28 Oct 2019

Basecamp approval and Club approval in TMI, separate

Finished the third Level of Innovative Planning, IP, a week ago, or more. Only today, the award got inside my Education awards. 
This time, I wanted it added fast, and forget about it, go farther. Some other Levels, mostly when I finished a 5th level and got "proficient" I put it aside for certain occasion. For example, when Pathways Launched in a given district. Or as I passed from June to July, to offer a good start to a certain club.

My level 4 will wait at least 20 days, as I am writing a blog, Compelling blog project ask for 30 days blogging. At least 8 posts. As usual, I try to write day by day. So much to write as a Diabetes2 beginner! 

My Level 5 will be even longer, as IP has an HPL at the finish. I begun, have my plan, but not yet my committee which, I should now find fast.

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