12 Jan 2020

Where to click?

When we arrive here, the first impulse is to click on the TITLE of the path. Instead, as it is  suggested in the text, above, but written in light letters, with a lot of text bellow it, on the Bordeaux BUTTON far at its right, called OPEN curriculum. In plus, we have to click in its MIDDLE instead of the arrow pointing down. 

Alas, as we arrived here, with a name Transcript, it seems natural to choose it instead of opening the path's 5 levels, going to our path and not its description. And I am someone who prefer to learn by doing, first, so I would suggest, play with the Levels and projects that come a bit, before looking to the tutorial how to, as suggested. 

Even if parts of handling Basecamp are strange, it has the advantage of being consistent, always the same. Not only, level from level, but even Projects from Projects.

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