14 Jan 2020

NOW we can again select a path we Completed

I tried it out for you. Plus, I decided to take a path from beginning again. The only paths not available to me, where those Active in my Basecamp that I am in Level 4 or 5 now.

I hesitated to take or not the 11th path, the one I did not try yet, but no, decided replacing rather the Humor path. Love its projects and end more.

Attention! One can continue only after choosing the web (or the other) option AND the language.

Again as bellow, we have to confirm our options before going farther. Here how it should look, before we are allowed to continue.

And again, conforming is necessary and is shown as above.
 Then only we can click on Continue and go farther. 
Take an Assessment if you hesitate which path you need, want.
I knew I wanted Engaging Humor, but looked again at its projects.

Then I looked to be sure at all projects. Only those currently I am on where forbidden. It is normal, I am doing them currently, on level 4 or 5, with long projects I can not rush.
And then finally, I was allowed to choose EH but again, had to click on Continue before. Many times, many times, first choose then click on Continue.

And finally, I was told to pay for it. That part, will not show here. All the joy for 20$ again. I was warned, the old EH transcripts will disappear. After I paid, it did not arrive instantly.  But at third look in my Basecamp, it was there!

Now, I can be again a beginner, and do the path even better, differently as last time.

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