10 Jan 2020

Each of my 5 clubs gets awards

As  you can see, all my  five clubs get the  award they need. This time, Lewisham Speakers become Distinguished because of my Level 4 award.

I am now on height Levels  in all of my Projects. Not easy! Moderator of a Panel  or Leading a Team, or Creating a Project with a team. None I  can do alone.

I have 4 path on board now, longest is Motivational Strategies, but in MS I did ALL projects till level 5 bar the Podcast and new England that ½  to understand. The French LD takes also long, has to be finished also in team. Only the Preparation of a Professional speech is doable alone, but... takes time. To prepare well,  as well clubs time to listen.

The task  for the Panel. That 'is what I will tackle first.

Probably create two panels, for  two paths, and use Ménage a Project, to  prepare them,

Not  so  easy when my main preoccupation is  now  to loose some  more weight!

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