5 Aug 2019

Done / Still to do

MS Path, I have finished in LEVEL 3 ALL Projects, in Level 4 all of this ones. I will stop for now here, but have still to do the level 4 Required, which I left to end so it does not assumes I finished the level, until now. Some Projects begun but will leave to other time. Other few, did not even Activate.

Finished yesterday for the SR path. Level 5 Electives, I choose the last one this time: Prepare to speak Professionally.  Now remains the last Required one that finishes all, Reflect on your Path.

For now, I am working in many paths, to many perhaps, but all but one just begun, towards the end. These are all my ACTIVE paths now, "Curriculum" strange name on BaseCamp.

Innovating Planning path just begun, only the Icebreaker done, so a whole path before me!
Engaging Humor, on Level 5 only the 2 required remain. Will not go fast, preparing, slowly the long humorous speech that I hope to make really good.
LD and SR I am on Level 5 and soon will be, but not yet also with MS.

All those will do after vacation. I am going have a great adventure: going back to my birth place, birth town.

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