4 Oct 2019

Motivational Strategies: Electives and Choices

Sometimes, words can hurt. "You look only for your advancement" and "don't look for the club members" told me recently one of my five clubs VPE. 

In my opinion, without looking to discover what and how I did. "That is why I did not approve your level 4, alas, the president did". Yes, I did offer level 4 of my MS path to that club, and got the award.

Motivational Strategies path is the path where I decided to do all, or most of the electives. Plus speak of photography or at least, show a photo at each project.

As you may see, I did ALL Level 3 Projects, and now I can speak about them if needed. It was not only to discover and learn, also to be able to share.

Then, I got to Level 4 and it took me a long time to discover, how I may share my podcasts, before deciding, I will put that project aside, come back later. There were so many wonderful podcasters!

Then I took one to one all the other Level 4 electives and went through them. Done them. Read, discovered, done the tasks, spoke as needed. 

All but the podcast, the one still waiting for other time, other occasion. Perhaps, a day, its time will come also.

Now, I can help anyone, can tell all who needs also about the Level 4 Electives: gone through them all.

As normal, some I love, some less, but all done.
As you see, there are many of those too.

Most Level 4 electives take longer, others just a meeting, but even those has to be prepared carefully. 

Many of them, I really like a lot, and yes, did them already more then once.

Managing a difficult audience, that interrupts you had been very useful to me, when at this summer's family gathering a younger women suddenly stood up, and tried to tell something as I hold a microphone and begin to speak about how our common ancestor survived.

It was no more a fun in the meeting, but real life, and I handled it really well. Most of the Level 4 projects are really useful in todays life.

Question and Answers session, Manage Online Meetings, were usual for me. All have to learn how to. 

Write a compelling blog, well, I asked someone who did not do it yet, to read my posts for a month and give me a feedback. In two different clubs, I spoke about my Public Relation Strategies. 

Manage Projects Successfully was the most difficult for me, as again asked for a TEAM. I had already other teams to work with or for, in other paths at the same time.

Only then did I go back to the Required project "Motivate others", because I knew, when I finish it, it will show my Level 4 finished too, with 7 Projects instead of only One, minimum.

Again, a team.

Not easy, I tried. Perhaps, not as well as I had my fill of Teams and Projects. 

In all, I still felt that I did a good job, and yes, aside of my curiosity to discover Projects, to learn, I was also ready and still am ready to speak about all the projects - all the Level 3 and Level 4 Electives that are in almost all Paths anyone takes on.

I do believe, "personal advancement" does not clash with club members need, with the need of those who discover or want to know about pathways. Even now, that all can read all projects, personal experience is useful, personal point of view. 

I feel that I did earn my Level 4 award of Motivational Strategy.

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