9 Jun 2018

Tip of the day from George Marshall: The Generic Evaluation Form

Hurrah! 60,000 visits to the blog: I love round numbers. To celebrate it we have a guest's text from the D57th Chief Pathways Guide, and he is a lot more by now! Coordinating the effort, for all the 150 plus Undistricted clubs and using for it Online club's members as Guides and Ambassadors. Liaising with the HQ of TMI.

George Marshall, wrote this then told me "yes, you can publish it". And with it I discovered, again, I should read with more attention what is written on every form! 

"In Pathways", George wrote, "we can no longer simply grab the manual we're working on to bring to the meeting where we are giving a speech, we need the evaluation form for that particular project. 

Or do we? George asked, and answered:

Toastmasters seems to have thought this one through by providing the *Generic* evaluation form!  It's in base camp, in the Tutorials & Resources->Evaluation section. Here's the key information from the form:

Purpose Statement:
The purpose of this speech is defined by the member. The member may present a well-organized, well-supported speech on any topic.

Notes for the Evaluator: 
The member completing this speech may be presenting on any topic. He or she may be speaking to fulfill a Pathways project or about a topic outside of the Pathways learning experience.
The format of the form is the same as all the other eval forms, minus at the end, the few project-specifc questions.

So here's my suggestion: always have one or two printed copies of this form with you in TM meetings! That way, even if you forgot to bring the project-specific form, the evaluator has something to work with."

Of course, in the discussions following George suggestions, some toastmasters worried "then too many will forget it is their responsibility to bring the specific evaluation form with them and put one more burden on the VPE or the TM of the meeting"? 

So, of course, do not forget to bring your Specific Project form, or tell what you want to achieve clearly. This form is there "in case". What I did not realize till I read this intro to the Evaluator again, were the words "or about a topic outside of the Pathways learning experience". 

That does show me again: Pathways, Toastmasters New Education system IS flexible! 

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Great job on this blog post! Very informative. 😁