29 Sep 2018

Certificate of Recognition and how to get to it

Today, I received an email from Toastmasters International. Thanking for my work as Pathways Ambassador and instructions, how to get the Certificate of Recognition!

I followed the instructions, and here it is the certificate's screenshot to celebrate for five minutes or a whole day then remember how many Toastmasters I met during my work.
As you see, it is dated today, send yesterday. And here is the letter as I got it. It seemed strange they could not send it to me, not by post, as that costs printing money and postage, but at least in the letter. Well, in this way, I can print it as many times as I need or want it.

First, go to the Educational Transcript, it begun. Then choose the Ambassador Completion and click on Mark Complete. At that moment, (that is not said) the Ambassador Completion disappears from Active, and have to be chased : it is found between Completed Materials. 

So I did Login (1) to the Toastmasters International website, went to Welcome Julie (2), and from there to My Transcript (3) which is the fastest way to arrive to my Active All Types. Oops! I had first to Launch (4) the Ambassador Completion, before getting to Mark Complete (5). No sweet, I went and did all of that : by now I am used to it.
What I did in plus, was document some of the steps through which I went. After having clicked on Launch, the Mark Complete Appeared. As soon as I did click on it, the Ambassador Completion disappeared from Active. 
Here I show only the top of Active "all types" on which I am currently working, before clicked on Mark Complete. The Ambassador Completion disappeared. 

To find it, I choose Completed (6). All Types are here shown, but I had too many "All Types": Ambassador Completion was not between my Curriculum (Paths) is showed like a Material (7) and as Date Added was at the third page in bottom. But when I changed it to By name (8) it come up just after those beginning by a number.

  • On the Completed page, there is my path Visionary Communication and my other four completed Paths, called Curriculum.
  • Other category is Online classes. Here you see on top, The Navigator, the Accessing Your Path, two first "classes" I opened the longest time ago, the 27 March 2017, just after I joined Pathways Education Program. I opened it from the Training and Resources to understand better "how to" do things in Base camp. 
  • Yet another Category are the Materials, the Evaluation Forms and the Project Descriptions, here you see in front the Connect with Storytelling description that I opened first, as it is my hobby, my passion. The Ambassador Completion, is in an open envelope so between the Materials.
It was all sorted by date added, so the Ambassador completion was at the bottom of the third page! After I sorted it "by name" and choose only the Materials instead of All Types, the Ambassador Certificate come almost at the top.  
As you see, now I could click on View Certificate (9), see it indeed and save it, print it, or make a screen dump (10). Was it worth describing all that? 

10 steps to get to show my Ambassador Completion Certificate. 

Yes, perhaps it is not the most intuitive interface, but once you understand how it works, no sweet, anyone can do it! Even a Pathways Ambassador or a Guide. I described it in this post, hoping if anyone has problem with them, they could learn from it. But also, somehow it seemed to me a bit like a parody. Instead to getting a nice printed certificate or plaque for all the work we did we got... instructions.

We, Pathways Ambassadors, went to a minimum of eight toastmasters clubs, for me nine at the end, presenting Pathways in some far away places. I got in one of them after two hours of public transport, bus and two trains, and then someone took me to the club with her car. Others were nearer, I could take a cab or go with bus and metro. 

We had to convince each time the President or VPE to give us time and not one far away. 

We worked with projectors we had to learn to use and a material we were given then we adapted and learned. 

We met and interacted with many Toastmasters and their Guests, me and the Pathways Guides I worked, for me three different Guides depending on the club I went. Many wonderful if fleeting meeting, but as Ambassador I remained in contact with each club and some of the most interested members, more then the six month prescribed, month by month. They could ask me questions and I send them new material I found. 

The interaction with the Pathways Guides did teach me Team work, work in a duo. 

