5 Nov 2019

Repeat a path, NOW

The first path I finished was Visionary Communication a while ago. 

As I am on 4th Level on IP and Level 5 on LD and MS I needed a new path. Not only to begin Level 1 again, but to discover how it is an open path, as we have now.

I looked again in the Navigator and decided I do NOT want SR, the only path I did not yet take on. 

I have a HPL project in Innovative Planning that is enough for me. 

I was told: the past path will no more be available, if you choose a new identical! So, before buying, I went back and ppl z took on the first time. Bellow are Level 3 from 2 years ago.

 Level 4, I begun this blog. Level 5, the first Panel discussion.

This time, I did not go through Assessment, when one begins, after choosing the Language and web based of course, under all there is a discrete Skip Assessment. I did chose it then went all down to Visionary Communication and paid for it. Less then a minute later, my path was there.

Now, I could experiment: do I have to finish the Icebreaker before others? NO! I could begin with the research and present project! I even got the How to navigate and how to print a project pages, when I begun, and even the Outline! All that usually are in the Icebreaker, it seems now come with the first project we Activate and Launch.

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