27 Oct 2019

Visionary Communication, my first path

Reprinted from July 2017 when I was on level 5 and reflecting on my path I begun Math.
Here is the path I have been on for more then three month now.

I almost stumbled on it by chance, but now, I am so happy of that!

With its five levels.

Mastering Fundamentals  comes from Ralph Smedey in my opinion and is the base. Each time we do it again, we can do it in different ways, telling different stories and researching something new.

Learning your style, also become aware of others style. And of importance of mentoring in all.

In Presentation Mastery, instead of Leadership style, is Body Language.

Increasing Knowledge L3  and Building skills L4 only one Required task, but more difficult.

Lots of very interesting and very modern Electives, chose 2 at Level 3, chose 1 at Level 4.

Asked yesterday in a comment to my post, "Why the level 5 will take lots of time, and how much?" yesterday, here it is the answer. Demonstrating expertise is a long process. Reflecting on my path is important. And for me, Develop my vision: for what and how? has to be done with care.

If you look at the electives, one is HPL project: how long it takes? Month.

I did chose Moderate Panel Discussion. Never did yet Moderate a Panel: have to learn it. I begun to read a good book I found on Amazon Kindle about the subject.

Yes, at level 1 I did learn, or remembered again, to do Research for any subject I am given, and has discovered great books I did buy and others confusing and not useful. But the ones I chose, let me go deeper into the subject. The Change Planning and Management, and Speaking about it. Transition, different kind of leadership and communication styles, too.

Not to mention how many electives I already "tasted" even if there were less then I finished. Storytelling and Voice Variety at level 3, and Blogging plus Social Media at level 4. All of those I continue of course, now that they are deeper embedded it me.

So many Changes manage and to speak about! So many stories to tell! So many things to say about Pathways in this blog too! And if the level 5 will take more time, of course, I have begun already the Effective Coaching, which is more about one to one relationship, but even the Presentation Mastery soon, as I enjoy the printed books I got.

The goal is to increase knowledge and apply it, not to get points or recognition.


Paul O'Mahony (Cork) said...

Hi Julie,

I'm Paul O'Mahony from Blarney Club in Cork Ireland (District 71) - getting in touch because I put 'visionary communication path' into Google and found your blog on page 1.

That's the Path I've chosen. Pathways began here in March and I'm making a slowish start with the learning.

Thanks a million for your blogpost./

With best wishes

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

I lingered in Level 5 of the Visionary Communication. I did not achieve my initial, first vision which was very concrète goal and not depending on me. Learned to open up my vision, enlarge it, and achieve my first task and goal.

But I see, after 3 ½ month I almost finished my first path! Did each project I took on very seriously and it still remains one of my preferred path. I feel as if even now, 1 ½ years later, I still continue on the life path, Toastmaster path it propelled me.