The interaction with VPE did teach me Negotiation. The Project I studied then from Dynamic Leadership Level 3 come just in time, as some VPE were sceptic about Pathways and its introduction and told us "7 minutes presentation is enough" or worse, even "we do not have time till April". In our Region, the Pathways was launched in March and at the end, we succeeded to present at least 50 minutes in February it in all the clubs we were given. 
In all, being Pathways Ambassador was a worthwhile work and I learned through it. Relative to all I did for many month and I am still doing as much as I can, what does it matter ten steps to get to a Certificate that I can show you? In plus, I found something new I did not publish yesterday. 
 Marcus is also someone who wrote this thousand years ago, of course, even if I read it on my modern Kindle reading device. "What stands in the way becomes the way". Turning the obstacles upside down. Using the ten steps to print or show my brand new Ambassador Recognition certificate, to all of us understand better the different and indeed many ways we can see all the material we are offered through the Pathways Education. There are many, there are different, there are worth discovering, and once completed, they do not go away, even if they may disappear from a page. They can be found in another page, another section. Opened, launched, used again.
There is a way out or another route go get where we need to go. Problems, setbacks, misunderstandings are not permanent. Persisting, is worth. Reflecting, is worth. Showing it to others, I hope, it is worth too.

28 Sep 2018

Turn whatever happens to your benefit

I found paragraphs in books to give confidence, to all of us beginning Pathways or anything new.

"Doing new things invariably means obstacles. A new path is, by definition, uncleared. Only persistence and time can we cut away debris and remove impediments. "

It does apply also for a new education program, and we do need not only a new perspective, new color to see the problems that arrises, but also realize that it will profit us at the end. Not only the new program by itself, but the fight with obstacles.

I discovered Seneca, in a time of discouragement, I felt so old! I arrived at 60. Indeed, I felt older then now at 85!

Turn whatever happens to our benefit, he wrote to his young friend about "old age". He did live more then 2000 years ago, but I tried, tried, as much as I could. It is not always evident, and sometimes, it takes time of course. First, we pest against what happened to us. Against all obstacles. 

I did not say it, it is printed! 
Dammit, this sucks.

By all means, vent. Just don't take too long. Get back to work and know that each obstacle we overcome makes us stronger for the next one.

Do not discourage others!

They need all the encouragement you can give them and your experience can show them the way to go out from problems. 

As I said a year ago, in my Inspirational speech from Level 3, to Toastmasters from New Zealand and Australia: you will be just a step ahead of others, because you got the way out, and you'll be looked at as Expert! 

I am happy to say, that day, two Toastmasters decided to begin Pathways ahead of their region, and even more happy to say, they did become wonderful experts! More then just one step ahead of the others, they helped many to prevail.

We will always have some problems, let us hope less and less as the time arrives. I still forget from time to time that the Home is Under Home, and when a new system arrived at my apple devices, the Configuration again had to be changed. Dammit! Well, finally, I found out also that as TMI and Base camp are on different platforms, I have to let give information to each other. Do I like it? No. But again, my BaseCamp works and I can continue. 

27 Sep 2018

What is a story?

This morning, at our Witty Story Online meeting, I introduced the Pathways Storyswap Online to our club members and we decided to held one the 11th October inside our club: many decided to participate. Any of you is invited to come to our club then.

Then one of our new members asked me "what is a story?" 
Here is a short simple answer to it. 

We do tell personal stories and each of us experienced differently pathways: we will tell the story of it to each other! Then, we realized, chatting after the meeting, that each of us has more then one story, more then one pathways story to swap with each other! 
We will tell it to different audiences and in different setting, then gather all together and offer them to many to give courage: they can also do it and growing through Pathways Project. 

It does need of course Persistence when (not if) problems arise. But with out challenge, no grow and no stories!

