3 Aug 2019

My Public Relation Strategy (Take 1)

I live now in London, UK. Royal Roads Toastmasters, at least most of them, live in west coast Canada, not far from Vancouver, on Virgin Islands. The Monday meeting was held at the beginning in the Royal Roads University park, then they decided to open it to Remote Access. Slowly, it become all online. Thursdays, alternatively, they meet in a pub now. 

I was last year their Club Coach: they got by last year June, President Distinguished, and more members then before. Alas, for the moment, not many meet the Mondays, but the meetings are always interesting, and some who left, begin to come back. 

I did go to their meeting, since they opened to Remote the first time. Only this year in April, did I become member. 

This speech is a Required in one path and Elective in another, I did give it to them, as they do need PR Strategies and are trying to improve it. This was the first time. I did repeat the speech with improvements as suggested. More slides and a stronger beginning and end.

With this speech, I finished the Level 4 of Strategic Relationship. 

I like their round table evaluations and by now, feel well telling my stories in this club, so I included that also in the video, edited with that purpose. 

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