3 Oct 2019

Submit, Save, Send - and their problems

1. Submit, is important for finishing a project, as to now, after we go through Self-Evaluation- After, and answer to EVERY question posed by click on a number 1 to 5 then go to the next question. If we skip one question, the Submit will to appear. The last question is always "Your realize that this Project is useful outside Toastmasters". 

At least, in this case, Submit appears right under the questionnaire's last page. In this blog many examples.
2. Many places, and not only in Pathways, in Easyspeak too for example, or other Toastmasters places, SAVE is far away from the form we are filling or dealing with. 

Sometimes, Right upper corner, other times all the way down the left. Easy to forget and do not save, then it happens as if we did nothing. 

See below, in Easyspeak. As it stands, we also have to Save on our device the Fillable Evaluation Form, after we completed it and before sending it, if not it has a tendency to send an empty form. 
3. Send is also often farther then what we are doing and we have to scroll down, or even eventually use an arrow to go to another screen. Alas, each has be learned one by one, those we use often we remember.

I still forget sometimes, to use the grey ghost, instead of the title to choose Tutorials or Home, those are some strangest for me, or even inside my e-portofoliio, to click at the title of Level instead of the folder to open it.

Consistency would be so nicer to have in all applications we use!

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