31 Jul 2019

Fillable forms, Evaluations in Tutorials & Resources

Evaluation forms : where to find them? 

Of course, they can be found in each project, "your evaluation page".

And two years ago, Adobe Acrobat Reader was free and we could use it to fill, save, send.

Alas, suddenly Adobe decided to ask for payment for using it: 15 dollars by month! It took Toastmasters by surprise. 

Before, telling all about history, let me show how can now, as it is today, find Evaluation forms that can be filled online and send, without needing printing. 

We have to go for it in the Tutorials and Resources. And, as for today, we still have to click on the grey name appearing under it instead on the name in red. I hope, that will no more the case in a time. Already, some things change in Basecamp. This has to change too.

Go to the Evaluation Resources, click on the language. (If not all languages will be there) and then click on the name of the project for which you are looking to ask for evaluation or to evaluate. Go down, till you find which one you want. They can be seen like a square or in a list like above.
So what is the difference between Launch and Request? 

When you launch it, it comes up, save it on computer and then fill it, save again. Send. Or just save and send if you are asking for feedback. Preferable, with another, shorter name, with the Path initials. I also add the Evaluator name to the form name usually. Or nothing, and add it to my folder Fillable Evaluations.

Request? it does arrive in your Educational Transcript as Material.

Curriculum chosen, all path remain only. The Evaluation forms are considered Material. 

Play changing Types and you will see less at a time, if you have a clutter.

When you have once requested, it does prevent you "already have it, again?" And when you click on one and say "finished" it goes into Completed, as go the finished paths. We can retrieve them from there of course.

By the way, the Project descriptions can be found in the same Tutorials. You do not have to be in the Level or Path in order to read them. They give the Assignment.
Have to go, follow up tomorrow.

30 Jul 2019

Some of Level 4 electives from MS : done

Here are some of the Motivational Strategy Elective Projects I tackled one by one. They take time but all were really interesting! I enjoyed each of them. 

In this category is also Podcasting, I will leave it to another time. Now, will try to do the team required project, to be able to go to the Level 5 Electives. I feel that doing all Level 3 electives and so many from Level 4 is already great for this path.

29 Jul 2019

Grammarian? Open BC Account, change data then Save.

Yesterday, I was grammarian. Even if it is not a "required" role, it is there, and I note all. Went to TM and logged in, then went to my base camp through my profile to be able to open "my account" : it is my Base Camp account. My Account is near the Log Out, the tiny round wheel at upper right.
Going down, under some of my settings, I find this. I c)an change the date of Grammarian (last time I recorded the role was in April.
Then, I have to go down and I find Save. Some other times, I forgot to save, that is why I make a whole post about it. Also, I enjoyed being Grammarian, and found interesting expressions used. And a day later, tonight, I was Toastmaster and already changed that too, even if not in this picture.

Did you hear "garbage in, garbage out" ? Did you hear "fabulator, storyteller, re-actor" ? Another expression about some we want to convince about pathways, who still hesitate: "we have to get hold of those and meet them where they are". I do hope, some come to this blog, and meet me, where I am.

28 Jul 2019

When Mentor and Mentee meet face to face

Online meetings, meetings through Web, Facebook or Zoom are great. And then, from time to time we meet in the same city, same room: we can even touch each other!

I met her through the Pathways Discussion Forum, where the Admin, Michelle Alba-Lim, arranged matchings between those asking for mentors. 

She become my mentee and we had a few meetings through Zoom. This week, she is in London from Dubai for a few days, and found time to visit me, at my place! We had lunch together and she did bring also fruits and juices. Almond juice, I find bitter. Apples, too hard for my teeth. Then she took out a huge peach from her bag and offered me. 

We found out a lot more about each other and family and plans, and even got some time to discuss a bit future pathways projects. 

Continuing my PR Strategy project, even after I finished it on Basecamp, I published with different text a picture of us (the first she has taken of us) in two places. It was about 3 afternoon. This morning I found in all 100 liked them, counting together. My PR project works, but mostly, meetings like this are popular!

26 Jul 2019

Why not choose Printed Path?

Do not choose Printed Path.

Not only because there are only two in languages other then English and only five paths in English.

