12 Oct 2019

Fundraising, Elizabeth (pathways level 3 elective) 1 Minute video

Create Visual Aides elective can be done in so many different ways! Create or show? In this short 1 minute video, Elizabeth created we have two "visual aids" the Video itself, and the medallion she just got. I was very impressed by her efforts during the last seven years, Elizabeth even created for herself 3 whole "non alcohol" months. Of course, for me, it would be very easy, even three years, as my body never accepted really any alcoholic beverage, and I drink very seldom, a bit only even that, but she likes and enjoys it. She also runs different marathons, and one all in rose!

 I used the same elective, at yesterday's meeting, telling about my Diabetes-2 and was told it was funny, indeed they laughed three times, and showed books and things arrived recently to use.
Same project, different approach; we can learn a lot from pathways and also use it outside toastmasters.

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