26 Aug 2019

Changes to Pathways 2019/08/23 Daniel Rex, shorter version video

It all begun with me, wanting to listen to Derek Wong last speech as board member. He was one of the Witty Storytellers Online members since three year ago, even before he become Board Member. As it happened, the Board director Briefing, was available, still is, free, but we have to pass hops to arrive to it. In plus, Derek speech was the last one, and on the way, hurrah! I found this speech given by Daniel Rex about new things in Pathways, coming soon.

How to obtain it? 

Replay Video Capture, did capture 8 minutes of it. Then, I wanted, and succeeded to cut some of interesting things but not Pathways related at the beginning, and a minute from end. This one contains the main news we will get in next weeks. Some arriving, even the coming week. 

After having uploaded the video to YouTube, and then published in my blog, and the blogpost on the Pathways Discussion Forum, suddenly I could not access Basecamp any more. Aie! Was I reported as having done something I should not? 

After a few hours thinking, what I will do now without access to Basecamp, relief. The basecamp was down for ALL, not only for me. 

This morning, I showed some pictures extracted by me through my iPad, (see in yesterday post too) to my oneline club Firebirds collective and told the story around it. 

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Gearoid Murphy said...

Thanks for making this information available Julie. I intend to use Daniels key points to ease some of the Base Camp fears in my Clubs.