11 Nov 2019

Telling, retelling story evolves.

First, it was Hidden identity, during the 2008/9 financial regression.
Then it become Mistaken Identity, the title of the night theme in Canal Cafe Theatre.

For me, it was a turning point of my life. I realised, I can make audience laugh and decided, to learn as much as possible about humor.
Here is the Mistaken identity tale filmed from a lateral point of view by Spark London when I performed.

Same performance. At a Toastmasters. Club,
in the iframe so - even an ipad could see it.

AND somehow it is different when one listen to it,
I think we could learn from each kind when we relisten or relook
- and not only the evident English mistakes I made during the telling -

My body language, facial expression and even voice variety got better
but I have still far to go! And I do not rush out (most of the time) after a performance.

I am most pleased that this serious message got well across and so much laugher too: it did decide me to learn about "how to make laugh with intention" not only by chance. At 2'7 the audience begun to laugh when I stripped, took out my tee-shirt, and they never stopped.

Sound track of the story I told at Canal Café Theatre

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