7 Feb 2019

How can I make them laugh, when I want?

As I approached 77, in the middle of the recession, I decided many, looking for new work, needs this. Performed at Canal Cafe Theatre with Spark London the theme was "Mistaken Identity". A true story that spokes about a time my life changed.

This performance bellow changed my life, again.

As I took out my shirt, a tip from Adolfo Tunon's Humorous speech at Citi Criers, a banker who become jogger before our eyes! My audience begun to laugh also from then on. 
It felt so good! 

Suddenly I become more playful, they laughed more, even at parts that surprised me.

Video curtesy of Annelise Lepage

"How to make them laugh when I want?" 

That question made me read about Humor, Comedy, Laugher and then go to Standup workshops, and even one Comedy Writing workshop when I was stuck. Test out in standup comedy clubs what I learned and learn more. All begun with this evening, this storytelling event. After many gigs in many different gigs, I improved. Humor is a practiced skill.

I was able then, to understand better and incorporate back what I learned in my storytelling again. In a Dublin bank I performed 1h ½ telling my stories and making laugh. 

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