18 Feb 2020

Colours for Time Keeping in Zoom

I took many photos, but most have more then one colours. I needed some, Green, Yellow, Red instead of lights or paper, using it as blackround in Zoom meetings.
I added my green peppers: they feel the screen.
Taken in a supermarket.
Then I needed yellow, less easy as did not find a yellow that I really like yet. Here is one.
One yellow pepper from my fridge
Red, not so difficult. I found them in the supermarket too, in France, and did buy some. Succulent!
I also found, if I want to show in my hand, or on a vase so it stays firmer, a green cup, green broccolis, and various other objects.

17 Feb 2020


Tulips in the spring in the garden. One spring day.

There are many other colourful images i have taken through years.

Most are flowers, others people or the Chinese New year baloins.

Some are fruits and vegetables to keep the time, online.

A green Apple, a yellowish potatoes or other times, a citron. Red apples or a tomato. Or coloured peppers.

All depend on us.

So many colours also in nature.

Some look for it under water in sea. I look at the sky and moving branches. And as above at tulips.

16 Feb 2020

Pathways on iPad works well

One member asked does Pathways and Basecamp work on iPad? Yes, I use my iPad often. 

On iPhone, i can open, discover the new online Navigator, go even to choose a path, Learn a lot of how a club works, that is all. I can not open a path, a project. 

14 Feb 2020

As Base Camp Manager - Basic facts

First, we have to understand, even if we enter from the same Toastmasters Password, and email, we can enter BASECAMP, either as a Member of a certain club, if we are in more then one, or as a Base Camp MANAGER of the club. After we worked as Basecamp manager, BCM, we have to LOGOUT and, if we want to work on our own paths, project, login again as member.

There are three rectangles we find, as we go as BCM in. The first is the more simple and more important too. That is were I can see if anyone is waiting for us to approve their Level. In fast, as for the last three month, since the gates between the Levels opened, is it less urgent. And, as for my clubs, we try to ask also by other means "please approve my level", by email, messaging, direct.

Inside Pending Request, most day is nothing, then suddenly a name with Approve / Refuse. Green is the approve and it is just a click on it and the level is considered done and verified. It happened only once, that I had doubts, and I asked "when did you do the Second speech of the Evaluation and Feedback"? It seems he did not understand that he has to do it. Now, we are waiting for it. 

In the Pending Request there is also a box to write a letter to the member having asked and Send.

Manager tutorials ? There are so many! So well done! When time, go through them one by one. Some are very short videos, other texts. 
The different possibilities to look for one answer, appear when we click on them. So for example, Printing Certificates, is inside Level Completion. From one, the other opens, so it is worth taking some time and browsing, and not only the first time, also when did not use a feature for a time.
As for me, I really love those short videos, even if they are sometimes, too fast for me, and then, I go twice to remember well what comes after what.

They can be Launched directly, or as any other resource asked and put inside your "Transcript folder" along the paths.

If you opened it, went through it once already, the second time, we are asked "again"?
Those are the "old" ones, in Text, I love them less, but they also give answers to what interest us. In a different way. 

As to the Member Progress, is my least favorite part, as it always seemed to me strange to have buttons to show only when we hover over in the corner they are! Plus, the necessary Refresh is long, and without it whatever we find is old news. For Details, we have another  button inside the interior square, and just recently I was shown how important  informations are to be found inside the Export to Excel. The details of Projects we have Activated in each Level, Path, but alas, Level by Level. We have to extract and save one level at the time. 

While I was happy to have those data, I also think it is too much work for them! If needed, as VPE I can look back at the Agendas printed from Easyspeak. When I was the first time VPE and President, I had a huge notebook with each member having a page. I still think, less work then in digital age... 

Search "base camp manager" and you will see that I have written other, useful posts with the same subject. Here is one of them, I recommend specifically. 

12 Feb 2020

Learning to speak to the level of each.

In order to see well, here are my top badges. The small numbers almost under each shows how many times I have done "it". Engaging Humor and Visionary Communication - Activated 2 means I have begun them again, after completing the paths. Level 1, so far, finished 11 times, as well as Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4. When I finish a path, Engaging Humor Proficient, is seems remain here. Level 5 achieved once? It means, after the Level 5 is separate from finishing a Path, itself. Here are only the Badges that were on the top. I  repeat the basics many times, do not even think a lot how I do it. 

Have to be careful.

In the Pathways Discussion Panel, Brenda said, there are Retired and Retired persons, different from each other. Indeed, I love to learn, teach, show. And blog, explain. Not everyone spend so much time, and loves it with Toastmasters and Pathways as I like to do. 

I just come out, left it before it was over, from a conference speaking of Zoom Phone, or Zoom Audio Conference. OK, it is Free, very nice picture! and two men who spoke English, but for me above my head. Yes, 500 improvements, every month some. Still did not understood what is about. 

