4 Jan 2019

New Navigator : some discoveries

The January 2019 CLUB News Leader Letter arrived, at the bottom a reminder: WE HAVE A NEW NAVIGATOR. I was in bed just after midnight, and decided to try it out through my Iphone, as it said "through any device". 

Clean design, and many sections, each leading to yet others. It does not begin with "learn how to navigate the navigator" as it did before.

I could not open Navigator, till I first logged in to TMI. So, this one is for all Toastmasters but not the guests. I think.

I did not look over the three first parts, considering they are more for new toastmasters, but I will go there to, later. When later arrived I can say, those are also a lot improved and can be looked up from many devices. 

The new team does great job!

I went first directly to the Pathways Learning Experience! There is so much from there anyway, so much yet to discover, even if already discovered a lot.

The pathways learning experience, after introducing and explaining what it is, goes to explain about the Paths, one by one. 

Here is the beginning as it does explain the Leadership Development Path, "culminating in the planning and execution of an event that will allow you to apply everything you learned."

Then gives the SPECIFIC REQUIRED projects:

Managing Time
Lead your Team
Manage Successful Events

And when we ask to View the path details, then the Electives of each level are separately shown.

You do remember, those Electives are in fact the same for all path, not specific for one.

I could look at my iPhone horizontal and see the Level 3 and Level 4 Electives side by side
And of course, here are the level 5 Elective Projects (chose one minimum)

I could also access my base camp and login as Base Camp Manager of my club(s), and through it tried out the Tutorials. No problem. Lately, I was asked "how a BCM prints a member Level Certificate, and I Could also do that. 

Also access written or video tutorials through my iPhone as member. 

I went and tried one or two for the moment, but they work on my iPhone.

I could open, then launch to video, and look at it well. 

For now, it was only when I tried to open a Project (path worked well and opened) alas, it does not yet work, even if I can go page to page some part of the text at right is not "inside", we will have to wait till it will be also available.

Now I am confident, that it will be!

As for now, we can also choose a path, enter Base Camp, and so on. Have fun and go to discovery at this beginning of year.

How to Print Certificates? I was asked.

There is an intro when I open the Printing Certificates for members, then a launch video and a video showing each step.

Alas the video seems too fast and to print a certificate for someone else in the club seems complicated to me.

As for now, I will continue to ask them print it and bring it to me in the club, or make a screen dump and send me an image that I can print.

Anyway, for those of you who really want to go by how it is described, you can. At the same time, you can get a view of his paths and advancements too.
Should we "spend time" with all that? Well, I am convinced, that we will "gain time" when we do.

Most important, that I begin to understand, feel it, that there will be a separation of the Electives, same for all paths, with the Required Specifics, and the Levels which we all use in any Path. That will make the Projects more clear, more easy to share some and leave others only for those who did buy a specific Path. Would be a great development!


Marguerite said...

This is all great news! Thanks for exploring and sharing, Julie.

Avitalp said...

Appears to be for iOS only. I don't see an Android version.

Julie Kertesz - me - moi - jk said...

Did you try first login as member to the TMI ?
Then only the Toastmasters Navigator is there ...