if there were less then I finished. Storytelling and Voice Variety at level 3, and Blogging plus Social Media at level 4. All of those I continue of course, now that they are deeper embedded it me.

So many Changes manage and to speak about! So many stories to tell! So many things to say about Pathways in this blog too! And if the level 5 will take more time, of course, I have begun already the Effective Coaching, which is more about one to one relationship, but even the Presentation Mastery soon, as I enjoy the printed books I got.

The goal is to increase knowledge and apply it, not to get points or recognition.

26 Oct 2019

Voice can be so varied!

It can be so different!

Not only our voice but also our projects.

Ralf Smedley said in his book about voice: the most important is to have a friendly voice.

It does not have to be called Voice Variety, in order to try out different voices. So we can be inspired by a Competent Communication manual project, we do not have to jump to Level 3 many pages, to learn and do it in Pathways. Even if now, with open gate between levels we could.

Any style! It is said in many places, so we can even try them in a Level 2 project!

A challenge, and I will see who takes it on. Instead of doing a yet again xth CC manual, just use it as inspiration to your next project in any Level you are on now.

25 Oct 2019

Different ways to look at a zoom presentation

one of the way to present - and to look at the presentation, usually the person is in the upper right corner, small or bigger, but I discovered at bottom works even better. Instead of just the speaker, one can see also "gallery view" with some of the public present, reacting

I do prefer, whenever possible this way: I can slide the middle and see more or less of the speaker. it is called "side-by-side"

One thing is sure, use pictures as many times as possible, do not put the text you tell on display.

There are projects that ask us to learn how to use slides, others then let us do when we want, not one as I remember, speaks of us as listeners!

23 Oct 2019

We only have two choices, Choose Forward!

I could not say it better! Justin Trudeau said it here so clearly. "We only have two choices" 1 minute. Listen, I will not write it out, he does say it so well!  

What Justin Trudeau said about Artificial Intelligence and Automation coming, can be said also for us, Toastmasters about the Pathways Education System arriving and our response to it. What we want to do "try to resist it, or lead and shape it?"

Published first January 2018, it is back again as it pertains even better. Plus, celebrate his win.

I heard the same explained by him longer and deeper, but that short video already could make us stop and think. Do we want to be leaders? Leading and shaping the change? 

Recorded with Replay Video Capture software, that I acquired when we still used GoToMeeting, now used to capture short snippets from youtube or video conferences. Zoom does not need it any more, as it has its own video recording incorporated even in the free version. I went, not so easy, I have to admit to Zoom now, and could not go back, would not want to go back, but change was not easy at the first. And now, more I use Zoom more I realize all I can do with it. Indeed, it is worthwhile to embrace change, lead it. 

While at the beginning, when I hold my first Panel Moderating, I almost did not know why we change to zoom and what we can do with it, soon, after a few month using it, I will be able to show many others some important things we can do with Zoom. 

22 Oct 2019

IP level 3 achieved

Here is my certificate the completion. 

One more Level achieved in my Innovative Planning path.  

Went Level by Level, even if I did the elective projects of Level 3 before finishing L2.

That is my 11th Level 3, as I discovered looking at my badges.  As I did Leadership Development in two languages.

Today’s discovery: I can open and see on place the evaluations forms uploaded in my E-portofolio. Of course, only I can see them.

Here is a recent example.

20 Oct 2019

New blog : its design

A few days ago, I opened a new blog, for the future Level 4 project as it takes a month of blogging, to get the Write a Compelling blog elective. Yesterday, I realised that the images do occupy more space then there is in the POST section, that they were on the right, things I did not want, while there was no counting of visitors, nor of the best liked posts. 

I had to change the design, without the content already there. Happily, they are separated in the blogs. Here is the new one.

18 Oct 2019

How to grow a story, online workshop, Doug Lipman

No videos today, but some slides from the videos of the first and second week meetings How to Grow a Story, published now by Doug Lipman for those who inscribed to his workshop. This morning I have spend two hours viewing them, studying and taking snapshots, and learned some features, got new inspiration. 

Each of us is different, each imagine a moment, a place something happening in its way. 

Vive la différence !

