30 Aug 2019

Active paths in my Basecamp

Yes! we can have more then one path, even if I do not specially like to have so many at once. But all those have a story behind them.

Let me begun with the oldest one, Motivational Strategies. This is the path, I decided when I begun, to do all, or almost all the Elective Projects. I am now towards the end of the Level 4 projects, all fascinating, but taking longer time.

Next project I will tackle is Project Management.

Leadership Development in French, I hoped to give some speeches in French, and even if I did not succeed many times, it is a path I enjoy. I am now, to find a special event I create, towards end.

Engaging Humor, I could not resist as it appeared to us as our 11th path offered, it is somewhat similar to Presentation Mastery but I feel, more. I learned a lot about repeating a speech in different variation, audience reaction... Put it farther and farther to finish, Level 5 required Project, a Humorous Keynote like speech as I wanted it "perfect" - I realized only preparing also the Review the path project, that it has to be only one variation, the first. I can later redo it, better or more appropriate to another audience. That gave me finally the courage to prepare and the subject I want to tell about. So, it will be soon now.

Innovative Planning is my last, to have "easy projects" : I am still at Level 1 and wait for the occasion. Perhaps today, will be able to make the second speech of Evaluation and Feedback.

Some say, it is not clear what we have to do, reading the overview of the Assignment of the Project, I think it is clear. But of course, one has to come to the Basecamp, and open the project, and read it. 

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