Not only because VPE has more work to do as the Member is forbidden (I still not understand why) to access Basecamp.

For me, it was not only when I realised, « few electives » as written in the old Navigator, translated to none at all. Elective meant, I can choose, in Printed Material, ALL where Preselected by TMI for me. Yes, more then two years ago I have made the wrong decision to buy Presentation Mastery as Printed Path, and have the manuals printed for me, as my old printer did not print any more and I had to beg my family to print and come to bring me all material I needed, from my Visionary Communication Path and pdf of project descriptions and Navigator.

Let me not speak about the beginning, as it was Pilot district and first they send me CC and CL by mistake. It took weeks to prove that. Then finally I got the Level 1 and 2 in a fancy cover. As the Pathways did not yet launch in my region, I was proud to show them around.
It was only when the two next manuals arrived that the « milk spilled out ». First, because expecting all Level 3 Electives, I got only two, Storytelling which was one I should have chosen and Social Speeches which did not interest me.

I looked at the Mentoring Manual, still have it, then begun to read the Storytelling Project. With attention. That is when I realized that the text was not cleaned for Printed Manual. It was just the Web Project, and as thus, it recommended to go and read the Voice Variety and the Body language, with their videos, while if I where only on Printed Material no way I could have access to them.

That was what frustrated me enough to cast the Printed Manual aside and go buy myself the Presentation Mastery web based. So I am between the 0.4% who did buy. Some of them, did not regret it, others did regret enough to spread the word and dissuade others.

I already wrote three different times about this, but following a web discussion, decided to write again. If there is no computer or no hotspot to access web, what to do? Someone in club may print, or may send pdf to see on screen. And let the member choose his or her electives, and read all the available projects she or him wants.

As there are now some important improvements of user interface and soon others will come, for those who do access web - for their email or communications - with a bit of help at the beginning, in club or one to one, all may be get going on web based 11 paths.

25 Jul 2019

Paths: Homework before deciding

They take then path by path and each shows all Projects in a Path. 
At left, the projects we have to do, at right the one we can choose from.

Here is for the last, Engaging Humor path.
we can also see how many "electives" we have!
Only a minimum of 2 at Level 3 and a minimum of 1 at Level 4 and 5 but...
Inside a Level, we can Activate, Launch then Print or/Save any project, all if we want

Here is a short one page (done before the E Humor existed, telling of all Required Specific

Now, what is inside each Project Title? Of course, the cover (title) is not always explaining a lot. Either d57 George Marshal pdf holds them all (put together from the Project descriptions found in Toastmasters Tutorials and Resources) or the Pathways Companion by Mark Show, you can find in many places also in the Pathways Discussion Group's File section. 

It is worth studying what path you prefer, before putting your feet on any path, so to avoid surprises. Some lead to a HPL (three of them) and some to at least 6 month leading an organization, so perhaps as a first path, take one that are not in those groups. Those in Yellow, I recommend as firsts.
Near the Presentation Mastery I would add also the Engaging Humor path, leading to a longer speech. I have now arrived to my longer speech, not easy to prepare indeed, but it will for sure not take as long as a High Performance Project! Nor the six month leading a team, for sure.

Best not rely only on the Assessment, so you do not have to try change the path after having chosen it. 30 days goes away very fast! And do NOT chose manual, only the WEB based path. If you do not have a computer, go to a library, or a friend to save your project in pdf, to read on screen or to print. In print, instead of 27 Elective Projects available to us, we get 4 preselected: no choice at all.

24 Jul 2019

"Toastmasters Pathways learning experience"

Do I change my profile to this? 

It is a modified version of my Facebook page image and profile. I just took out, with Photoshop Editor the two rectangles that FB put on them. I feel it looks a lot better.

But it makes a lot of work! A lot more now, that I did not use for a while the program. Learning anything takes time, and exercise and the skill have to be used. Yes, even swimming or riding a bike! 

I love the title from the Pathways Finder medallion I recently got, 
Toastmasters (in burgundy)  Pathways (in blue) learning experience. 

I published the medallion and had a lots of hits on it: many wanted to know where it can be found. How it really looks. Well, it does not look really like this, as this is a version taken with flash and lighter. In real, it looks darker, with patina. I prefer this one.