It is good, and as you see, it created a good group communication and even feeling of togetherness. We also listen in different ways, adding our experiences to what we hear. 

That is normal, that means we do participate to the story.

How you imagine the students were in that room? Sitting, standing, in what way? What other thing you imagine in this room? When Doug told us the story he almost did not say other then mimicking how unfriendly they looked to him as they entered. 

I have imagined them standing in small groups. Another, sitting on bancs, another sitting anywhere, even on floor. A humid, stale air, in plus, said yet another. We use our own experience, and taking in the listeners there, is what we have to learn.

Passing the moment you imagine to the audience in participatory way: they add what they imagine to it.

They imagine, not only "see" it means, imagining, using internal and external senses.

As a recipe and description how to prepare it, is not the meal itself, the story in the book, the story we wrote on a paper is not yet "the story".

When we imagine and tell, many of the "oral storytelling" tools are added to it.

If we just tell to ourselves, we do not help to grow our stories, do not transmit. We need listeners, feedback, to give water, sun to it.

The oral language includes in plus of the words, the text also all this (and more)

I learned all this and a lot more in the workshop. In fact, a lot more. Storytelling well is important!

in the new program Fast Track, TMI is offering now, we have feedback on preparing, on voice variety and body language with great examples.

Then, at the end we are told, to have audience, and feedback from them, "join a club"!

We can learn more and more in our clubs. And telling our stories again and again, improving it with time and with each telling, as we learn in Level 1.

17 Oct 2019

Podcast about Level 4 elective

Level 4 electives ask a lot of a Toastmaster. None of these is a simple or quick task. You're committed. So how do you pick one? Click on the "electives" to go directly to the page.

In her podcast, Kim reviews each of the electives and try to figure out which one is the easiest one. Kim shares her funniest, worst speech project ever and why she'll do it again and again. And yes, we talk a lot about podcasting.

Not only podcast, but a long text of the podcast is under it!

16 Oct 2019

Fast Track, for 5 dollars worth them

Fast Track is for anyone, everyone. Non Toastmasters and seasoned toastmasters. On the TMI site it is hidden, Resources -> Announcements -> Fast Track. 

One can find there the introduction, free. 

Read, listen, to the introduction. Then we have to pay, if we want the Track (not named path) that teaches us about Preparing a Speech and Rehearsing, Voice Variety, Body Language, Taking Videos of ourselves and evaluating it.

So much can be learned.

she is really good explaining and speaking too

The different lessons and parts we get all for the less then 5 dollar fee

after paying, this small arrow lets us to go farther then the introduction, already inside "ondemand" site.

15 Oct 2019

Level 4 elective, a blog, 8 posts at least. Just begun a new blog, as soon my Level 3 required will be done, and I already have done two electives.

As I discovered recently I got Diabetes, I will write about that discovery, alone, or, I hope, with some others. Here is my first post.

14 Oct 2019

Panel Discussion - First Steps in Pathways, recording Michelle

Video 1h, Tuesday Training and tips panel discussion, conducted by Michelle Alba-Lim.

Earlier today, I grabbed the Tuesday Talks n Tips link to share with a friend. Depending on which time zone in Europe, our weekly learning series takes place at their midnight, 1:00 am, 2:00 am, or 3:00 am! Ended up watching episodes again and couldn’t help marveling at the wealth of ideas, information, and insights shared. If you haven’t viewed all the episodes, here’s a link to all the YouTube videos https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=%23tuesdaytalksntips. Feel free to share.

13 Oct 2019

Michelle Tale "Can do, will do"

At the same meeting, I told from the same project, the tale of my mentors: the books. Alas, it was more a telling then a story like Michelle Alba-Lim's story.

This was Thursday, yesterday she told another version for different audience. I love this one more, as I do love and remember stories better. She did got me into her life, I was inside, all the way.

12 Oct 2019

Fundraising, Elizabeth (pathways level 3 elective) 1 Minute video

Create Visual Aides elective can be done in so many different ways! Create or show? In this short 1 minute video, Elizabeth created we have two "visual aids" the Video itself, and the medallion she just got. I was very impressed by her efforts during the last seven years, Elizabeth even created for herself 3 whole "non alcohol" months. Of course, for me, it would be very easy, even three years, as my body never accepted really any alcoholic beverage, and I drink very seldom, a bit only even that, but she likes and enjoys it. She also runs different marathons, and one all in rose!

