11 Oct 2019

Present a Proposal: Opening a collective Diabetes blog

Recently, after so many years, I learned:
  • I got Diabetes 2
  • It is here to stay forever
  • Many symptoms I had come from it
  • It is mostly inherited disease
  • Alas, it means my grand-children... may get it too, so have to be vigilant
  • I will not only have to take medicine three times a day from now on, but live a special life: less sugar, more moving
I went to a Diabetes day workshop, not far from where I live, was overwhelmed with all the information. Even if they presented it so well! 

Here is showing us very visually, how much sugar is in that bottle of Coca-Cola!

They also showed us many other objects, and even, if very fast only, a blood sugar meter.

As I had to give a Visual Aids Level 3 electives speech, I told part of my story today using that project, and showing some things I got to learn more, and also survey my blog sugar. Majority of those present, had to survey there blog sugar!

I propose, to open a new Diabetes2 blog, beside this one, together!

Any of you, who want to collaborate with me, let us open that blog together. Each of us having, let us say, one or two days a week when we write, about our experiences and recommendations about DIABETES 2 and all around it.

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