20 Nov 2019

Login and beginning

Login to Toastmasters.org - my computer and other devices too, "know" the name and password I use, so I do not have to remember them each time. If it is the first time, or we want to change the password, we say so, it is available at login.

On top, I see then in different colour "Welcome Julie", each of us with our name. On my computer. On my iphone, I go to the three lines and choose Profile, as Welcome Julie, is my profile. Instead of horizontal, the options will be vertical, one near other. Then "Go to Basecamp" - as I already have chosen a path.

When I have not yet, I can go directly English, Web based, and at bottom, Skip Assesment, click and chose the path I wanted.

For all NEW members, I recommend today, as first path to begin with Presentation Mastery. Embrace Humor is very similar path, with more about storytelling and how to handle audiences. Leadership Development, teaches goes to create a small event then, a bigger event.

Don't judge the paths by their title.

One can discover more about each in another post from this blog, or in The Navigator also.

As we go to Basecamp (or Educational Transcript) we find our path, called curriculum. Click on the MIDDLE of ACTIVATE then the middle of button Launch. (not the name of path or the project).

We have 5 Levels of increasing difficulty in every path. The first Level SAME in all paths.
The Level one has the most speeches of all levels. Level 2 has 3, and Level 3 has 3 minimum, one of the called "required" the others we can choose from 12 or 13 called "electives" : web based path, let us elect, choose the one's we want, after studying reading or saving even if we want it printing them.

Let us enter a Project: for example the Icebreaker. When we arrive to a screen which is GREY, we click on Directions and it becomes white. At the beginning and the end there is ASSESS your SKILLS before (and one after we have given the speech and been evaluated). Only we will see which number we click at each question. Instead of the big arrow, we advance here to the next question with NEXT. As we answered all questions, Submit appears at bottom.

Another post I recommend for new to pathways, from this blog is THIS.

Attention! if you click on Submit in the Assess your Skills - After, we signal to the basecamp that we finished this project. Do it only after the speech have been evaluated. To refresh then and get an x meaning this project is finished, we have to refresh, going to another project or level.

The last page is always Congratulations! alas, we get there whether we submitted the project or not.

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