Here Helen, one of our great storytellers. Graham took us with him through the travels of a woman 200 hundred years ago. I felt if I was on that ship with the sea revolting!
Gallery view that I could not save this time, only Speaker view was saved
Beside our members, we had two guests this time, here is one very happy to be with us. Both guests were asked to answer Table Topics Questions by "M" Magda, and even as her computer is still in repair, Michelle was a great General Evaluator through of use of wonderful voice variety. 
Our very happy guest - alas I snapped when her eyes closed for an instant but her smile remained
What IS a Story? We all experienced stories all our lives, yet the questions arrises again and again. My answer in the video is very short and I will have to speak more about. I have three books I offer to read to all, I have given workshops, in all stories makes us live in the moment that it is happening and we are swept away by them "what next"? They make us fear and enjoy and leave us satisfied at the end. 

Unresolved stories are too sad, for those who listen to us and for us. A story tells a message and strong one but in very subtle way, no one has to tell "I will tell you" or "I told you" at the beginning or the end. The most important thing is embedded in the story and the hero change and journey through adventures on his or her path. 

26 Sep 2018

Pathways Storyswap Online

Collaboration does pay! Team does work! I just had to begun and my creative juices flow.
How you like this image? I love it a lot! Designed in Kazakhstan, by Assyl Boizhanova, it did help to get going my creative juices and get finally going on my Pathways D.T.M Project. 

It was created first yesterday evening, for a Story Swap about Pathways the 19th of October. This morning, I woke up realizing, that I should initiate similar meetings and stories, Pathways Storyswaps by different Toastmasters having had different experiences with Pathways and different stories to tell. Bellow, just the firsts who come to my mind.

Pathways Storyswap by Beginners
Pathways Storyswap by Pathways Guides & Ambassadors
Pathways Storyswap by Pathways Champions and / Or Pathways D.T.M
Pathways Storyswap by Base Camp Managers
Pathways Storyswap by Online club leaders

This last one is already programmed now for 30 September, and another for 19 October. 

It seems to me even a better Pathways D.T.M. project that the one I begun with. And most important, already shared views with my nearest team, but will involve in it as many as I can. Besides, if you want to use it in any of your club: welcome to it! You can take out (or we will) the "Online" and add to it your club name or add the club name above the image with the date and hour. 

Share personal stories of your experiences with Pathways : joys and frustrations, how it went, what come as obstacle, how did go through it, who helped and who tried to discourage to continue on your path. What you gained from it and how did you grow through  persisting and going through your path and projects.

25 Sep 2018

Every day a meeting - most online

I live now in London, a city with 77 Toastmasters clubs or almost. If my legs where good, I could go to a meeting every evening, and some mornings too. As it is, I am member of one of them meeting twice a month, the rest of the time I visit online clubs.

Monday Evening, it is Royal Road Toastmasters. This week I was Evaluator, next will speak. 

These pictures were taken yesterday, and I published all three together after the meeting. We got the funniest Table Topics I ever heard, and I was happy to answer to one of them. Above the meeting a week ago. "Gallery view" we can see each together and see how they react.
I am club coach, or was till June? They got Presidential distinguished. I contributed a bit.

Today, Tuesday, I assisted to a meeting with Witty Birds, again TT speaker and evaluator. They meet one week early morning - it was 5 am I woke up to prepare to the meeting that starts at 6 am here, and the second week they meet afternoon here and evening more East.
An excellent Pathways Icebreaker took me all the way to Kazakhstan then from there to Assy's first trip to London. "I believed that my English was good enough" then took us with her : I followed as if I were there, moment by moment! In plus, remembered my "I believed..." adventures.

Wednesday, my toastmaster pal from almost 10 years now, comes to pick me up and we go to Lewisham Speakers club. I am Secretary, Base Camp Manager and Pathways Ambassador there now.

Thursday, are our Witty Storytellers meetings. I am President from July, a huge responsibility and I could almost tell "I believed I knew how to" Here is the add for our next meeting. Zoom link is Meeting ID: 572 286 8894 : Guests welcome to attend.

Friday, for me is Zaldy's Emperor Online pre-charter: so welcoming! Last Friday, I explained how I learned in Pathways what it meant to have a mentor and how it felt to be a Protégé, while Elizabeth told us how her 6 month as Mentor went: she got now Pathways Mentor designation!

