24 Jul 2020

My Vision: how it developped

I live in London now, and Monday, I went all the way near Vancouver - remote. Explained my path togffward my "vision" to members of Royal Roads, in Victoria BC. Brian, has created it with two other Toastmasters living there and opened it remote.

)--- first vision speech  Aug 2017  ---

I do believe, still have to work on it, my vision and also my speech to explain it. 

When one arrives to level 5 of the Visionary Communication, the "vision" project ask for two different speech. One before we make a plan with goals and timelines, this is it. Then another, with details how we will achieve what we decided is our own authentic vision. 

Tuesday afternoon, I participated to another meeting, online this one, the Toastmaster Viviana was from Malaysia, members from Venezuela, Bangladesh (my evaluator) and China. 

I spoke showing my slides created with Presentation Software through Zoom's 'show screen' feature, speaking of my "green screen" images projected behind me and how I put them in the Zoom's images, and then about the importance of the light. I found out, that if is best when I put my light 3 meters farther to illuminate even the screen behind me. One more project completed.

Wednesday, I went to my ground club, the VPE of the club came to pick me up with his car. I delivered for the first time an Active Listening project. I was Table Topic Master. Questions around bad and good holidays. After each answer, to witch I listened very actively, I resumed shortly what I understood from the answer and delivery combined, while the member or guest was near me yet.

Should the toastmaster be still there when I speak shortly? That was the only objection of the VPE, who has still to send me a written feedback, he told me while bringing me home. "It almost look like a discussion then" he told me. Is it bad? I felt almost as it was good.

Afternoon, before the meeting, I went all the way to Washington DC, and was the Toastmaster of the meeting, through GoToMeeting platform this time. 

The first time I was Toastmaster leading a meeting from afar, with some members I could not see, or did only when come to speak. 

A lot more difficult then with 100% online meeting, when we can see all, or at least all that have roles at the moment.

This night, I woke up and paid my dues to the first toastmasters club. The one I was decided to keep. Another, I paid last week and is chartering next week in Vancouver during the convention. 

Not every week is so full! But yes, sometimes I do go all sails up and the wind is in good directions and I do advance. This week, I delivered speech for two of the three projects of Presentation Mastery, the two elective projects. The third was delivered three weeks ago. A persuasive speech. Which was not enough persuasive. I still have to improve on it. Next week, I will try it again. 

Most important is to advance, even with my legs hurting after a longer outing, even with me often up in the middle of the night. It is a good time to create a new story from an old memory.

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