3 Dec 2019

May 2017: Level 1 VC - first

5 May 2017, first time I finished Level 1.
15 May 2017, finally I got it approved

Why did it take so long? 10 days. Because no one in the club needed an approval, none knew yet how to do it. I was the first in the club to finish a Level. The VPE could not figure it out, finally the President did.

I was so proud of myself, I got my first ever Pathways Award! At my old age, I proved I can still do something new. I still remember the joy!

From that time on, I proved, proved proved.

This toastmasters year, here are my awards. Yesterday, my last was approved and got it in club central in 10 minutes, or less. So far, 8 Level awards for this TM year.

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