10 Oct 2019

Some of Doug slides tell a lot - week 1

Why tell stories? Here are just a few answers from Doug Lipman workshop series week 1

We use many senses to tell and to listen to someone, one to one or in a group. The main and most old recognized are the Sight, the Sound, the Touch and the Smell. 

Touch? we touch each other and objects, and the smell... if lucky we use it less onstage. But in "real" Doug told us, we use all this senses, some inside others outside us.

In oral storytelling, beside the words we can use so many more !
When we tell on stage, or to many, we imagine the moment, a specific moment in our mind, in our way, it goes to the listeners, to each one of them differently.
We learned a lot more, but this is enough for today. 

Tell stories in any speech, and even one to one, they remind in the mind, even if differently to each one we speak.

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