28 Nov 2019

This project applies to my life outside TM

Every Toastmasters Project in Pathways asks you this question, before and after. Once you answered, this last question, you can submit all the other answers too. When it is the After, then your Project is considered closed, done by base camp. 

Usually, I do answer yes, 5, but very rare it is true, for me, as I do not have a life outside toastmasters, or very little. Mostly, they are useful for me, inside a club. A Toastmasters club, or many TM clubs. Ing

This time, the Create à Compelling Blog Project of Level 4, was useful for me really outside. I got a lemon and made. A lemonade, as told me today’s evaluator. Indeed, I used my newly diagnosed Diabetes 2 as subject for a blog, relating how I coped with all the new, and diverse information about it. 

Marguerite Wire has evaluated the blog, Michelle Alba-Lim the speech. Indeed, strange to tell in less then 3 minutes, a month of work. Perhaps, somewhere is written, one can do it 5 minutes too, but this time, less was enough. While not so many looked read my blog, i will not give up, and find a way to spread it in more places, make it read more.

This photo applies to many things we feel as a huge problem and somehow, even n my diabetes anxiety become smaller, to its proper size during this month and blogging .

Thanks to Toastmasters and Pathways and this blogging project !

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