6 Jan 2020

TM and Rotary

I hope you will join us in supporting this collaboration. You can do so by:
  • Welcoming a Rotarian to visit a Toastmasters club
  • Inviting a Rotarian to be a guest speaker at a Toastmasters club
  • Considering opportunities to hold a joint Toastmasters/Rotary club meeting
  • Learning more about Rotary and visiting a local Rotary club
These can meet some of the evolving needs of our current and prospective members and diversify our membership.

We are assisting Rotary to develop a structured, in-depth leadership and communication development program for their members, with a phased rollout of eight courses scheduled for 2020. It is currently in the early stages of development; updates will be provided as they are available.  

For FAQ and to learn more, please visit www.toastmasters.org/Rotary.

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