Saturday, I spoke also at Global Trainers Online, Reflection about my journey, finishing my path.
In this Gallery view Graham, radio speaker, explains us the different microphones and how to use them.

Sundays, is Firebirds Collective one of the first online clubs for me, and I told them "it is not so easy to lead a team!". After the meeting I got a great help from Fabiola the President, an incentive to go farther on my journey.
Image taken from one of their older meetings. Perhaps, you could observe that some of us go to more then one online club, to speak, to take roles, to assume responsibilities.
Add caption

This one was taken the last Sunday after the meeting, when Fabiola, the current President gave me excellent advices. I am no longer waiting, begun...

Instead of having to wait to speak once a month at maximum, I could speak seven days a week almost!

Of course, the Projects have to be prepared and some have more tasks or/and longer reflections and work to do before I prepare the speech part. This Thursday I am the President introducing the meeting, next Monday an interview, I found my interviewer and even the subject I would like to be interviewed about as expert. I also have to prepare my speech about my Research, I read too much and have to take out only essential.  As for my third path, Manage Time, I wrote already the story I want to tell, but now, I have to revise it, rehearse it, embed it in me, and carefully note how much each part took. Plus prepare a Festival, plus prepare a whole our of Podcast for future projects.

I really have to learn how to manage my time!

24 Sep 2018

My leadership style, traveling memory lane

Sunday at Firebirds Collective, I delivered a speech from the Project "my leadership style, Level 2, the 6th or7th time. Very different one, each time. 

"A man does not cross the same river same way. The water is not the same and the man changed too."

As the river was not the same, the club different each time, and I was not the same either. This time, I traveled the memory lane and far not only in time but in place to begin it. All the way to when I was 12, to understand and explain better my style of leading. Here is the video, with interruptions and all, as it happened. 

The time mix was my fault, because another longer speech was supposed to be said, that I told Saturday, so for Sunday the sorter remained. VPE accepted, the agenda was changed, but in the TM of the meeting head, the time remained the longer one. As I was all in my head before I begun, I did not observe he presented me telling the longer time. I believed, the Timekeeper mixed it up. Sorry.

Time is important, in preparing a speech and delivering it. Next project I have to tackle, is not it a chance, is Keeping Time, that asks from me to note all the details and times spend to prepare and deliver my next speech. Any speech, any style! Noting each small task and how long it took. Another post will speak about it, I just read it again this morning. It comes, again very apropos. In time.

23 Sep 2018

My leadership style; her leadership style

Every day this week I gave a speech, told a story, hold a role. Most of it Online. Every day a meeting, every day doing something, finishing a project then my path. By Sunday, at Firebirds Collective, "nothing else remained" as my 5th path finished, the other paths waited for me to work more on the projects.

What remained was Level 2 my leadership style. The theme was travel, and I travelled through time and space, all the way to my childhood. Explaining, that I coached then lead from the bottom, from the background: that is my real style of leading.
Zooming together after club meeting

After the club meeting, I zoomed with my evaluator, the club's president, she opened my eye, guided me, and showed me how I should proceed to continue and finish my Pathways D.T.M. project!

Fabiola was not only a great sounding board, but she gave me energy and very good advices! Showed me how a great mentor can work. I Recorded part of the meeting and this picture is from the recording. 

An hour later, I begun earnestly my work to assemble my team, find a title, the target audience, a time.

22 Sep 2018

Titles go, People remain.

Today, I completed my fifth path, Dynamic Leadership. This week, I have given the last two project speeches of Level 5. It took me 9 - 10 month to finish it, but I did it parallel with other path going slow. I wanted to be sure it was the right moment for every project and used them outside the clubs mostly.
Here is the certificate with today signed. It was not yet declared to the Club Central, but the VPE approved it so I could see the certificate that TMI will send me soon.
And here is my first Level certificate, from which I could see when I begun it. Sometimes, in December so I could finished Level 1 in January this year.
As I said today, at the end of my speech, Certificates, Awards are not important, the people I met and had contact during this last 10 month are the important. Titles come and go fast, people remains.

