23 Aug 2019

Conference On Demand: some free!

There is virtual participation to some, almost all important events. We have an on demand 14 dollars by events, in it. Then, suddenly I see no fee near the Board of Directors briefing. 


Lark Doley presides and opens it and introduces the speakers. After her, remembering the CHANGE and its challenges, she tells us about three categories reacting to the big changes.

Those who embrace change with passion
Those who embrace change with caution
Those who oppose it ferociously 

Change challenges us all and gives us opportunity : the biggest change last year was Pathways. And credit for Club Coach, and...

Daniel Rex, not only told, but presented slides explaining the Pathways changes that will be implemented next week and coming weeks. My dropbox refused to save them for me. 

Choice of path
New basecamp screens
Able to see all of projects in our path

I will have to try to capture them differently - but you can also listen and see - and free! Soon, we will experience it, not all at the same time as I understood.

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