15 Dec 2019


There are lots of tutorials available: short videos that explain a thing or other. Most of them I have never looked or seen. Are they new or where they always available and it was just me who did not see?

--- post from 1/5/18 --- still needed now

There have at left Home, at right Compatibility Check, so probably I believed that once the compatibility check is done... 

First, I was unhappy, because you can not click on the title and go to them: we have to hover under the title, then go down to the gray letters under them and click on them! 

What kind of interface is that? 

Perhaps it was the reason I neglected to observe how interesting those Tutorials and Resources were! They are answering to many questions I posed and still pose! 

For example, this one "Accessing your path" tells me that I can open it clicking on the Tile named My Educational Tutorials, or go down and click inside the rectangle to my path(s). While each takes me to my path and from there to my levels and projects, the experience is not exactly the same. One of the options lets me easy access also completed path or those I did archive for some reasons. The reason was that I have looked then did not want to be there to disturb. Like a clean Tile when I am working or showing them. 
Here some tutorials waiting for me to look at. I will see what each of them says and I am sure I will learn something, if not else then how to speak about them. I did not know to use the word "Tile" till now for example! I just used "rectangle".

If I want to see only Paths and Projects, I have to chose only "Curriculum" and not "All". This are only a few on the top, as they are arranged. And yes! 

Looking at left, I see there are also Project Descriptions! Interesting!!! Have to open and see how far those go. 

I can launch Storytelling and I get a few sentences what I will have to do. Find a story or stories, then tell it in a meeting. It does take time, to craft a good story, but not so long finally. 
It is a Level 3 elective project.

And now, I opened this which is a level 5 required project for the Dynamic Leadership. It seems to be a whole different "game of ball". Is it how one is expressed? 
As you see, it ask you to lead a team for 6 month. While serving, ask your peers to complete a 360 degree evaluation: 6 pages full of telling how they see you! 

Then only 'go and speak for 8 to 10 minutes about your experience as leader'. 

And yes, you do not have to tell what they did write about you! Your speech can be humorous, informative or any style and NOT a report on the content of the project. More, your reflection of your experience and / or the impact of the evaluation on you. So the speech itself as well your role as leader inside or outside Toastmasters is up to you. But it has to last 6 whole month! Not the same amount for one project then "tell a story". 

So how long is a project? It all depends! 

And of course, farther we go in levels, usually longer it takes to complete a project. Better study them before choosing which Path you take. If your are a leader in the club for example, it comes natural, but you still have to wait six month. Even if it does not tell when the 'take a role for six month' has to begin. Can you take it at the beginning of the Path? Or when you arrive at level 5 at this project? When you ask to be evaluated for your role? All along or just at the end? I believe, all that is left for you to decide.

Both projects are interesting and very different. You can choose a path that has or not the last one, Storytelling is an elective in every path at level 3, you do it or not. I already did it in two of my path. But I told stories all along another "any style" they say usually.

Researching the Tutorials, I learned now for this post, what awaits for me at the end of my last path, that I have taken because I wanted to learn and speak about Negotiating.

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