This one is in my hand and shows that it is not so big in fact, even if a bit bigger then the original Pathways Pin. The colours are also darker, the burgundy less red and the blue darker.

So much fun that I used to have changing pictures! No more now. Or less.

Still, taking them showing them is ok, but I used to spend ten times as much changing.

The important in this picture, that in 24 hours, I had more then 133 tic and 44 comments. 

The comments were mostly, how I got it and where it can be found. 

They come just in time for my Public Relation Project! 

23 Jul 2019

Welcome to Pathways! Before you choose your path...

Today, 5th December, yet another two whole regions get access to Pathways.
—- moved from December 2017 to July 2019

Welcome to the Pathways community!

As member of a few Global Online Toastmasters clubs, I realise that this day begun long ago in New Zealand, Australia. For them, the doors opened already hours ago. It is only 10 in the morning in London, but afternoon East of us. As for USA, still very early in the morning or still the middle of night in the West Coast. 

Now, those in two new regions can go to the Toastmasters International web site, Toastmasters.org, and from there directly access through the Pathways tab. The question would come as soon as you are offered a free path, as a member of a club or two if you are member of two or more clubs. 
"Between path, which I do chose?" 
This morning, I went back to the Paths and Projects Resource and looked it over. In the first two level, there is not major or important differences between the Paths. Level 3,4 and 5 each path has specific Required Projects, different from Path to Path, and many yummy Elective Projects, same for all paths. 

We can choose from the Electives, a minimum 2 in Level 3, and 1 each minimum for Level 4 and Level 5. But having Web based Paths, we are be able to access, save, print, all the 27 Elective Projects, same in every path.

 Unless you chose Printed Material, then no choice then; in that case from 27 you get 4 already chosen for you by TMI. That is why so few do Printed Material!

It is good at this stage to reflect where each path leads us.
The big differences in Paths are in 3 Required Projects.

Leadership Development - my preferred path so far
  • L3 Plan and Implement a special meeting
  • L4 Lead your Team (to a meeting)
  • L5 Manage successful events (a bigger event)
Motivational Strategies - not yet finished as I do all electives in it
  • L3 Understanding Emotional Intelligence (understand better yourself)
  • L4 Motivate others 
  • L5 Team building through a successful event
Presentation Mastery - done
  • L3 Persuasive Speaking
  • L4 Managing Difficult Audience (organized interruptions)
  • L5 Prepare Speak Professionally (Keynote like longer speech) 
Engaging Humor - at level 5 now
  • L2 Find your sense of humor
  • L3 Engage your audience with humor
  • L4 Table topics told with humor
  • L5 Prepare a longer speech with humor
Visionary Communication - my first path I learned a lot from it
  • L3 Develop a Communication Plan
  • L4 Communicate Change
  • L5 Develop you Vision (professional or personal)

Dynamic Leadership - great path but takes longer time
  • L3 Negotiation the best outcome 
  • L4 Managing change (Very well explained)
  • L5 Lead in any situation - 6 month leading & feedback from peers
Strategic Relationship - Just finished Level 4
  • L3 Make connection through Networking
  • L4 Public relation strategies
  • L5 Leading in your Volunteer Organization, minimum 6 month 
Team Collaboration - Lots of team work in it, finished
  • L3 Successful Collaboration
  • L4 Motivate Others
  • L5 Lead in any situation - 6 month leading and feedback

Effective Coaching - finished, not my prefered
  • L3 Reaching Consensus
  • L4 Positive Coaching (at least 3 times coach someone)
  • L5 High Performance Leadership (With 360° evaluation at end)
Innovative Planning - just begun
  • L3 Present a Proposal
  • L4 Manage Project successfully
  • L5 High Performance Leadership (With 360° evaluation at end)
Persuasive Influence - not tried, perhaps longest 
  • L3 Understanding Conflict Resolution
  • L4 Leading in any situation
  • L5 High Performance Leadership (With 360° evaluation at end)
In these last three path High Performance Leadership project is a Required project. In the paths when HPL is not required, it is still present as one of the Electives, as an option that can be chosen. It is almost the same as the HPL we did know till now but with a 360° six pages feedback to fill at least from one in the committee and one in the team members about you. Of course, this project also requires a lot of time and commitment. 