This week I had a meeting every day, most of them but Wednesday Online. Some of the Toastmasters I meet in many clubs, we go and belong to each other clubs too. Graham here, from Australia, is President of Global Storytellers Online where I finished my last presentation today, Saturday. Zaldy is leading Emperor Online, where I spoke about how to be a protégé Friday. Svetlana is chartering her club Witty Birds, they meet Tuesday. Carole, lead the Pathways Guides for district U. Michelle created the GSO and so on. I can and will not tell you all the names of people with whom I had the pleasure to connect this ten month, some now I know already for more then ten years, some I meet recently. They are the one who matter, not my finished projects of future titles.

On the way, of course I learn a lot of new things and can talk about it or coach someone needing it.
Here is an Agenda, and I have seen it first yesterday with when I tell what Project I want to speak from, does add Project Description and Evaluation Form that the Evaluator can read and download. 

That was today at Global Trainers Online where I finished the last speech of my path. First Graham told us how to use the Microphone, that came my speech then Deniz's. Then the feedbacks.

When I come back to the Basecamp, I answered the After Questions all point and saved it, now the Reflect on your path is asking me to Evaluate the project for TMI. As soon as I did, Evaluate transformed to Launch.
Now it is waiting for me to Mark Complete, which will send the VPE a quest in Base camp, and even through TMI if the email is well set to approve my level. I did not  wait, and send a personal email to her and one hour later, when it was approved.

Only then the circle closed and View Certificate appears. I show it hear for a Level 5 but it goes similar at every end of the level.

I wanted to see this screen above to show, but as soon last level finished and approved, it suddenly disappeared from my Active Curriculum and I had to recuperate to print the certificate from the Completed Curriculum.
  1. Visually Communication - finished a year ago
  2. Presentation Mastery
  3. Leadership Development
  4. Effective Coaching
  5. Dynamic Leadership - finished today
From each path and almost every project I learned something. During which time I connected to so many wonderful people! I am 85 and I live alone, my family visits me perhaps once a month, but I do not feel lonely at all. I learn I listen I connect. Every day, many hours a day. With many or one to one. Awards, titles come and go, fast forgotten, people, memories and connections remain!

21 Sep 2018

Ben Dunllop TED Master Storyteller

Storytelling is so important! Many years ago I discovered TED talks, free to all, and this Master Storyteller I enjoyed to much: I am offering it now to you today for study. Hope, you will enjoy it too and be convinced we can study all our life. Formal or informal.
Is it only me who likes really a lot this story and this telling? Of course, I am Hungarian, and I had to hid from Nazis in Budapest, and at some time, I also lived, if only three years in America. Most important, I am a lifelong learner. Pathways learning is only one of my last prove of it.
There is always something new to learn!
Dig into Pathways, Paths and Levels, Projects and tasks.

Some can be used in a Toastmaster club, most can be used outside in work or home. In everyday life.

I just got to the project Importance of Time in one of my path. To Reflect to the Path I finished in another.

20 Sep 2018

Turn it upside down, frame it differently

I must have been 50 years old and feeling very old, when someone send me a thin book with Seneca letters to a young mentee of his. About what means growing old and how to embrace it.

Perhaps more then 2000 or 3000 years between the time he wrote it and it arrived to me. So? We did not change so much in all that years. Inside.

The book I am reading now is about how to use whatever arrives and turn it upside down. Use it, find what you can do with it.

It begins about Perception and how we see something that arrives we did not want, and use it to our benefit. Seneca was send, against his will on the shores of what is now Romanian seaside. He  find a way to use it, write, continue to have influence, and, if I remember well, even return "home" at the end. As for me, many times I had to deal with difficulties and roadblocks I did not expect, did not like. Old things we are used to and have to leave. New things that offer us unwanted obstacles.

