30 Dec 2019

Already three years! Named Amassador

Already three years!

It seems to me as if it was yesterday. 

Three years ago, I really needed the Think Positive Project. I was deeply down. I was not named as Pathway Guide, as I requested and was almost sure I will get. 

After all, in my district I was the only one with experience in Pathways, having gone remote access to District 27, Pilot then, to learn it.

was this three or two years ago? Last year, I got in December Europe first Pathways Distinguished Toastmaster. 

So many clubs visited as Ambassador and later, for undistricted clubs, as Guide. A lot of work that gave meaning to my life. Lots of Toastmasters met, advices, stories told. I did not feel so old any more. 

what will 2020 bring? 

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