"Leading in any situation" project is in two path at level 5 and once in level 4.  The "volunteer organisation" used for the six month can be Toastmasters or any other organization, if possible volunteer. Remember: as we go up the levels, the projects take more and more time. 

Which is my preferred Level? 

I could say the Level 1 where I started the love affair between me and Pathways projects: I understood better the Toastmasters Fundamentals. April 2017 I started my Experiental Research and Transition to Pathways. Never looked back!

And when I arrived at Level 3 with all those projects to discover I was totally won over! From 13 possible Projects to use, I opened 10, saved and printed most of them. Just in case... 

22 Jul 2019

Leading... three different projects

I listened, yesterday, to a presentation: Leading in difficult situation. I was very intrigued, that it does not ask, as the others, six month of leading a team. Now again, one of them in SR comes to me.
Here is how the project is described, as found in the Tutorials and Resources.

Then, to compare, I looked at the ones I prepare now. Leading your Volunteer Organization, bellow, does ask for at least six month.
and there is another project that does ask the same 6 month min. Called Lead in Any Situation.
So, it is normal that I asked "no six month requirement?" the titles are so similar! But no, each project, even with similar titles, have different requirements.

Happy, all are listed in the Tutorials and Resources and can be easy found in the Basecamp.

21 Jul 2019

Julie Kertesz - Icebreaker - Firebirds Collective

IP Level 1 my Humorous Icebreaker (a bit longer then 6 minutes)

Last Sunday at Firebirds Collective. My E  Humor path incited me to find more and more parts that got humor in it. From long ago and from a day before. All can be used!

I was 85 years old the 12 July, I got that digital cake I showed before the meeting. Alas, after I begun to speak, it disappeared. I could not find it any more.

20 Jul 2019

Club Proxy : have a voice

Only the President can see the Club Proxy in the club central. 
Before of course, one has to sign in, go Leadership -> Club Central and choose the club you are President or Secretary. As another committee member, you can not see it.

Then, either the President OR the Secretary (not both) May choose one of the three options.
Send a CLUB Delegate, or Delegate the District Director, or any Active Toastmaster.

Once selected, told whom, signed at bottom, it transforms like this. Here the D91 Director was chosen.
Here a club member going to the conference in August was chosen.

It is important we have voice at international convention telling what we want and not want.

19 Jul 2019

Using our Pins, Medals, Badges for Public Relation

Those are some of my pins, for which I was happy a few days as soon as I received them, then put them near the others on my bookshelf in my room. From time to time used one of them at a meeting. 

I would never use them all, like a decorated general. 

There are other pins also, as someone showed us in the Pathways Discussion Forum, he did buy himself when he begun his IP path and one for when he will finish it. Should I put in plus six of these for my six already finished one's?

Those seem also beautiful! Specially the golden one for me. 

They are also about 5 dollar one, but alas, the sending cost a lot. If you have someone going to the convention...

In middle, the emblem of the path, around it the name.

I would like to have two of them if not all, for my favorite paths. Visionary Communication and Leadership Management. 

I wrote yesterday, about the new Pathways Pathfinder medal, just received from my district director. Then, I decided, wisely - experience did teach me - not to publish the blogpost, but directly a very near photographed, improved in light in colour version of the medal, with a very short note near it in the Pathways Discussion Forum who needed positive discussions about Pathways. Also published in a few other groups! 

It did prove a great Public Relation Strategy! 

In less then 24 hour, 102 toastmasters answered only in the Pathways Discussion Forum, and a dozen others in the other groups I published showed interest, liked and many commented, asked "how may we have it ? Why did you get it? from where did you find it? And so, in my opinion, with this, I did succeed in one of my latest Project. Public Relation Strategies. 

I went to my TMI Base Camp, and seen that I have two such projects to do, one for the MS where I do all Elective Projects, and the other for the Required project Level 4 in SR. With the required in SR, I will have finished my Level 4 and will get the Award, plus go to next level. Now, just have to create the speech, the story, how I work for spreading the word about Toastmasters Pathways Education Program, combining Facebook group and blog, and how I tried out and succeeded to get the word around, using one of them wisely.  

18 Jul 2019

Level 5: path finished!