 I used the same elective, at yesterday's meeting, telling about my Diabetes-2 and was told it was funny, indeed they laughed three times, and showed books and things arrived recently to use.
Same project, different approach; we can learn a lot from pathways and also use it outside toastmasters.

11 Oct 2019

Present a Proposal: Opening a collective Diabetes blog

Recently, after so many years, I learned:
  • I got Diabetes 2
  • It is here to stay forever
  • Many symptoms I had come from it
  • It is mostly inherited disease
  • Alas, it means my grand-children... may get it too, so have to be vigilant
  • I will not only have to take medicine three times a day from now on, but live a special life: less sugar, more moving
I went to a Diabetes day workshop, not far from where I live, was overwhelmed with all the information. Even if they presented it so well! 

Here is showing us very visually, how much sugar is in that bottle of Coca-Cola!

They also showed us many other objects, and even, if very fast only, a blood sugar meter.

As I had to give a Visual Aids Level 3 electives speech, I told part of my story today using that project, and showing some things I got to learn more, and also survey my blog sugar. Majority of those present, had to survey there blog sugar!

I propose, to open a new Diabetes2 blog, beside this one, together!

Any of you, who want to collaborate with me, let us open that blog together. Each of us having, let us say, one or two days a week when we write, about our experiences and recommendations about DIABETES 2 and all around it.

10 Oct 2019

Some of Doug slides tell a lot - week 1

Why tell stories? Here are just a few answers from Doug Lipman workshop series week 1

We use many senses to tell and to listen to someone, one to one or in a group. The main and most old recognized are the Sight, the Sound, the Touch and the Smell. 

Touch? we touch each other and objects, and the smell... if lucky we use it less onstage. But in "real" Doug told us, we use all this senses, some inside others outside us.

In oral storytelling, beside the words we can use so many more !
When we tell on stage, or to many, we imagine the moment, a specific moment in our mind, in our way, it goes to the listeners, to each one of them differently.
We learned a lot more, but this is enough for today. 

Tell stories in any speech, and even one to one, they remind in the mind, even if differently to each one we speak.

8 Oct 2019

What Can Storytelling Teach Us About Creating Connection? | Doug Lipman...

Storytelling is making connections, TEDx talk by master storyteller, coach and writer, Doug Lipman. Today, I am listening again at this video, he prepared telling his story to hundred people through zoom. Then listening to their feedback. I was one of them. Tonight, an online workshop begins How to grow a story, I am in, again. Perhaps, there is still place for one or two of you?

Here are two of the three sections times, on many places timetable. It is through Zoom and for the beginners, Lipman even send link to tell how to use zoom.

How to close sound, when speaking put light on you not behind, silence the tap of keyboard, chat if you want only with one.

Today, I begin at 19 pm, but usually I will be at the Monday section, 13.00 group.

Next to know more?
“ from Doug Lipman, reminder letter:

P.S., Here are the weeks for our meetings (lesson meetings alternating with coaching/question-and-answer meetings:

My goal is to meet no more than two weeks in a row, to give you time to absorb and apply the material (and to post your progress on the course website—more on the website later.

Which weeks will we meet? 

• The week of Oct 7 (lesson 1)
• The week of Oct 14 (coaching/question-and-answer call 1)
(no call the week of Oct 20)
• The week of Oct 28 (lesson 2)
(no call the week of Nov 4)
• The week of Nov 11 (coaching/q&a 2)
• The week of Nov 18 (lesson 3)
(no call the week of Nov 25)
• The week of Dec 2 (coaching/q&a 3)
(no call the week of Dec 9)
• The week of Dec 16 (lesson 4)
(no calls the weeks of Dec 23 and 30)
• The week of Jan 6 (coaching call 4)
Doug Lipman
Storyteller - Coach - Trainer - Consultant
my newest online storytelling courses: http://StoryDynamicsCourses.com

7 Oct 2019

New iPad interface os13

Many news, in the new MacOS 13.

