29 Nov 2019

After Level 5: Path completion

2 month ago, we could see only 5 levels, and the Reflect on your path project was inside Level 5. Then the gates opened between Levels: now we can go to any level, do the projects in any order. Even finish levels in any order!

Because of that, base camp needs a way to verify that ALL levels are done, before closing the path, considering it done. The Project Reflect on your Path, was put in Path Completion, coming after Level 5. We can arrive to Reflection, just as before, only after all the rest is done. 

This is the project description, a 10-12 minute speech about our experience completing the path we are in. So the bellow is no more true, alas it does figure in all our old images and advices. We have to put, mentally, the last speech, Reflect, outside Level 5.

One Required project, specific to the path, and at minimum one elective from many, remains in Level 5. The Reflection goes into the Path Completion. THe picture was taken just before the Path Completion was activated. 

1 comment:

Michelle Alba-Lim said...

Excellent explanation of why Reflect on Your Path has been removed from Level 5! Thanks for posting this.