26 Jul 2020

Finding my vision?

In the Visionary Communication path, I finished my "elective project" the Moderate a Panel, and I am now waiting, for the authentic, special vision to come to me. ---  3 years ago ---
But looking back again to the Project, I realised : I have to begin!

The vision will not descend on me by itself.

I did in fact have an "impossible dream" and it was said that at the beginning to go for it. But when it does not depend on me, then I try and find that indeed, it is like reaching for the impossible dream, as in the Don Quichotte de la Mancha. I do want it but will not spend my energy fighting against others.

It is great to begin "without limits" as it was said in the first pages, but then I have to step farther. I am happy to learn all this during the project, of course, but I do have to have the courage to begin.

I was afraid when I looked at this. But looking farther,

I understand now better, that the project is in two times.

First, I "find a vision" without making plans to implement it.

Later, comes to make a plan.

"The important is to be an authentic vision for me, and then, giving a speech of 5 to 7 minutes about it before an audience."

Only after having "my vision" should I try to look and put it in smaller, achievable tasks.

Yesterday, I was even told, "it does not matter how much I achieved from them, the beginning steps already are the most important". Yes, true. And being able then to speak about the planned steps, for other 5 to 7 minutes. What I have to show the VPE at the end of this project, is not the achieved vision but my plan to go towards it.

That seems immediately more achievable.

"Imagine! Be specific. Imagine the outcome scenario with  details : outside details and your thought and feelings when you will be there." Painting a mental picture, both physical and emotional help to build and go farther. As it does when we tell a story!

So I should begin, telling a story to myself.

As soon as I decided this, I read further: it is not enough!

"Brainstorm with a buddy, write down all your thoughts and feelings. Even the smallest, to help emerge the core issue. Find the Why you want it. And what is the most important for you over the time."

And now, suddenly, I am finding a page that brings me back to what I just did Thursday: Research.

Remember? Research is the last project at Level 1, that I just finished again in another Path.

I find it very useful that all along the levels we can and should do farther research in whatever project we are. Even at Level 5 as here. Never stopping at all what we are told inside the project itself, but urged to go and discover farther. I like this a lot in the Pathways Projects and spirit.

"Create a Vision that enhances many areas of Your Life and it is Uniquely Yours." Will try.
then, suddenly I find what I did not do - yet. In the project, there is an image I did not copy.
I will do this from today!

Begin, to record ALL my thoughts and feelings in detail. In tryuth, I did begun then even lost the place where I did and got caught up with many many other things.

I can write day by day in a blog, I can write day by day in a diary, so I should be able to write also about "vision" to discover "mine and authentic" and for which I am ready, not only to put a lot of my time and effort, but even, later... write a plan. As writing a plan down is really not "my thing". But as I read the project again, that will come in the next stage.

For the moment, let me develop my "impossible", but perhaps in some ways, "possible" dream. Talk about it before others. Then I will go and face my second hurdle, to cut it in "achievable tasks with dates" and give a second speech.

Indeed, when you cut in parts, it seems more possible.

My initial dream was about making pathways known wider, and in some ways I am on it already with this blog. The first 8 posts were for a project, the rest where for me and for you all who need it.

I love when Pathways Projects challenges us. I hate sometimes to go so out of my comfort level, but I already know from my experience that with it "my comfort level will be enlarged" at the end.

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