12 Aug 2019

Forget what was

All the path you can choose but alas presented in alphabetical order, but they have the signs and I love the colors. They also have a sort description. From George Marshal.

He puts the paths in four groups. I wound add the 1 to 2 and put them together. Leave the 3 and 4 each on its own.

What I do not really believe it can be grouped after how much leadership is in them. That would bring us back to old way of thinking "speech or leadership" which is not as Pathways operates. In my opinion, those two are strongly interrelated, and could not be separated.

And forget the CL manual and all is written in it. No similar "roles" are a Project, even if we do Listen, and do roles, they do not give us any project for it. We do not get "points" for any of them. They are just normal roles advancing the meeting. Offering possibility for new and old toastmasters to speak. To help the club.

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