17 Sep 2018

Finishing a Project, a Level / Approving a Level

I did succeed finally to capture the moment when the three project are "done" and the Level 1 completion of a path appears. As if it where a project, it has to be first Activated then Launched, then, after reading a page, coming back to click on Mark complete. Bellow you will find a video showing our discussion and how we closed the Project then the Level, then changing who shared screen, approved the Level.
Indeed, three steps are needed when Level 1 Completion (or any other Level) appears.
  1. Activate the Completion
  2. Launch it: read then close the text that appears
  3. Mark Complete (the level)
We realized, what I published in blog is not enough, we have to meet, share screens to understand better each other. We did it!  Zooming was easy: she was the one who encouraged me the first to use Zoom, and she knows it better then me, works through it.

In the video bellow, the following are shown as we do it.
  • Opening Base Camp and a Path, then the Level (here the Level 1)
  • Opening the whole page from the popup to see all of it
  • We discovered the project 3 of Level 1 project was not closed: here is how one does it
  • How we ask for the Level Recognition when all three projects are done 
  • Then, we changed who shared screen, showing as the BCM approves a Level

After what is here, we looked and discussed Level 2 (and then Level 3) but that will be shown in another video, in another post. Indeed, I have cut our zooming into three parts, for easier use and understanding. I believe this, and the following two, will be useful for all new Base Camp Managers and also to many toastmasters beginning Pathways. 

I have to admit, at first I was lost myself too, did not understand how to close a Level, then I learned and did it fast without really thinking any more or observing the steps needed to close a Level, before yesterday. In a Coaching, both learn! 

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