3 Nov 2019

Project: Dealing with difficult audiences

The theme of the meeting in my online club where I offered this presentation was ColoursI was asked to explain for the members, how to create in Zoom the Virtual Background and given 20 minutes for it, a long time, a special offer for me. 

So, my first aim show all attending, and if possible as it was recorded, all who could not attend, what they could achieve through it and explain using images, how and, beside adding their images, what else I discovered that is also involved. Light, that has a huge impact on how it works or does not work.

I was also inspired by the project that I read but did not "do" yet from Pathways, called Learn to use Presentation Software. The presentation software I tried was not Power Point, but Keynotes, it's equivalent in Apple Computers and devices. I am also learning Slides from Google, different, I could make slides with it but did not learn yet how to transfer, send it well, from my IPad to Macintosh, which I use usually to meet online. 

Pathways incites me to learn new things, try out new tools and methods.

I tried to follow Gar Reynolds wonderful book "Naked Presentation" where he explains that you have to tell a story with the images, put little big texts, and that even in presentations we could put humour and open up,. "Present naked" : be authentic and ourselves when we present to reach and not bore our audience. 

I almost did not have text with them or very little, and yes, some of slides made them laugh, from time to time. 

Preparing the slide show was the hardest to me, but learned a lot from it. I even learned we can direct a Keynote presentation on Mac, from iPad! That will come a next time. I pretend, and it is true, that for a story one puts the picture in the head of people, painting words then let them add theirs. But in this presentation, images where needed. I also showed in direct, but did now want to rely on it only.

The actual, Pathways instructions where to learn how to handle interruptions professionally, and I did that. I really enjoyed the interruptions "programmed" in advance by a group and organised masterfully by my Pathways pal Mark Worthy all the way from Mexico with maestria: he is the one who intrerupted me with vehemence. He really believes or did believe anyway before my presentation, that GoToMeeting is best, it is easier to use from an University Campus from where he sometimes connects.

In the project, different types of difficult audience are described and even showed with short videos. On time, I will have to try doing short videos to demonstrate, different points I want to make. Learn how to show them during a presentation.

I think I was able to respond to interruptions well, nice and firm and, at the end, with an argument difficult not to take. "Do you like colours here they are" of course the theme of the day where colours, so...

 Another project I will be happy to do again.
--- Republished from 2017 --- 
This year, in August, I really needed this skill: and used it. 

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