Dammit, it sucks! We can tell ourselves, and even if we really feel it to our friends, we can take a short time to feel frustrated, but not too long. Remember, we can not fight against what happened, what did not depend on us, but we can put things in perspective and do something about it.

New things come with obstacles, as Pathways Education Program does too. The important is to persist and not give up. Look at obstacles as Opportunities, look at failures as stepping stones. When we change attitude and color of perception, we can use them to our advantage.

My observation was, and last year about this time I gave my first Pathways Inspirational speech about it, during Ablaze online meeting: When we get an obstacle, and find a way, we are one step ahead of others "Became an Expert" in their eyes. From then on, we become Guides, Helpers, Trainers.

As Pathways comes in, with wonderful content but wrinkles that have not yet been ironed out. We are happy, as Toastmasters help each other to grow and understand. I had a hero in shining armor fly on my help all the way from Toronto when I was stuck in Icebreaker and did not know how to tell "I finished" it, and then again with my Level 1, how to declare it done? He become my mentor from then on. And you know of course, then I could also help others!

I could tell many stories from my life, when a roadblock come into my way. My father did teach me at 12 to persist and not give away easy, not run away as I felt at first. I did not get always what I wanted, hoped for, needed even, but many times, I did and when not, it turned out even better in the long run.

Use the difficulties to your advantage. Tell others stories of how you fought to understand and found a way. Sometimes, the way could have even been, discovering a blogpost from here.

19 Sep 2018

Letting GO of the Words?

In a blog, all is about the words, we read! Letting go of half of them at least?

Is all about words really? 

As I go through this book, chapter by chapter, I realize how many other things count. 

The image: I did know already. The screen dumps I add to the text to make it clearer. Indeed: make clearer counts.

But also to cut in short sentences. To add titles and subtitles. To help guide the attention. 

Lots of practical tips, for adds and web pages that apply also to blogs, even the author, Janice Redish tell us.

As I read, I highlighted some sentences.

And I begun to ponder, how I drive the attention? One way is with Bold and Red.

It is also true most of the time we go to a page and SCAN instead of reading. I did it too often. Not realizing that sometimes the content I look for is hidden in small thin letter on the top. 

I begun to use more lists, and break in shorter sections also, when the image itself does not help me to do it for me.

From the beginning, I also used an easy readable Type: Trebuchet which is also bigger. Thinking of those like me that have difficulty reading small fonts.

And more illustration as I got along.

Of course, content is most important and a conversational style too and writing regularly : so you all can count on me and on the blog to be there and publish something new day by day. 

And, what was not yet in the part I read already, to be readable in many devices. That is why I choose this theme for the blog, Google does the rest for me and transforms it depending on the device read. More tomorrow. I am preparing a presentation for soon.

18 Sep 2018

Research topic: Debating

Debate, in the Firebirds Collective, just come in time. I was persuaded to participate and did yesterday. Learned a lot during the debate. Two teams of four each.

Before that, for a few days, I went in search of everything I could find about Debate. Many views and many ways, and alas, our debate "judge" did not explain us well before how the decisions will be made. In plus, of course, it was a first for most of us.

The flip side is also true and interesting  in fact
As first in "opposing" team, as in opposing the proposed, theory, I could not use my logic to show how the other team's members defended something different, not what was proposed. Here was the initial motion:

Being very wealthy is better then having great education.

I was the first speaker to oppose it, showing that Education is preferable to wealth. Because education remains with us anywhere, anyplace, anytime, while money and goods can be taken away, stolen, lost. It was true in my life, in my family life, in the life of many around me. 

I realized also at the end, that we have to be explained the Debate Rules well a few days before, so we can prepare really well to them. But I also discovered today, some great videos, teaching me to study well the opponents points before any debate.

We had a great speech with examples but speaking about relatively poor or modest families, for whom education did not help when in war or need. And also how education needs money. Of course, it was about Formal Education in Special Schools. Such an interesting subject! 