We have to be very careful, to take all who comes from ABC and not think, they will know all we know. They will understand, what is BCM for example. What is Curriculum, and so on.
Very nice feature of Zoom, Breakout rooms, Carrie from Taipei, needed it, and for her, I learned. Being a mentor, in my opinion, more a Coach for her, or anyone else helps also me. 

11 Feb 2020

Went in as BCM seen Details, Level by Level

Once we know where to click, for the arrow to appear, we can Refresh, get details, export. Level by Level. Who, path, what Projects finished. When finished.

Alas, I see the opened, Activated Projects as "in progress" even from a completed path, finished 2017.
But Info that I de not remembered, appears. Here a small part of the exported Level 4. Is it a Required or an Elective, those I  remembered. But not the dates. 

One can export, or save in different places and formats. Up to us, what  we do with  the information. This is a club, where most are in many others clubs, and at this time, only few have this club, I am VPE, as Base Club, home club. Besides, I wanted mostly to show my data, not to make public, someone's other. Only those Activated, show, as in Progress. Or completed.
And here  are the completed Paths. The ones I begun second time, no more between them. 

10 Feb 2020

How to create Zoom Rooms for a Table Topic Contest

And possibly without doing the Area contest, face to face, asked me Carrie, from Taiwan.
How to host it "online"

Mistaken identity story

Competent Communicator: Mistaken Identity told with Spark London: I was stunned to see how automatic came the face and arm movements and also quite happy with the pace and rythme of voice as its variety.

My English did improve, from 2010, my Humor also a bit.

This version, available for the moment for a week, was not the first. Before, I told my story in London clubs. Here in a theatre, with 60 in audience. It is a true story.

Will tell I now for the Level 1 Humour. A bit different, have to shorten. But will cut in two.

Observation: "cave" in French is "cellar" in English - but I have mistaken it that day, my daughter lived in some kind of basement... not a real "cave" an old vine cellar in the middle of a garden. But it was really a trap door (with window on it) that was the only entrance and gave the only natural light.

But, my error just brought up more laughter from the audience...

And at the end of the evening, a young woman came to me, telling me how much my message meant to her, it was the encouragement she needed at that point of her life. Already for her, it was worth telling that story.

It changed, evolved, and I think, the change itself is interesting.

That was not the first time I told it, it was perhaps the third time, as delivered it almost a year before in one my Toastmasters clubs. And delivered later, to pro audiences, being paid a bit for it.

That story is very dear to me also as it was the first time I got so many laughter and someone told me "You are a natural" go learn standup comedy. Standup? What is that? The rest is history...

From this on, I told the story two more time correcting cave and changing a little, as I do not learn word by word. Now, I got a new view and assessment to that story and will try to tell it next week, with a new focus: Yes! I will do it. More, when I have done it.

8 Feb 2020

Visit Online Clubs! Early Saturday Global Trainers Online

Not only, because the virus makes some fear to meet in person, also to discover the new possibilities available to all of us! 
Julian Merlo, our President presentation
This morning, at the Global Trainers Online, three great speech deliveries and a Training Topic session delivered by me, we had guests not only from USA, Saudi Arabia, but also a few from China, the first time online! 
Charming and determined, they wanted to learn "how to".

A great background, well prepared, wonderful lightening, discreet listening devices. Would you believe, it was her first ever visit to an online club?

Whatever reason, each one arrived, they learned from us, and we learned from them.

As one of them told us, "we did not feel strangers, we felt already between pals".

I asked TT questions, which in this club is called "Training Topics", to get advice and reasons, why we should hold one, or a few, Online Trainings in our Area. Our clubs, our districts.

Brian hold an adhoc Panel, that in my opinion went so well! Julian and Mufid gave each great presentations. It is worth to get up at 5:30 for me, to get  lost with pleasure in this camaradery.

5 Feb 2020

Members access and path selection

A slide from Trish  webinar yesterday night. I was not able to incorporate the  whole hour, find it on YouTube at the laser  Tuesday tips and tricks.

4 Feb 2020

One more post about feedback

I need Level 1 and it's second project. It teaches, not only to repeat a project, better, but to take a feedback as it comes.

That is easy when most is specific. 
That is easy when most is admiratif.
Not so easy, when someone destroys all you said, and mostly without any specific exemples, and tells nothing positive.

Sunday, it did happen to me. 

True, I was not as prepared as I should have been, but I made them listen and laugh almost all the way. True, I added, some material working great in Standup clubs not I an a toastmaster environment with some couples, married for 50 years. 

Still, it really hurt.

I asked for others to send me also a feedback.