Yes, I have finished six paths, but this from May 2019 is the one I got a medal for.

One I can wear around my neck.

In my district, 91, five of us finished a level 2018/2019 Toastmaster year. 

What was the path I finished in May? Team collaboration was the last path I finished.

In my online clubs, we do not get awards, there is no one to send us. Even when we would have money in the club. Perhaps, it would be a good idea to introduce it!

Will propose it to my clubs. 

Also, for my London club to have the goal of getting all Level 1 and those who finished already, one more Level, before of the end of year. It is doable, even if it means work. 

Meanwhile, happy to have gotten this from our new District Director, Florian.

16 Jul 2019

Preparing her first Icebreaker: Coaching

It is and it is not Pathways. I gave her advice about her story. She wrote one better.
Alas, she read it, not sure she will remember. It was a great story, well read. 

15 Jul 2019

15 Seconds to explain login: to members or Base Camp Managers

Matthew Kleinosky published in the Pathways Discussion Forum, and I agree! It does not take long to explain how the new login works, for members, and in the image bellow for the new Base Camp Managers. 

Of course, more can or must be said! 

One important thing would be for the new President, Secretary and Vice President of Education, the BC Managers, that after entering as BCM, we have to login and enter as Member, whenever we want to reach our paths, levels, projects.

Second, how to reach our Profile. From Welcome, Julie on computer, to the three lines inside which is Profile. 

Third, it has to be first a login, with our name or email, to the Toastmasters.org, then we login the to Base camp where Paths reside. And we have to got at least one path, in order to reach to them. 

And, the place they are is called Transcript (but other place also called same), and the paths are called Curriculum. And we have to Active once before Launching. etc etc 

So basically, it is useful to show, not tell a few other things.

How to tell basecamp we finished a project!
How to find where is the place from which we can print and save.
What else?

I would also add something about the new feature: projects going directly in tabs, use then close when finished or navigate between tabs meanwhile. 

How little and how much to explain, depends on many variable. Thanks for this great pic!

14 Jul 2019

New Icebreaker: humorously

OK. Till now I was decided, no PI for me. Yet I did choose this morning, without going through assessment. Near it, two other paths I could not take. SR ok, I am on Level 4 only.

But PM? In fact, the Manual based PM I begun, Archived, never finished. Indeed. Finished a web based one. OK. I did buy 10 path, got 2 free. Finished six.

Today, got the one that before I told “me? Never!” And used it to deliver a funny Icebreaker.

Do not judge by the cover. I will use it to create funny stories, and teach about humor, as already begun. Pathways let’s you do it. Deliver speeches in any style, add our flavor.

13 Jul 2019

How you survive Level 5 with HPL ?

Innovative Planning is chosen most of the time. Why? because most often that is what is proposed to new Toastmasters, to anyone making a test in number 1 position. 

The program Path Assessment got a bias toward it, pushing too many to get that one.

Alas, it is not at all at first position in finishing a path: because ending with a High Performance Leadership Project at Level 5. In my London club, in 10 (TEN) years, I am the only one who did a HPL. And it is a great and lively club!

"I finished Level 4, my VPE said, with a project I liked and went well "dealing with difficult audience". What is awaiting for me at Level 5 ?" I was asked yesterday in a message.

How could I know ? It depends on the required project of the path. "What path"?

"Path number 1", was the answer. It meant, he took the first path recommended. Which? "Please, make a screenshot". I got a screenshot, and seen on it two things. First, the Toastmaster was in Innovative Planning, second, the 4th Level, even with all the projects needed completed, was still waiting approval.
Now, as it is, what should I tell to the Toastmaster? First, I looked at the Electives of Level 5 and thought, which Project to recommend and which not. Those are the Level 5 electives from one of my paths, but Electives are all similar. 
Here is from IP, the path he did have. Not Ethical Panel. That is easy. 

A longer speech? The first panel discussion? Perhaps, Lessons Learned? But lessons learned from what? He just conducted a successful workshop! Could it be that? Is he in a committee?

Have to know him and discuss more.

Now, what HPL to propose? As I will begun to explain what IS a High Performance Project, with Vision and Goals, Committee and Team Members... and the Toastmaster will be able also to read the Assignment and the pages, first, the Aspiration and Goal has to be chosen.  