I have yet to absorb, one is this: pushing and shrinking the icons and having more apps along each other.

Other will show above. To pinch the keyboard and shrink it, see what is there better while writing. I did not get used yet that we can also slide and write, the Mac guesses  what we wanted to write. When it guesses right.
And so much more! Black screen etc.

Bellow, the small keyboard while writing this post.

6 Oct 2019

There is a story only you can tell!

Is it a personal story, a story of a family or your "tribe" it does show and celebrate our uniqueness. At the same time, when we go deep enough, we found a link to audiences.

This is true, for a story. It is true for a "joke", some of the humor can be told only by us ! 

Today, at Firebirds Collective online meeting, we celebrated our differences. Our differences united us.

5 Oct 2019

Blank screen? What to do?

Problems come, not only with Pathways. Because of a software update or a virus, my iPad had problems, and when tried to répare from afar, for a whole week, it did not open any more. I went to Apple center, where they downloaded a Brenda new system, I love and it works, but still have to learn to use, as it has many new features.

Next day, my laptop froze, and at restart, gave again just a black screen you see above. Thanks to the guy who made the image above and wrote what to do, and Google search, I succeeded, next morning to make my laptop work again. Then decided to give myself a day free of learning or work, and reading kindle book reward. So this is written later in the day. 

I feel that an image may attract a lot!

4 Oct 2019

Motivational Strategies: Electives and Choices

Sometimes, words can hurt. "You look only for your advancement" and "don't look for the club members" told me recently one of my five clubs VPE. 

In my opinion, without looking to discover what and how I did. "That is why I did not approve your level 4, alas, the president did". Yes, I did offer level 4 of my MS path to that club, and got the award.

Motivational Strategies path is the path where I decided to do all, or most of the electives. Plus speak of photography or at least, show a photo at each project.

As you may see, I did ALL Level 3 Projects, and now I can speak about them if needed. It was not only to discover and learn, also to be able to share.

Then, I got to Level 4 and it took me a long time to discover, how I may share my podcasts, before deciding, I will put that project aside, come back later. There were so many wonderful podcasters!

Then I took one to one all the other Level 4 electives and went through them. Done them. Read, discovered, done the tasks, spoke as needed. 

All but the podcast, the one still waiting for other time, other occasion. Perhaps, a day, its time will come also.

Now, I can help anyone, can tell all who needs also about the Level 4 Electives: gone through them all.

As normal, some I love, some less, but all done.
As you see, there are many of those too.

Most Level 4 electives take longer, others just a meeting, but even those has to be prepared carefully. 

Many of them, I really like a lot, and yes, did them already more then once.

Managing a difficult audience, that interrupts you had been very useful to me, when at this summer's family gathering a younger women suddenly stood up, and tried to tell something as I hold a microphone and begin to speak about how our common ancestor survived.

It was no more a fun in the meeting, but real life, and I handled it really well. Most of the Level 4 projects are really useful in todays life.

Question and Answers session, Manage Online Meetings, were usual for me. All have to learn how to. 

Write a compelling blog, well, I asked someone who did not do it yet, to read my posts for a month and give me a feedback. In two different clubs, I spoke about my Public Relation Strategies. 

Manage Projects Successfully was the most difficult for me, as again asked for a TEAM. I had already other teams to work with or for, in other paths at the same time.

Only then did I go back to the Required project "Motivate others", because I knew, when I finish it, it will show my Level 4 finished too, with 7 Projects instead of only One, minimum.

Again, a team.

Not easy, I tried. Perhaps, not as well as I had my fill of Teams and Projects. 

In all, I still felt that I did a good job, and yes, aside of my curiosity to discover Projects, to learn, I was also ready and still am ready to speak about all the projects - all the Level 3 and Level 4 Electives that are in almost all Paths anyone takes on.

I do believe, "personal advancement" does not clash with club members need, with the need of those who discover or want to know about pathways. Even now, that all can read all projects, personal experience is useful, personal point of view. 

I feel that I did earn my Level 4 award of Motivational Strategy.