11 Jun 2019

Paths leading to similar place

Of course, as some say, and some days, even I recognize it, the TMI questions to choose a path often lead to one that is what you need. Even, when you do not believe it at first.

As many will have to choose soon, I revisited the Path, again studying their similarity and what makes the difference. Once we got our path, we do live with them a long time, so why not put all at our side and study and think?
On left Required projects on right all those from projects you can choose. Plus one of my certificates.
I divided the 10 paths in three categories : depending the Required Project they lead.

3 finish with High Performance Leadership not so different the one Legacy: long.
  • Effective coaching (Reaching Consensus ; Coach three times)
  • Innovative Planning (Proposal; Manage Projects)
  • Persuasive Influence (Conflict resolution; Leading in Difficult condition)
3 finish with a project needing 6 month Leading a Team 
  • Dynamic Leadership (Negotiate, Manage Change)
  • Team Collaboration (Learn to Collaborate, Motivate others)
  • Strategic Relationship (Networking, Public Relationship)
4 have different Required Projects at Level 5 : I recommend, begin with these
  • Presentation Mastery, A longer presentation (through Persuasive speech, Difficult Audience on other levels) 
  • Embracing Humor, Longer presentation with humor in it (Humor Style, TT Humor)
  • Visionary Communication, Develop your Vision (Plan Change, Announce Change)
  • Leadership Development, Create a successful event (Create events with a Team)
  • Motivational Strategy, Team Building through an Event (Emotional Intelligence, Motivate)
The titles of all projects I wrote above are not word by word, but that is what they ask from us. In parentheses are the 2 Required projects specific for the path (L3, L4). In the PDF called Paths and Projects a few paragraphs of description can be found of each Project, Elective or Required, Specific to a path or Same for all. 

As you see, even those finishing the same way, arrive there through different projects.

If I knew, if I have looked better, I would not have taken Effective Coaching, even if by now, I did succeed to finish my HPL project. So it took me longer then any other.

I took Dynamic Leadership, attracted by the Negotiate and manage change, and even if it will take long time, I am happy to live with it, and perhaps, soon, lead a team for months. I am now studying about Negotiation ways, more to learn, when I thought I knew all.

And yes, I do have the other four, finished the first three paths and then begun the Motivational Strategy. Through all the path I finished or just begun, I learned a lot, and added a lot of "me" in them. Discovered also after a while, those I choose from title, where not the bests for me. Also discovered, that after a while, I could use all I learned from them! 

Better look well where they lead! You can personalize your path later. Not only by choosing different "Elective Projects" from a long list, but by giving a "theme" to your path.   

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