One possibility would be to Get all Club Members inside Pathways, "how to choose a path, which path to choose and get them not only give but close online the Icebreaker" : we need those this half year. Of course, as HPL he can not do all alone, but could chose 2 others to help, do it in a team. 

Create as Pathways Champion, Pathways specific meetings. And so on. We will have to find a common language to speak. He is from an Arabic country and writes that way on Facebook, I live now in London, but my mother language, Hungarian, is the farther from any other languages. With determination, we will find a way to understand each other.

You know what? looking at the IP and thinking about advice, I decided! And got it too.

12 Jul 2019

Want to learn more about one member? BCM

We can learn "more" about one member, as Secretary, President or VP Education. I learned and experienced this today, after I was asked to approve Pathways Mentor program, I knew the member is still in the club, for the moment. May I print her Award? Of course.

I was "in the Pending Request". There is a search on the top. It did not work. I went one level out. After login to TMI then login as Base Camp manager Search here! 

Arrived here; alas did not get a screen shot so I had to go to someone else today. Voilà. Add the name in the search box on top right.
We get to the Profile, at the beginning. There, going down, we see the ROLES Performed - if the member entered them one by one when performed or later. 

Go to the Transcript, for detailed information about the Paths and Projects done. Here the BCM can discover, what can or not be seen about a club member. For example, in e-portofolio the Badges but can not see the Documents uploaded.
Here, we are inside the Transcript, Active Curriculum. Can see the Path. For more, Open Curriculum. I found the Active Curriculum (paths) first, Mentor was not there. Aha! She just completed it, so instead of Active I choose Completed. She did finish 4 path! MS, VC, PM and lately Engaging Humor. Under it is Pathways Mentor Program. Open Curriculum.

Here is the Pathways Mentor Program with its different Projects. I could look when each project was completed, and if needed print, save, etc all the data.

At the end: View Certificate! Here is the certificate.
I could save as PDF, or make a screen shot to add here or show to the club. Print even. I send her, then I logged out happy : I learned something new. 

Going deeper, looking at other Toastmasters, I learned also, alas, that many of them have a Path, give speech from the path - but not record them in Base Camp.

11 Jul 2019

Pathways Mentor Program Completion

It is the first time I had the pleasure to approve as Base Camp Manager the Completion of a Mentor Program! A click on free, congratulations and submit. Is this all? For so much work future Pathways Mentors have to do. More then 9 month of work too.

Congratulation Michelle Alba-Lim!

On another subject, for three years since it begun, the first time I missed a club meeting in the club created. And for stupid reason. Having almost not slept all night, in the morning I believed the meeting is only tomorrow! On the flip side, I was happy to hear, alas too late to participate, that the meeting, yes, even without me, went well!

My addiction may be Toastmasters and Photography and Blogging, telling stories and making audience laugh, lately of course also Pathways, but I am replaceable and that is great. No need to be all at same time, nor responsable for all.

10 Jul 2019

Pathways Notebook

I did not get this notebook, still having only white pages inside today. Just found it as I was making order on a commode near me, between books and filled in notebooks.

Who offered it to me and when?

It has a pen and even a lighter beside, and Pathways printed on it. 

It feels beautiful!

A gift I would have offered myself but did not. Looked in the Toastmasters shop, there is a notebook but no pathways logo in it.

Was it made once for our district? 
When was it offered? 
Why was it offered?

It is now, here, just for my soon arriving birthday and I really happy to have it. Now, what I did not understand why did not use it till now?

Perhaps because this blog is for now my journal, and full of things that come my way. 

9 Jul 2019

Some useful pictures from this blog

Explains well the tasks of Level 1 , same for of all the paths

Exist for all path, created by TMI and in my opinion, explains well Required Projects and Elective Projects (this latest in a corner at right, same for all paths) The Required Projects Specific for a Path are those (most of time) The Three last one. Some in Level 2 change, but are then incorporated most time between the Elective Projects.

Another way to view a path, from The Navigator. In the EH, Most Level 2 is new, different. The Know your Sense of Humor is also available in other path's Elective Level 3 now since February.

