18 Jun 2018

What to use as DTM Project?

Now, that I have four, not only two paths finished, and have been sponsor, and committee member in the club, I needed to Mentor a club to Distinguished: it got President Distinguished. I am not sure, how much I helped them, but I did try.

I was Ambassador in a district, finishing end June and I am Guide in the undistricted (that will finish in fall. All the requirements for a DTM there, but the final project. 

I have said to myself, even to others, why should someone want more then one DTM? "you can not be DTM square!" Now, it laughs back to me, as I do want a Pathways DTM. 

A project that helps an organization? Almost anything advancing Pathways would.
A team with whom we could accomplish a specific, useful project? That depends on the Project. 

I decided this morning, it will be a new project, decided after I finish the Panel moderation about Ethics, as a lot of emphasis is put in the DTM project on ethics. I remembered, Spinoza Ethics. Philosophy I loved a few years back. Reread some of it, no, it is not that kind of "ethic", it is more about "business or team collaboration ethic". Also as conducting a team, on Emotional Intelligence I am studying now in another path. Yes, it is said to use what we learned or learn in different paths.

As a Pathways Pioneer, blogger, forum moderator, I did or do mostly lonely work not so much organizing a new team. So tonight, the question still open: what do choose? Till it was "one step at a time" it was easy. But now I have to go up, and with a team together! Suddenly, each step up seems so high and the end not clear. Yet.

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Diane said...

Hello. I am looking into this too. However, i just started 5/2019 which means Im already on the pathways program. I just dont know what the DTM project means any idea?