Still waiting for my official evaluation but I got one long email, very specific and in all nice, but also telling where I can improve next. So much depends how you present, your recommendations. So much to learn still!

3 Feb 2020

Integrating Pathways in Club Meetings Strategies

So many ways we can use in the club to speak about Pathways Projects, Evaluations, Levels, and so on. Here is a great video suggesting them. 

D62 has many useful other videos also, this was lead by Lori Haynes. So many great ideas in 20 minutes! 

2 Feb 2020

Which DTM seems easier?

From TMI we side, go to Education
From education choose Distinguished Toastmaster, it is one of the last choices. There, we get a comparison between what is still called "Traditional" and Pathways which will soon be the only one.
Which seems "easier" to you. None in fact.

40 communication projects, yes, but usually less text, less things to do like in the 30 something for 2 paths where some projects take also longer to complete. More leadership projects, for Pathways. 12 month in Club Committee instead 6.  More District roles and helping clubs.

In fact, just different. And of course, more modern.

1 Feb 2020

Brexit gave me inspiration

Brexit was voted 2 ½ years ago, this morning, as it begins, I remembered that time, and a funny Icebreaker come out from it that I will deliver tomorrow. EH Icebreaker. 
In fact, the theme come to me as I listened to President od France, Macron speech about Brexit.

Is it useful outside Toastmasters, is the question. In my case, I could take into it what is outside. It, in this case is my next project.

31 Jan 2020

Changes are here, they will be made...

As we approach June, there are some Toastmasters who feel like their world, as they knew it is falling appart. Their education program changed, three years ago, but they still can use the old, also, till end June.

Many who begun the new, got used and to see the importance of the new, Pathways system. Basecamp improved every month last year. But for some, still seems like a menace.

What can we say to them? How to make them try out at lest the web based program? Dip their foot in, look at it with beginners eyes, learn enough to be able to continue giving feedback.

In truth, verbal feedback can be given as usual, in the meeting. And written one, well it can be read and filled... Roles, do not change in the meetings. Still, it would be better, instead of a feared ghost, at least know enough to tell what is that really pains still. What the Summit team has still to change.

And decide, that they have to publish somewhere the changes they make.

For me, French citizen in London, the date arrived. Brexit alas decided, approved. Till end of year it will be implemented. I am not happy, still anxious. But I know, I just have to keep up, find out what impact it has in my own life.

30 Jan 2020

Take our time

Taking our time is not so easy. Slowing down, more complicated nowadays as it was. Alas, I have time but do not use it always, wisely. Forget also to show a moment in time, scene by scene, instead of telling or peaching. Really entertaining.

Thousand years ago, already was known. One place, one time. One scene at a time. Julie, remember!

29 Jan 2020

We can have each project - if we want

 A long discussion. Some do want to receive beautiful manuals. With all projects.

At the beginning, I also wanted printed. Of course, we can download and save all projects. Pass them to someone, even if that is not legal. Print them.

Nowadays, all projects from our path. Old and new path we have. Who needs a glossy cover? 

Look, how I assembled them.

When I was still printing. The ink cost a lot, and the characters are relatively small. With time. I get used to read on my iPad. Change the sizes at my need, my will. 

Other discussion? Do you still write with a crayon? Not a pen? Not computer? 

Or you say the story you prepare in a recorder? 

Record on video?

Alone, or telling to someone and looking for feedback, letting it grow.

Being in the moment. Not as easy as I thought. Showing instead of telling.

27 Jan 2020

Meet online

Meeting old pals is always a pleasure. And when cannot go out, online clubs are great.

Yesterday, I met at one early meetings some, and one of them even later. 

And I met a toastmaster from near London with whom we go way back. He was ill longtime. I do not go out a lot either lately. We were at 9 am both at the Firebirds Collective meeting.

Andrew, à tenor with wonderful voice and great movements, but also great storyteller, come for the first time. He also immediately participated and gave great feedback to the speaker. Linda, was from Leads, UK. Other members? Mathilde from Germany, Samir from London as me. We had a member from India too. And my friend Geni from New Zealand.

24 Jan 2020

How to print a certificate for a club member

Login to TMI then to the Basecamp, from your Profile, here "Welcome Julie", as Basecamp manager. See bellow the first blue rectangle's Checkmark. If more then one club's BCM then choose which.
That is the first step, in the profile, or ... point from smartphone. There are three options available to you, first Approve a level, last is Tutorials. This is after opening the Tutorials and clicking on the third rectangle, Level Completion.
Then look up the short tutorial videos. At the Level completion the Printing is the third, after you click on it. Short, fast, I had to look twice to remember and again, when time passed. You can request any of the videos, then are available to you after login as Basecamp manager.

