15 Jan 2020

Level 2, before Level 1?

From September on, one can do, on Basecamp, the Levels in any order.

I did not like, for long time, level 2. But...The Level 2 of EH is a delight, and why not try, this time, go directly to it? Only three Projects and three, if important tasks. And one of them, Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring is in all Paths, but this time, I can to tell about me, as protégée in a Humorous way.

What an interesting challenge!

It will take time, to complete this Level, and see how that happens. But what a great challenge to tackle all projects with wit and humor even if not specifically asked.

Last time, with Visionary Communication I just done the Research Project first in Level one, this time, one more step, outside the "usual".

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