29 Oct 2019

Markup, may help to show slides that "speak"

These are the three paths I work currently "Active". 

The French Leadership Development, I took a while ago for its Icebreaker in French, alas did not find more then two of its other project to do in French. Waiting to create a 'special even' with a team.

The Motivational Strategy, dedicated not only to photography, but to try to go through every elective. I did succeed with the Level 3, and almost with Level 4 - but the podcast, also begun also that one, before deciding it is not for me. Level 5 there are many Electives I do not feel doing... or spending my time on them, again.

Innovative Planning, is the path I work currently. Just got the certificate for Level 3, and as I am on the blog that takes a month, begun my Level 5 HPL, that will take even longer. 

I got the idea of the red arrow from an online article, showing how to add to Google mail.
we do learn from each others! And I knew, if I go to the Pictures (on my macintosh) and ask Markup, I can get those arrows. Not so fancy as these, but they work.

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