In the first rectangle as BCM, Approve Levels, I found a member of my club, waiting approval for the last speech and Level completed this week. Clicked on Green and wrote a short note to him "approved". Remember well his name, lager you have to Search for him, specifically, to get to his path and transcripts.

Launch, shows to short video once, Request does add it to your Active Projects of BCM, and even if looked once, you can look at it, again and again.
The member is on Presentation Mastery path, he also opened and looked at The Navigator. I opened the Curriculum first, then went to his Level 1 "View Details".
Here are the Details of his Level 1, the last item is View Certificate.
Here is the Certificate. Now, I could save it, send it, print it. 
To be presented to him to the next club meeting in a festive way.

I am just the Secretary, so I send the certificate to our club President, to print and present him.

23 Jan 2020

Instead of general, tell a personal story

Rabi Lau on importance of personal storytelling  Instead of numbers, or at the same time as giving the context, isolate a community, a family, one person. That makes more sens to students, to all of us. We understand suddenly better, we can sens it almost as happening to us. Use a case, an image, a moment.  Told ten years ago, about his visit to the camp he was held as child, after 50 years he was last there, in the camp.

22 Jan 2020

Blogging gives me a lot

I would not go so far as to say, I may not exist without blogging, but daily blogging, expressing myself, knowing I am read, making contact and hoping it may even help someone, adds more meaning to my life.

It is cold outside and my heating stopped yesterday noon. We are still waiting for the repairman to come and fix it. Meanwhile, we put lots of dress on us, and I took out a warm wool cover. Good days ahead, soon.

18 Jan 2020

Online toastmasters clubs

I found today an end of year 2017 in my Facebook memories. Or perhaps, it was from January 2018. Our club between the first few online clubs created. Witty Storytellers Online, was the 6th in line. Nowadays there are more then 26!

In plus, we were the first Speciality online: all about Storytelling! Personal storytelling. From Advanced club, we decided to become Community club, so we  can welcome also beginners or not yet toastmasters to become TM in our club.

Everyone has a story to tell! In fact many stories.
Firebirds and Netizens chartered the same time, even if Netizen is told to have been before with 5 days. They paid faster it seems. Truth, they also existed a lot longer online, a lot longer before chartering.

Huron is a society club, closed.
Buddies was first all from Chinese Toastmasters, new ones and, first payed by a benefactor. Nowadays, it is a lot more diversified.

Witty Storytellers Online, the first ever Speciality online club, was created by me with a group from which most arrived from Firebirds. We also remained members of Firebirds or other clubs we come from for long years. I am still (or again) member of Firebirds Collective, was absent only for one year.

As for now, 27 online clubs formed, and here they are from TMI website. Choose at least one! So much can be learned in an online club: online presence more and more necessary to learn too.
And a lot of camaraderie. Knowing each other most often better then from a club we can touch each other. We touch each other emotionally. We see our children. Each other rooms, most often too. Learn Zoom, that is mostly used nowadays.

15 Jan 2020

Level 2, before Level 1?

From September on, one can do, on Basecamp, the Levels in any order.

I did not like, for long time, level 2. But...The Level 2 of EH is a delight, and why not try, this time, go directly to it? Only three Projects and three, if important tasks. And one of them, Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring is in all Paths, but this time, I can to tell about me, as protégée in a Humorous way.

What an interesting challenge!

It will take time, to complete this Level, and see how that happens. But what a great challenge to tackle all projects with wit and humor even if not specifically asked.

Last time, with Visionary Communication I just done the Research Project first in Level one, this time, one more step, outside the "usual".

14 Jan 2020

NOW we can again select a path we Completed

I tried it out for you. Plus, I decided to take a path from beginning again. The only paths not available to me, where those Active in my Basecamp that I am in Level 4 or 5 now.

I hesitated to take or not the 11th path, the one I did not try yet, but no, decided replacing rather the Humor path. Love its projects and end more.

Attention! One can continue only after choosing the web (or the other) option AND the language.

Again as bellow, we have to confirm our options before going farther. Here how it should look, before we are allowed to continue.

And again, conforming is necessary and is shown as above.
 Then only we can click on Continue and go farther. 
Take an Assessment if you hesitate which path you need, want.
I knew I wanted Engaging Humor, but looked again at its projects.

Then I looked to be sure at all projects. Only those currently I am on where forbidden. It is normal, I am doing them currently, on level 4 or 5, with long projects I can not rush.
And then finally, I was allowed to choose EH but again, had to click on Continue before. Many times, many times, first choose then click on Continue.

And finally, I was told to pay for it. That part, will not show here. All the joy for 20$ again. I was warned, the old EH transcripts will disappear. After I paid, it did not arrive instantly.  But at third look in my Basecamp, it was there!

Now, I can be again a beginner, and do the path even better, differently as last time.