29 Dec 2019

if We want to repeat a path we liked

I tried the new way to choose a Path: the only path I was allowed is the 11th path, the one I did not have yet.

i refused of course that path, and yet could not have any other.

this time, it was only a test...

Other problem: a few month ago, I was not only allowed to take the second time Visionnary Communication that I did begin and finish in 2017, but Level 1 went without problems. I got my certificate a few month ago. Level 2, oups! my certificate was suddenly the old one, from May 2017!

Of course, I still could repeat any path or project completed if I do not carry at all of awards.

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Helen said...

What an amazing blog with lots of useful information. I have added this to my resource list.
Thanks, Helen