Road to Pathways DTM with the Education (2 paths) and Club Leadership and District Leadership and Club Extension and Club Support. Design by Mark Snow, first Pathways DTM

New ways to enter Base Camp, View the Navigator, or choose a new path.
From Profile "Welcome, Julie here" we can choose if we enter as Member, the club, or as Base Camp Manager (if we are) and The Navigator to read in many languages.

8 Jul 2019

Transforming problems to opportunities

He has been Toastmaster for 10 (ten) years!

We were all surprised to hear "This is the first time I have been Toastmaster of a Meeting!"

Of course, this could happen, in my opinion, only in the old traditional program. He just joined two weeks ago the Pathways Program, and we still have to hear his Icebreaker.

But we were all delighted to see the way he used to tell us "I am new in this". 

He had an L (learner) also at the back.

He found roles for all.

He had all written down.

Alas, he read instead of telling.

So ? We all understood! He was learning.

In Pathways Program one has to be evaluator, Table Topic master and Toastmaster, before finishing Level 3 so I think there would be a lot faster that we get to do all the roles. And many of our new members who begun with pathways, are very eager and excited to try out and learn to do roles. Also Timekeeper, Grammarian. and so on. 

7 Jul 2019

Public Relation Strategies, plan

Planning an Event, great I have an important event at the end of one of my path, two even. I arrived to "how to make a public relation campaign" about an event or a cause: I can use them not to make the even but to speak about it, invite others to come to it.

It can be fictional. But why not make it for an Event I need to create anyway? It could be for an idea or a cause but it is easier to make for one special event. Even if it is, fictional make a plan how to get others know about it. But it will be real.
In all event it is useful to read through the pages, one by one in any project, to understand them better and also what is expected from us. Then use all means we know (and perhaps learn more) to make publicity for "it" at least to learn new things. Test, see how it works. 

Use images, videos, texts, social media, one by one, and so on to make it know. 

Before I get into this, I will let time pass, think what I want to use this project, at least here, the first time. I will for sure need it at different occasions also. Pathways projects are useful.

6 Jul 2019

What remains now to change?

Explain, that if in more then one club, it can be selected from the Profile (Welcome, Julie) but that if you are in more then one club, you can choose which one "use" this time.

Interesting mostly as Base Camp Manager if in more then one clubs or before you finish a Level, to know to whom you ask approval for it. Remain in that club, till the Level was approved by whom you asked for it.

As I explained this, my new coachee asked me "one can be member of more then one club?"

Indeed, there are many different information a Coach or a Mentor may explain at the beginning. Also important to note: the path is yours! not club's.

When we got to the rectangles that arrived, she did not know what to do.

I pointed to her to read what is written on this rectangle: "Access my path" is clearly there!

Why let the Educational Transcript remain too?

It does not speak to us or anyone not in "higher education" and even then...

Another problem. I explained how to close a Project, and we went first to the Self Assessment before (even it project could be closed with only the "after" assessment and SUBMIT. The points of assessment where closed with grey. What to do? click on a button that makes the grey covering the buttons disappear. Why need to hide the buttons when we arrive there? Even a ITM person was lost at first with that feature.

Then I explained the next projects, after her Icebreaker, which she did just completed.

Wonderful! She loved the Second Project. "So I may give the save speech improved again?" She was happy to be able to repeat a speech.

I should have also showed her this picture, which explains clearly how to do.

Then we went to the Your Evaluation Section, present in all Projects, and showed her how she can SAVE the project she is on. As nowhere is written SAVE! only PRINT... and of course when the Manual of the Project comes out, then the option to Save as... or to Save PDF comes also with it. Why not write "Print or Save?"

Then we got to the Fillable Evaluation FORMS discussion: why not fillable already from the Project? Why should we go to the Training and Resources to obtain FFF (fillable forms) to Evaluate?

And most important of all, how someone may guess that if a click on the Name does not work, one should click on the Grey shadow with same name to access it?

Oh, there are more, but those enough for a beginner. I must say here, working with tabs from the beginning was a wonderful experience for her and for me too.

Just had to point out to her to close a tab no longer needed, and as the Project was already open, not try to open again. We finished "read the small letters" advice I gave her. Even if it is normal for all of us not to read it. Those should be avoided.