8 May 2020

Fast Track

1. What is Fast Track?

Fast Track is a fun and interactive way to learn skills from Toastmasters International. Users can start with an optional self-assessment, watch three instructional videos, record themselves giving a speech, and then re-take the assessment to track their growth. The first course focuses on learning public speaking skills and we hope to expand to cover other subjects.

2. How much does Fast Track cost?

Fast Track costs $4.99 USD per course.

3. Why was Fast Track created?

Everyone learns differently, and Fast Track is aimed at people who need to learn skills quickly. If someone has a big presentation at work or a wedding speech coming up, Fast Track is designed to help them!

4. How can I purchase Fast Track?

To make your purchase, visit bit.ly/TI_FastTrack. Next, click on the course you are interested in, scroll down, and click “Add to Cart.” Follow the steps to create an account and complete your purchase.

As you see, it has 3 main lessons: 1. speech preparation 2. Voice variety 3. Body language.

5. How can I access Fast Track?

Once you’ve purchased Fast Track, you can access the course on your computer, phone, tablet, or TV. Complete the course at your own pace.

6. Can I go back and watch the videos again after completing Fast Track?

Yes. If you purchase the course, you are free to go back and watch the educational videos at any time.

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