2 Jun 2018

How many Projects in a Path?

How many Projects in a Path? How many can be read, saved, printed? Used to speak, to do or get inspired from? Helps us improve our knowledge? Hone our skills? Reflect?

In any path we work at 14 Projects and a minimum 15 speeches going after them. Well a minimum. Fifteen is the number we usually remember. 
Ribbons from TMI for Level Achievements L1 to L4 colourful

3 Required Projects, always the same at any path, at Level 1 it begins with an Icebreaker (so many things to tell about us) and the basics (in all 5 tasks), 3 Required Project at level 2 from which sometimes 1 is different, and a "minimum 3" at level 3. Level 4 only 2 Projects but Required and Elective longer one, skills are not learned in a day, and at level 5 there is a Required project specific to the path, an Elective at minimum and in all path Reflection about the Path closes the Path.
The levels in every path and the minimum requirements to pass to another level

What does in mean "minimum"? 

From level 3 we get on each Level one "required" Project, very specific to the Path.
And near it a lot of projects from which we can choose. 2 electives at "minimum" at level three and one each at the next two levels. From how many "electives" can we choose a minimum of 4 to go through the path? From 27 different one projects! 

Of course, in order to decide which one we would take on we can Activate, Launch any of them or all of them. Once launched, read, study, save or print any of them, even those we finally decide "this for another time." 

As I just arrived at Level 3 I can show you how my level 3 Electives look, they are same in each path. They differ only if one of them was used in Level 2 of course no more in.
Difference between Activate (not yet opened) and Launch (opened already) Between those I already opened the Using Presentation Software, but this time I am decided to open all of them.

The continuation of all the yummy Level 3 electives. I still remember the huge joy when I arrived here in my first path, Visionary Communication. Suddenly, I could Activate, Launch any of them! From these, I already activated Understanding Voice Variety, because yesterday I was given a feedback that I could improve in that. Indeed. Beside, it is a great project. 

Those two would be my "minimum" Level 3 elective projects. If I did not decide, that this time I try to do them all. Indeed, I will get "awarded" only from the minimum two but we can open (Activate, Launch) all, one after the other. Save, study, and even print them - if I have still enough ink in my printer. I will put all these projects in "Level 3 bonbons" folder on my computer and somewhere in the cloud where I will find them even if my computer crashes. Being able to have all of them on my fingertips, now and from now on, is wonderful!

Will I really speak from each of them? I hope, that I will be able to have the patience for all of them, even if some interest me more then the others. I will also be able to speak about them from then on. I did already 8 of them on other paths, but some I love so much that I will do again for sure. The others could also offer some interest, I can not know till I do not open and study them. 

It will take time, sure. So what? After having finished 4 path, I am not in a hurry! 

How I will associate all of them with a picture? I will see when the project arrives. I got a lot of interesting pictures of my own and access to other's. That is part of my decision for Motivation Strategies path I am working on now, that will be my 6th. My 5th path I am already in the last level, and a Panel discussion is programmed for end of June, which is one of the Choice for Electives.

To the question "how many projects in a path"? we can answer 15 or we can say 36! A lot of material available for us in a path!

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