A very interesting research subject too: so much different DEBATES exist!
  • Socrate debate is ask questions. Listen well to answer. 
  • English parliament way with motions and rebutal and arguments in two teams
  • Many great videos and some quotes also that I found!
Yesterday, the meeting was in the evening. The morning, I had a zoom screen sharing, and learned again the importance of how to LISTEN and discover, the other way of thinking and doing. About that I will write one or three posts, soon. It was about how to open, read and close a Project, then a Level, then approve a Level.

And lo and behold, this morning, my Research and thus Level 1 of LD French was approved by the same to whom I showed just 24 h before how it is done, with hers.

17 Sep 2018

Finishing a Project, a Level / Approving a Level

I did succeed finally to capture the moment when the three project are "done" and the Level 1 completion of a path appears. As if it where a project, it has to be first Activated then Launched, then, after reading a page, coming back to click on Mark complete. Bellow you will find a video showing our discussion and how we closed the Project then the Level, then changing who shared screen, approved the Level.
Indeed, three steps are needed when Level 1 Completion (or any other Level) appears.
  1. Activate the Completion
  2. Launch it: read then close the text that appears
  3. Mark Complete (the level)
We realized, what I published in blog is not enough, we have to meet, share screens to understand better each other. We did it!  Zooming was easy: she was the one who encouraged me the first to use Zoom, and she knows it better then me, works through it.

In the video bellow, the following are shown as we do it.
  • Opening Base Camp and a Path, then the Level (here the Level 1)
  • Opening the whole page from the popup to see all of it
  • We discovered the project 3 of Level 1 project was not closed: here is how one does it
  • How we ask for the Level Recognition when all three projects are done 
  • Then, we changed who shared screen, showing as the BCM approves a Level

After what is here, we looked and discussed Level 2 (and then Level 3) but that will be shown in another video, in another post. Indeed, I have cut our zooming into three parts, for easier use and understanding. I believe this, and the following two, will be useful for all new Base Camp Managers and also to many toastmasters beginning Pathways. 

I have to admit, at first I was lost myself too, did not understand how to close a Level, then I learned and did it fast without really thinking any more or observing the steps needed to close a Level, before yesterday. In a Coaching, both learn! 

16 Sep 2018

When we think we know

Level 2 : Mentoring Project, "I am a mentor!" I got that project! Really? 
"Did you speak about a time you were a mentee?"
"I mentor already three people!"

Alas, that is not what the project asks from you. After telling a lot about mentoring and the difference with helping people for a specific task, it ask us to remember a time someone else had mentored us. In work or in life. 
One book lead to the other : from More then Blended --> Design for how people Learn
Easy-speak has short descriptions that make us think when we are in a hurry that we know what we do, and fast go farther. It does not tell you either, that two projects between all those we can chose from, after the first required one, are enough at Level 3. Only one "Elective" is asked from us to complete at Level 4 as all those take a lot if time, even if they have very short speech after them. 

We understand, with time, and reading a few times or reading very carefully the projects in the BASECAMP, not elsewhere a short description of it, the huge difference that is between a SPEECH and a Project. We grow when we do a project, we do not work only to give a speech. Yes, we do learn also to speak better on the way, but we learn so much more.

On the other hand, we can learn more through Google and even more from books that complement our understanding, knowledge, and later hopefully our skill to do better.

The stunning understanding, while trying to understand better how Pathways was created and why, and in which way the user interface can be made better, that some I have learned, does apply to writing a blog, this blog even! As one book lead to the other, and will speak about it another time. Soon! 

The first I become more aware of now, is this blog easy to read?

15 Sep 2018

Elective Project? We do not have to do all?

I was discussing with a VPE who is at Level 3 already and did not know, she has to do ONLY TWO of the electives projects. In plus, she asked me: "what means ELECTIVE project"? She never heard about it. She was not present when we presented as Guide or Ambassador Pathways.

