3 May 2020

For newcomers to Pathways: a few posts I recommend

12 old posts I would recommend to those who start now in Pathways
those posts could avoid some "beginners problems" I experienced as user or coach
Click on one and a new window with the blog post will open
------  republished from December 2017 ----- 

Before you chose your Path : do not chose by the title, as I did first time

Configuration setting : let them pop up! all projects are on a popup

How to log out? for long time, I did not know how

The importance of feedback when one project can hide 3 tasks

How to Finish a Project, etc: I become "expert" first falling in this

More detailed "Finish my Icebreaker?" coaching example

What IS in those 5 levels? : just an overview of levels

Evaluation forms in pathways: very similar to each other

Some curious interface issues: best to know about them

Do not chose Printed Path, here is why - I fall in this too

How we enter changed!  we like change, do we?

Every day I can go to another online club


Magda said...

Julie, early in the new year, I want to share this post with my B&M team members.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Do share with them