4 Jan 2020

A year ago: The Navigator - on any device!

Post written a year ago, read it. I decided not to publish it again with new date. 

1. Does not exist, as far as I knew in written form. All printed are the old one.
2. Exist and can be seen through any device: computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 
3. It exist, for anyone, can be read even if not yet Toastmaster or chosen a path.
4. So much wonderful material, information and shown in new ways.
5. During a break, in my London club, we went through with a new member, I helped her to chose a path, and she could choose it through her phone. 

Yes, it stops there. I hoped, soon we can see a Project through my iPhone also, but for projects, I need at least my iPad. But one day... I still hope. 

Meanwhile, so much info can be found through our smartphones!
Those only two images taken with my iPhone, before coming to the iPad to continue this blog. 

Happily those are connected, and what I put into Photos with one I can find in the other.

One click showed the Electives of Level 3, the next hides them. I always hoped, and still do, one day all electives will be separated from the Paths: after all they are all basically the same, and once we become member...

True, nowadays with the first path we get, we can go see them, save or print all or any. But still.

Go play with the Navigator (the new Pathways Navigator) from any of your devices. You will gain time, not loose it.

With so many new things, from last January to December, what will the new year bring us?

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