Toastmaster published 10 other pages in which one can see on the left side all the "REQUIRED" projects. Level 1 same in any path. Level 2 one of them differ from time to time, it comes from the Level 3 Elective Projects. The three Required L3, one at L4 (because ask for longer time) and  two at L5, that differentiate Path from Path. In fact only one different at Level 5 as Reflect same.

At the right, from Level 3 Elective Projects (choose 2) with different color background, are all the yummy projects we can chose from. Inside the basecamp, when we do arrive there, it is clearly written also a Minimum of 2. Meaning, if we really want, we could take in more, but to pass the level 2 are only needed. 

We arrive here in the Base camp, inside our Educational Transcript, launching the path, here the Motivational Strategy clicking Level 3.  Iit is well written "Min Required 3" as  here the 3rd is the Level 3 Completion. not a project. But to be done too for the Level to be send to VPE for approval (or another Base Camp Manager) 
The second entry is Elective Projects and also Min Required 2

We look fast, without really seeing all, if my pal did not observe Elective Projects, and did not realize she does not have to do them all in order to finish her Level 3.

She did the Required and also already 3 of the Elective projects, all she has to do now is to Activate the Level 3 Completion and after reading the blabla, come back and mark "completed" also, in order for the BCM to see the level asking to be approved. 

Level 4 is the only 2 project Level, because the projects take a longer time to accomplish.
Level 5 has two Required and minimum 1 Elective, as you can see. Longer, more interesting or more important ones also.

I have to be more attentive when I write, I think everyone knows and understand the words, that myself learned over time. I do understand elective, but why "Educational Transcript"? and by the way also why Curriculum instead of Path?

14 Sep 2018

Prepare for an Interview

Prepare to be interviewed, for me the last, 12th Elective Project from Level 3, never opened before in any path. So happy, I did it now!
Till I opened Prepare for an Interview, I was convinced "it is not for me", it does teach me, again, not to have preconceptions. Open and go there with "an empty cup".

With all the questions it ask us, lets us make a real self assessment of our talents, strength, accomplishments, likes, and what part we are ready to develop now. In the project, it gives us a lot of tasks. This may remember some, a Project is not a Speech!
I did not yet answer to all this, it does take time to think about them seriously. Once I am done, I am sure it will boast my confidence, as a similar questionnaire helped me when I was 48 and looking forward to change job, as I knew can't continue as was.

Thinking about my accomplishments and what I enjoy, but also what I am interested in studying and learning about. What an interesting task! 

I do not want a new job, but I am preparing a D.T.M Project, together with the help of interviewer what I really want to do can become clearer after this project.
Am I comfortable displaying my talents, skills, interests and knowledge? Well, first of all I am going to Google all those words and understand well the difference between them. What is the difference between talents and skills? Difference between knowledge and skill? 

What I my different interests? I almost wrote "of course" no problem of displaying those!" when I realized, ah ah, no, not ready to speak about all of them! Even if sometimes, I do joke about some of those "no" in my standup comedy routine. 

It is always useful to read the Evaluation sheet second page, as it displays points the evaluator will look for in this specific project you work on. Of course, Clarity, Vocal Variety, Gestures and Comfort Level can be find in all. Here, I found two more: Poise as responding to questions and Answering Impromptu to questions.

We have been also given the different level of questions we could be asked. Simple, Challenging and Most challenging. 

We do choose who will be playing our "Interviewer" role, not the VPE and it is NOT the Toastmaster evaluating us either. We also send the Interviewer the instructions from Pathways Projects, but also our own instructions. So in some ways, we do know what we will be asked, in other ways we will also have surprises. 
Here are some of the files downloaded on my computer desk, plus the project pdf itself, which I already arranged into the folder of the 13 Level 3 Elective Projects.

To conclude? Instead of a "not for me" it become a very interesting project I am looking forward to work on. Not today, as I was suddenly asked to participate in a debate Sunday "Having money or having education" - I believe, you will guess which side I am.